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Cooperative Quarterly Spring2009

Cooperative Quarterly Spring2009






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    Cooperative Quarterly Spring2009 Cooperative Quarterly Spring2009 Document Transcript

    • Cooperative Quarterly Cooperative Purchasing Programs of Spring 2009 the California Family Health Council Volume III, Issue 2 From the Director’s Desk Inside The days are growing longer, the sun grows a I encourage you to think as big as your little brighter each day and smiles are allowed to imagination will go and share it with me. Email This Issue me at linsmeyerl@cfhc.org. Together we can crack through the frozen façade we have worn for months in the vain attempt to keep the cold revolutionize both the message and the impact from freezing our brain cells. Spring allows us of Public Health throughout this nation. to thaw, to move again! We glide up and down In many ways the nation as a whole is going the hallways in tennis shoes after spending through some much needed spring cleaning of weeks plodding with knees locked, bundled in its own. It is going to get dusty before it is all Vendor of 3 boots. With the new days comes the realization done but I am confident that we as country of of what a mess the place has become over the Quarter: collective individuals are up to the task. In that the dark days of winter. Time for some Spring Medical Arts same vein what a great opportunity for us to Cleaning! take a moment to take stock of our clinics, clean Press Spring cleaning at the cooperative is centered and organize! I’ve had a chance to talk with a on our website. We have held several couple of vendors who have great products to 5 brainstorming sessions to sketch out which help organize our clinics and health centers. Datamining direction we want to go from here. I am happy for Health Our vendor of the quarter; Medical Arts Press, with how our blog has progressed and am is a leader in filing and charting supplies. As Care satisfied with our Cooperative Quarterly as a member of the FP Coop you have a nice well as our monthly email updates. However, as discount for the plethora of supplies Medical I travel around the country meeting you I marvel Avanti Arts Press carries to help you organize. We 8 in the diversity found throughout public health also receive 10% off all furniture. You can Returns to while concurrently realizing we all are dealing find out more regarding Medical Arts Press Total Access with the same core issues. Our work is our and their full range of medical administration common ground, the foundation of community. Group supplies and furniture inside this newsletter. Imagine a place where we all live and work continued on page 4 together for a common good: providing quality 10 Can You healthcare for all. I believe the FP Coop can be Introducing: Outsmart the that place. A place where we all meet and work while sharing our problems and solutions, which STD Love may seem unique but may also prove more Bugs? universal than originally thought. Unknown until shared. As I work to revamp our website and bring new tools; such as our Twitter, I would love to hear from you. What is it that you are looking for in a Public Health Community? What Page 9 would make your work easier? Family Planning Cooperative Purchasing Program - www.fpcpp.org
    • Spring 2009 Cooperative Purchasing Programs of the California Family Health Council Page 2 Sex Education with Ansell This latest educational kit, Sex Ed 101, includes everything d for all in an easy-to-use carry/display case. The teaching manual, mmende eco “Highly r ors! A treasure Sex Ed 101, covers many topics important to safer sex, such at as abstinence, condom use, sexual practices, STI and HIV/AIDS sex educ aging activities prevention. It also addresses building healthier relationships eng chest of olescents.” through developing decision making, communication, goal for ad setting and other lifestyle skills. Suitable for pre-teens on era ael Carr nancy up, the lessons are flexible so the materials can be adapted Dr. Mich t Preg to suit the level of your participating group. The kit also dolescen arrera A ion Program includes a LifeStyles T-shirt, penis demonstration model, C Prevent ciety 50 How to Use Leaflets, LifeStyles Non-Lubricated Condoms ’s Aid So Children and a supply of brochures for distribution. For more information, please contact Christine Abel at 800-327-8659 or send an email to customerrelations@ansell.com. Family Planning Cooperative Purchasing Program - www.fpcpp.org
    • Spring 2009 Cooperative Purchasing Programs of the California Family Health Council Page 3 Vendor of the Quarter: Medical Arts Press Keeping your practice moving in the right direction is easy with effective communication solutions from Medical Arts Press®. As a CFHC/CPN member, you’ll save on our huge assortment of products designed to keep your practice thriving and keep you focused on providing your patients with the best care possible. Visit Medicalartspress.com today. With the click of your mouse, you’ll find a complete selection of the specialty and general products you use every day. If you prefer, call us at 800-328-2179 and stock up on the supplies your practice needs! Marketing & Medical Charting & Communication Products Labeling Supplies Want to reduce no shows at your Having trouble finding a patients practice? record? We have the communication tools We offer the most complete assortment needed to reach patients effectively! of health care and general filing products you’ll find anywhere! 20% OFF 20% OFF > Shop Now > Shop Now Cleaning & Sanitation Supplies Healthcare Storage & Furnishings Do you sanitize your exam rooms after each patient visit? Need to optimize your filing We carry a wide selection of top cabinets? brands and CDC & OSHA compliant Let our Office Furniture Specialists help healthcare specific infection control you find the right solution for your needs disinfectants to keep your exam rooms – call 877-568-5827 ext. 7819 today! germ free! 10% OFF 10% OFF > Shop Now > Shop Now Family Planning Cooperative Purchasing Program - www.fpcpp.org
    • Spring 2009 Cooperative Purchasing Programs of the California Family Health Council Page 4 STD Risk Reduction Counseling in the Family Planning Visit Behaviors that put clients at risk for pregnancy may also put them at risk for STDs. When you talk Calendar to clients about birth control, you have a perfect opportunity to offer them information about STDs. of Events You can include risk reduction counseling in your visits and help clients reduce their risk of getting an STD. What is risk reduction counseling? May 7 - 8 Risk reduction counseling is a dialogue between you, the provider, and your client. The goal is to help clients identify risky behaviors and explore ways they can reduce their chances of getting an IHA’s Health Literacy: Bridging STD. Risk reduction encourages clients to modify their behaviors to involve less risk, rather than Research & asking them to stop the behavior completely. Practice Risk reduction counseling involves two key parts: How can you include risk reduction in Irvine, CA your family planning visit? Since you 1. The provider asks the client questions and provides are already talking to your clients about support. their sexual behavior, you may only need 2. The client decides what they can realistically do to to add a few more steps to help clients decrease their chances of getting an STD. reduce their risk of getting an STD. May 19 - 21 continued on page 7 CFHC: Family PharmPak Planning Director’s Desk, from Page 1 Health Worker Certification If you are like me your computer is Course walking the fine line between archaic Los Angeles, CA and extinct. Cheri Stackpole over at YOur PresCriPtiOn fOr Bet ter Patient Care GovConnection is great at helping you find the right computer, accessories and supplies to keep your office Custom-packaged medications May 26 - 30 running smoothly. Members receive for easy dispensing, on the spot good discounts here along with great Co-op Attending service. If you have not already set Packaged in unit-of-use doses, our American prescription and over-the-counter meds up your account information with College Health make compliance easier and more GovConnection you can do so HERE. Association affordable for patients and health care This will allow you to login and see our Conference facilities alike. discounted prices. San Francisco, CA This issue of the Cooperative Quarterly Only PharmPak offers: is loaded with helpful articles on topics Color-coded bottles from data mining, STD awareness n month and much more. I hope you find Customized labels with directions in n English and Spanish it both useful and enjoyable. Have a Two peel-off labels for record-keeping Spectacular Spring! n Bar code for inventory control n An in-house pharmacist to answer n In addition, PharmPak formulary questions provides penicillins and No minimum order n controlled medications, strictly adhering to FDA Free shipping over $300 n and DEA guidelines. Find out more at www.pharmpakinc.com Family Planning Cooperative Purchasing Program - www.fpcpp.org
    • Spring 2009 Cooperative Purchasing Programs of the California Family Health Council Page 5 Data Mining for Health Care Written by: Yoseph A. Kassaye (MSc. Information Science, MSc. Computer Science, BSc. With Honor) The world is in data tide. Organizations collect massive amounts May 28 of data from different sources: data centers, information centers, data warehouses, and documentation centers. The volume of CFHC: Human data increases from time to time. Advancement of information Sexuality technology and introduction of internet aggravates this massive Los Angeles, CA increase of data. At the same time organizations are in need of information to predict their future, to make estimates, to perform clustering, make descriptions and visualizations of their data. June 4, 11 & 18 There is no exception for the health industries; they are processing CFHC: Family data to evaluate health related information, to get quality health Planning Health Worker care improvement and of course to predict their future. Certification One of the basic and widely used techniques for such kind of analysis is data mining. Data mining Course (sometimes called data or knowledge discovery) is a process of extracting hidden patterns from a Los Angeles, CA data warehouse or data repository to provide information to the end users. June 10 CFHC: Contraceptive Data is a row fact (can be text, binaries, video, audio, images, numbers, symbols) stored in database & Counseling as a flat file or manual repository. Data by itself does not have meaning - it is just a collection of facts. Update For example: numbers, agencies, sites, patients, users, ages, genders, ethnicity, and race are facts Los Angeles, CA that do not have meaning by themselves. The patterns, associations, or relationships among all these data are information. For example: the number of family planning users by age and gender, the number of family planning users by ethnicity and race, and the number of users by income level, etc., can be considered information. In this respect, we can consider data mining as a bridge between the unprocessed data and meaningful facts (i.e. information). Today, data mining is used by companies with a strong consumer focus - retail, financial, health, communication, and marketing organizations. It enables these companies to determine relationships among “internal” factors (such as price, product positioning, or staff skills), and “external” factors (such as economic indicators, competition, and customer demographics). And, it enables them to determine their impact on sales, customer satisfaction and corporate profits. Finally, it enables them to “drill down” into summary information to view detailed transactional data. With data mining, health industries could identify customer numbers and categorize patients based on their age, sex, and income level. They can also use the predictive modeling feature of data mining to forecast their future. 1 Yoseph A. Kassaye: Application of Predictive Data Mining Technology for the Central Statistics Authority- Masters Thesis- Addis Ababa University, Addis Ababa: Ethiopia, 2003 2 Greg Rogers, Ellen Joyner- Mining your data for health care quality improvement- http://www2.sas.com/proceedings/ sugi22/EMERGING/PAPER139.PDF Family Planning Cooperative Purchasing Program - www.fpcpp.org
    • Spring 2009 Cooperative Purchasing Programs of the California Family Health Council Page 6 Staples The inside look. Clean up. Clear out. After months of being so busy you could barely see straight, it’s time to get things in order- with all the help-is- on-the-way organizational, storage and shipping products you need to clean up, clear out and get ready to tackle the next big project. Staples makes getting organized easy. At Staples you’ll find filing supplies, storage drawers, mailing labels and packing materials, external hard drives… anything and everything to hold whatever you have. So you can say hello to whatever comes next by saying goodbye to disorganization. For further information, please contact Colleen Ramirez at 800.898.2420 X6710 or colleen.ramirez@staples.com. To register online, please click here: http://linkregistration.stapleslink.com/c/s?RegFormId=115877 Family Planning Cooperative Purchasing Program - www.fpcpp.org
    • Spring 2009 Cooperative Purchasing Programs of the California Family Health Council Page 7 STD Risk Reduction Counseling, from Page 4 Start by taking a detailed sexual history. You may already be doing this as part of your family planning visit. Make sure to include all specific STD/ HIV risks in this sexual history. Find out about the client’s: • Number of sexual partners in the past 6 months • STD history • Last test for any STD • Types of sexual activity • Previous or current risk reduction behaviors • Alcohol and / or drug use Ask the client how concerned they are about STDs. Follow this question by asking about specific behaviors. Ask them, “What do you think puts you at risk for STDs?” Discuss any behaviors mentioned in the sexual history taking that may also put them at risk. Next, ask the client, “What are you currently doing to reduce your risk?” Be sure to praise any steps that clients have taken to reduce their risk. You can then use this information to correct any misinformation and work on problem solving with the client. Help your client come up with a behavior change plan. Ask them, “What could you do to reduce your chances of getting an STD?” Help them come up with concrete steps they can take. These steps should be practical and realistic. Provide options for the client and have them decide what they want to do. Be sure to consider your client’s access to resources, support from family, friends and partners, and cultural values. Some options for clients to think about include: • Use male or female condoms every time you have sex. • Use male or female condoms when you have sex with someone besides your main partner. • Use extra lubricant to lower the chances of getting tears or small cuts. Have sex with only one person who is only having sex with you. • Have fewer sexual partners. • Get tested regularly for STDs. • Talk to your partners about STDs and how you can protect yourselves. • Don’t have sex when you use drugs and alcohol. That increases the chances you’ll do something risky. • Use only clean needles for drug use. continued on page 8 Family Planning Cooperative Purchasing Program - www.fpcpp.org
    • Spring 2009 Cooperative Purchasing Programs of the California Family Health Council Page 8 New Materials Now Available on HealthEdworks.org It’s Spring! Time to rid your clinic of outdated materials and subscribe to HealthEdworks! CFHC’s new and ring a st lled uses ads ca k s ead an trac d be om ut Aw lant ing se not code to keep cle. Abo gett lor- , le B r cy ol Imp choo s. Or of co Beads of he innovative service HealthEdworks.org provides you om ep fr e can the All le day day her About Cyc To ke ant, sh those Cyc Contr ch anot pre ll sex on to use to of ea Aegn f Birth go se s, av strin le to h n choo small, dom nt is a con re a l impla ca vider yc she with print-on-demand patient education for a low , like ancy. ds a th contro care pro s. C hod The bir rod. A health Bea w ead n kno met nt pregn skin in all ycle oded b n nt plant soft, thi der the l impla a The im ve sm C she it just un wly lets out a om t. pre contro and sof r-c aw places is small ycle e birth the olo It slo t stops lp c . c Th s he of her your arm hormone tha g her ovaries. t. nan ead getting yearly fee. nt of vin g ays m m lea B amou pre you fro eggs fro at d get keeps woman’s wh ? ly to years. ork like up to 3 ds w nt for is Bea pregna a ycle days wh hen you y en oC w d show th gnant. beads evays er W e We’ve recently added two hot new topics! You’ll Ho t ads get pre cycle hat d Implan es the le be w e ld Cyc an cou g on th to see t. How do n le an wom e the ri l be ab pregn rk? e whit t the mov you wil ly to ge er puts the To wo e provid now find Birth Control Implant and Cycle Beads , . The y of day are like car health t. man’s armht away on an regnan ur The you in a wo g is rk rig t p and yo implant e rin ld ge rts to wo s after she u to plant sta en th cou like , yo day Wh s, you gnancy ethod se not im t in within 5 if pu a m n choo . ad t pre period fact sheets and consent forms in both English and be use ven s. starts her r ca t in you pre er can r you ose day implan k. leave the rs. It protects trac O tn par oms. all on th keep You can ? 3 yea d ork for up to me con sex at gnant the lps ple it w arm from getting pre e e he hav peo oes s. H en you Spanish. With your subscription to HealthEdworks, me r womperiod time. bead ll d cle o e whole k fo at s the w w only woray of each t. cy use : ll does ith Wh ’t like Ho en w days sy to How swe work? It’s ea ar rst d ads s ap wom on le be e the fi 32 day for than 26 ad d t Implan e be Cyc hav y like : OT and nt is ver s. , cycl is N orter day . l impla who een 26 you’ll never have to worry about cleaning out your er arm ople ads t way en from women tro men from ■ It cles sh than 32 n’s upp th con t pe cle Be The bir betw righ woma cy nger the ing womt 5 to 12 d at a ping wo nt in the ha r kee or lo s the implaove sed goo fo l. gnant. 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Impl s.com t go to a hea ge Su rry yo H eas hes or ge ■ It is ar evto can ule ore. in and headac don’t hav ad st put it your to bemust firs You drug st Visit www.HealthEdworks.org for more information. re Bo l. le you ils hi tro u to .cyc u vider mu yoTalk Yo s not ■ or a ww care provider. . W bir con ■ A pro out. help u 36 00 th and doe . to w is safe can about: take it see or line yo problems implant der viderfor able to you ■ The major health rovi pro ght problems o on may be nt. ■G re p are ri y health ■ You In c. cause gnant, pla lth ca beads ■ An e. l the im ci l, get pre taking. at Co un e it out want to fee r hea cle hav lth you are ■ If you vider can tak H ea You e if cy medicine e. Any m ily may hav your pro id ■ ni a Fa dec ions you 10 , CA 900 or e. Ca lif Any quest any tim decide Ang eles • Los l help you . ■ Suit e 600 vider wil leva rd, you Your pro nt is right for shir e Bou 360 0 Wil pla if the im , Inc. Cou ncil Hea lth ily nia Fam Cal ifor Avanti Returns to Total Access Group Good News! The well known Avanti Polyurethane is again available in bulk! Everyone that loves this condom should stock up, limited supply available. The manufacturer of Avanti has discontinued making this successful polyurethane to make room for new products. A lot of people love the feel of the Avanti polyurethane, so now is the chance to still get them while you can! Call 800-320-3716 or visit www.totalaccessgroup.com to order! STD Risk Reduction Counseling, from Page 7 Provide support and make referrals. Discuss potential obstacles with clients and help them come up with ideas to deal with these. Make sure you have an updated referral list with information on resources for: • Mental health • Domestic violence • Drug abuse • Needle exchange • Food and shelter Close the session by reviewing the client’s plan to reduce their risks. You can ask, “What are you going to do to decrease your chances of getting a STD? When are you going to do this?” This will help reinforce the client’s risk reduction plan. Let them know you’ll check in with them about their progress at the next visit or by phone. continued on page 9 Family Planning Cooperative Purchasing Program - www.fpcpp.org
    • Spring 2009 Cooperative Purchasing Programs of the California Family Health Council Page 9 CFHC’s TeenSource.org introduces “The Hookup” rnia Califo Only ts en Resid CFHC, the CA STD Control Branch and ISIS have launched an awesome new weekly text messaging service called, The Hookup! You can get weekly sex info and life advice sent to you for free! Find out more at www.teensource.org. FP Coop Members Save 25% STD Risk Reduction Counseling, on Health Education Materials! from Page 8 www.healthed.org Listen to your clients. As in any counseling session, it is important to use a client-centered approach. Listen to the needs and feelings of your clients, and maintain an open and non-judgmental attitude. Don’t tell clients what to do, but give them information and resources. This will help you guide clients towards a more realistic behavior change for them. STD risk reduction is ultimately in your clients’ hands. Their behavior change plans must be reasonable and practical for them. By talking to your clients about risk reduction, you can support and encourage them in their efforts to make healthy choices for themselves. Want to Learn More? If you are interested in receiving training r You get er on STD counseling, check out CFHC’s For training, Talking with Clients about on’t Memb D ! STDs. 25% vings!! a S For more information, visit the AIDS Health Project at UCSF. www.healthed.org Family Planning Cooperative Purchasing Program - www.fpcpp.org
    • Spring 2009 Cooperative Purchasing Programs of the California Family Health Council Page 10 Can You Outsmart the STD Love Bugs? By Deepi Brar, Consumer Health Interactive, a CVS Caremark Company Posted on www.ahealthyme.com If you think you’re not at risk of getting a sexually transmitted disease, think again. One in four Americans has an STD, the highest rate of any industrialized country in the world. Left untreated, these love bugs can cause lasting damage, including infertility; some, such as HIV, can even be fatal. Your best defense? Aside from celibacy, it’s having the knowledge you need. Take our quiz to see if you know how to keep your sex life safe and healthy. 1. 6. What are the chances that the average What’s the most common STD in the American adult or teenager has herpes? United States? a. a. One in 500 Herpes b. b. One in 100 Chlamydia c. c. One in 20 Trichomoniasis d. d. One in five Human papillomavirus 2. 7. Men can catch yeast infections from What’s the clearest indication that you women. True or false? have an STD? • True a. An unusual discharge • False b. Painful urination c. A sore or wart 3. d. If you have sex with many different None of the above partners, your risk of cancer may be increased. True or false? 8. Which of these can you test for at • home? True • False a. HIV b. Chlamydia 4. If you have one STD, you’re more likely to c. Herpes catch another. True or false? d. All of the above • True 9. Washing up with soap after sex can keep • False you from catching an STD. True or false? 5. Which of these groups has the fastest- • True growing rate of HIV infection? • False a. Gay and bisexual men b. Women c. Infants Click HERE for the Answers: http://www.ahealthyme.com www.fpcpp.org Family Planning Cooperative Purchasing Program - www.fpcpp.org