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Coonteo: Green CMS and Community Builder - Introduction


Published on is a hassle-free, SEO-friendly Content Management System and community builder, which requires no developing skills or maintenance operations from community hosters and users. … is a hassle-free, SEO-friendly Content Management System and community builder, which requires no developing skills or maintenance operations from community hosters and users. Plug Coonteo into your site in one click, using a simple web-interface, and kickstart your community of interests in less than five minutes. Coonteo is available for free for NGOs, and for a fee for commercial uses, making it part of the social entrepreneurship sphere.

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  • This is the first of a series of 'to the point' presentations. Please send us your questions, the most recurrent ones will be addressed in the next presentations.

    Also, we would love to know what you think about the challenges and rewards of Social entrepreneurship, especially after yeasterday expiring Tim's keynote speach!

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  • 1. C O O N T E O Green CMS and community generator - Introduction [email_address]
  • 2. What is Coonteo?
    • Green Content Management System
    • Community builder
    • SEO-friendly
    • Web-based: no need to install on customer’s server
    • Socially conscious: free for NGOs
    • Entrepreneurial and substainable: available for a fee for commercial uses
    • It solves the needs of serious web-site owners: it brings visitors to sites (with SEO-friendliness); converts visitors into customers/users; retains customers/users and upgrades them to evangelists
  • 3. Coonteo’s features and benefits/1?
    • Web-based: plug Coonteo into your site and access its admin from everywhere in the world. No hardware or software requirements on your side, other than an Internet conntection and a browser.
    • SEO-friendly: in order to create a strem of qualified traffic to your site, you need proper on-site search engine optimization. We make it plain easy for you and your users to create SEO-friendly content, with well structured urls, internal links, etc.
    • Community builder: once visitors reach your site, you need to retain them for repeated visits and interaction. What is stronger than a community of interest and peers to convert visitors into members, and keep them coming back for more? Coonteo is not meant to power only generic communities, but also to build relations and content around the key topics of your site.
    • Content enhancer: your members likely have already bookmarked online plenty of sites, digged news, submitted videos, etc. In order to release the power of the net, you need to keep your platform open to syndaction, both inbound and outbound. Coonteo does this by allowing RSS-merging, aggregation of social bookmarks, videos, news, picture galleries, etc .
  • 4. Coonteo’s features and benefits/2?
    • RSS syndacation: as mentioned above, openess is key. RSS is a standard in the Web 2.0 sphere, Coonteo has it.
    • Multilingual: people like to practice foreign languages, but for the daily tasks they often prefer to "stay native". Coonteo can be easily localized in your target languages.
    • Free for NGOs: if you have a social mission, we are happy to assist you for free, with hosted communities or by plugging Coonteo into your site.
    • Available for a fee for commercial uses: every industry, segment, market is a story of its own; at the same time, you want to achieve a good ROI and use the economies of scale of Coonteo, which can be customized to meet your specific needs and goals, using a common infrastructure to keep your investment low and profitable.
    • Hassle free: no installation, maintenance, updates required. We do the development work and keep improving it, so you can focus on your core competencies and goals. No technical skills required from your side, because we do the job for you.
  • 5. Social entrepreneurship in action Idealism
    • Helping NGOs to get their messages out, and achieve their goals, for free
    • Believing we can all make a difference, starting from you and me, right now
    • Believing there is always space for improvements
  • 6. Social entrepreneurship in action Pragmatism
    • Focusing on what we can do better for NGOs
    • Making it substainable with commercial licensing fees from private sector
    • Setting eligibility criterias for NGOs ( )
    • Offering highest achievable quality on standard version
    • For customized versions, NGOs should get a sponsor, but will be charged as little as we can to carry on the redevelopment
  • 7. C O O N T E O Thanks and looking forward for *your* opinion! Please send inputs and questions to [email_address]