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Frances Nankin

  1. 1.
  2. 2. <ul><li>Cyberchase is a math-based media project on PBS KIDS GO!® for kids ages 8 to 11. </li></ul><ul><li>Impacts kids’ math and problem solving skills through broadcast, web, new media and educational outreach </li></ul><ul><li>Combines mystery, humor and action to inspire kids with confidence and enthusiasm toward math. </li></ul><ul><li>Advances kids’ interest in math and STEM related subjects </li></ul>ABOUT CYBERCHASE
  3. 3. Each episode sends the CyberSquad on an adventure driven by a math concept and based on national standards . The heroes model effective problem-solving processes as they use math to save the day. ABOUT CYBERCHASE
  4. 4. Interactive games, digital products, print products and a traveling museum exhibit use the narrative from the TV series to extend reach and impact . CLASSROOM WHITEBOARD APPLICATION MOBILE GAME ONLINE VIDEO & IN-VIDEO GAMES PRINT & MUSEUM EXHIBIT WEB GAMES CROSS-PLATFORM APPROACH TELEVISION SERIES
  5. 5. TELEVISION SERIES 94 episodes of Cyberchase are in daily rotation on nearly 400 stations each week, covering 86% of U.S. television households. 43% of Cyberchase viewing households are African-American or Hispanic. The series is watched equally by girls and boys, with a strong reach into low-income homes.
  6. 6. CYBERCHASE ONLINE Eight million unique visitors come annually to Cyberchase Online to watch videos and play games tied to the math or story themes from their favorite episodes. The interactive games are the highest-trafficked content on the site.
  7. 7. IN-VIDEO GAMING Two Cyberchase videos on the PBS KIDS GO! video player feature in-video gaming. In this approach, kids watch a video, then pause to explore its math concept directly in the video screen . The gaming pauses give kids an opportunity to solve a problem along with the characters. The two Cyberchase in-video games continue to be the most popular of all on the player.
  8. 8. SMART BOARD™ APPLICATION Cyberchase has expanded its classroom presence with a SMART Board app. An adaptation of the popular Lucky Star Game Show web game, the app takes advantage of the touchscreen interactivity. Students can manipulate objects on-screen and use a dropdown “Think Pad” to solve problems. Teachers can make their own game questions tailored to specific curricular needs by drawing from a gallery of Cyberchase characters and props.
  9. 9. IPHONE & IPOD TOUCH APP Cyberchase ’s first product for a mobile platform offers a fun way for kids 8 and older to test their basic math facts. In classic memory game style, kids tap tiles to pair up math problems with solutions, along with pairs of their favorite characters. The game becomes slightly more difficult with each successive play and tracks high scores and best times to encourage competition.
  10. 10. Research and evaluation studies have informed Cyberchase at every stage from initial conception through full seasons of completed programs including broadcast, Web site and outreach programs. A recent independent research study, based on Cyberchase and funded by the National Science Foundation, confirmed children’s mathematics learning is strengthened by a mixed-media approach. RESEARCH