Large pores - diagnosis, treatment and prevention
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Large pores - diagnosis, treatment and prevention



Whether you are a man or woman and suffering from face or body acne, this is for you: cleaning pores -

Whether you are a man or woman and suffering from face or body acne, this is for you: cleaning pores -



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    Large pores - diagnosis, treatment and prevention Large pores - diagnosis, treatment and prevention Document Transcript

    • ==== ====Clear pores on your face with a new method and have a clean face everytime. The strategy ispainless, effective and wont take much time. More info: ====Every woman dreams of a smooth and beautiful skin of the face, which would have delighted itshealthy color and radiance of youth. Most enlarged pores are the companions of oily, problematic,and combine skin. And if woman with combine skin note the presence of enlarged pores only inthe so-called T-zone, woman with oily skin also has this cosmetic flaw on her cheeks. Effectivepore treatment is possible only after identification of the factors provoking the appearance of thelarge pores.Diagnose Your ProblemsProduction of the skin sebum is expelled through the pores. While their size is so small that theyare practically not visible. However, due to excessive secretion of sebaceous glands the pores aregradually begin to expand, becoming visible and giving the skin scruffy, dusty look. With theassistance of a dermatologist you can determine exactly what influenced the secretion of thesebaceous glands and led to the enlarged pores.Main factors causing the enlarged pores:Irregular skin careImproper selection of cosmetics, or too frequent and excess use of cosmetics,Problems of endocrine systemFrequent stressful situationsUnderlying dermatological problemsHereditary factorsSome disease.Body Treatment for Large PoresIf the intensive production of sebum and the appearance of enlarged pores are due to problems inthe endocrine system, except for consultation with a dermatologist you need to visit anendocrinologist, who would appoint all the necessary tests and determine whether there is ahormonal imbalance. Then your pore treatment will include the restore of the proper hormonalsecretion.
    • If you suffer from the gastrointestinal disorders, skin problems are likely to be treated by agastroenterologist, as well as he or she will advise to change diets. Most likely you will need todelete the chocolate, alcohol, sweet drinks, minimize the use of roasted foods, carbohydrates,sugar, desserts, high fat dairy products from your diet for proper pore treatment. You should drink1,5-2 liters of water, herbal teas without sugar, fresh fruit juices to efficiently eliminate toxins andwastes. The diet should include more fresh vegetables, fruits, and low fat dairy productscontaining healthy flora.Large pores may be due to improper or irregular skin care. For night-time the skin should breathe,and then the its regeneration will be effective. So the skin must be thoroughly cleaned. However,even with problematic skin it is better to avoid the use of cosmetics that contain alcohol, because itprovokes even more sebum secretion. It is better to use special cosmetic line products for thetreatment large pores and the problem skin. These skin care products allow you to effectivelyclean the skin, reduce pores and make the skin matte.The appearance of enlarged pores may be a result of the prolonged sun exposure, becausesunlight also stimulates the secretion of sebaceous glands. That is why the owners of the skin withenlarged pores should refrain from frequent and prolonged sun exposure.Skin Care for Large PoresPore treatment at home involves not only skin cleansing, but also skin moisturizing and feeding.However, it is better to choose light skin care products which do not have a dense texture, whichallow your skin to breathe and not clog the pores. In addition to daily skin care you should usescrubs, peels, and masks with fruit acids twice a week for the pore treatment. All these remedieshelp to remove dead skin cells, allow the skin to breathe and help to reduce the pores.In addition to home pore treatment you can take cosmetic procedures in the beauty salons.Chemical peels, microdermabrasion, laser resurfacing not only treat pores but used in anti agingand anti scars skin care.Such an integrated approach to the pore treatment that includes a professional skin care, homecare, as well as addressing the underlying problems that provoke the appearance of enlargedpores, can effectively treat the cosmetic defects of the skin, making it beautiful and healthy.Learn more about pore treatment by visiting my blog today.Article Source:
    • ==== ====Clear pores on your face with a new method and have a clean face everytime. The strategy ispainless, effective and wont take much time. More info: ====