Magnolia's Magnificent Adventure


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by Belinda Gough

Published in: Education
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Magnolia's Magnificent Adventure

  1. 1. Magnolia’s Magnificent Adventure By Belinda Gough
  2. 2. Magnolia was beginning to get very cold in the little swamp that she called home. It was a terrible ,wet night and she hadn’t thought that the wind would have gotten so strong.
  3. 3. You see Magnolia was a frog who lived in a little swamp that she had lived in since she was a tadpole.
  4. 4. “ It’s too cold and miserable in this swamp.” said Magnolia “I’m going to go and find a new home. One that is dry and sunny so I won’t be so cold at night.” So off she hopped to search for a new home .
  5. 5. Magnolia hopped and hopped until she reached a place that was hot and very dry. “ I can’t live here!” She sighed .“It’s too hot and there is no water anywhere” So off she went again to find the perfect place to live.
  6. 6. After a while Magnolia began to feel very cold. She was hopping on snow and was beginning to get very tired. “ I can’t live here!” She sighed tiredly. “I would freeze. It’s much too cold here.” So off she hopped to find yet another place to live.
  7. 7. The next place Magnolia arrived at was beautiful. Not too cold but not too hot. It was just perfect. It even had water for her to swim in! But something was missing…..
  8. 8. Suddenly, Magnolia began hopping away from this beautiful place!
  9. 9. In fact, Magnolia hopped all the way back to her old swamp! “ Looking at all those different places made me realise something.” She said. “I could look all over the world for the perfect place to live but it will never replace my little cold, wet swamp that is just perfect for me!” That night, as Magnolia went to sleep in her wet little swampy bed , she muttered….
  10. 10. “ HOME, SWEET HOME!” The end
  11. 11. About the Author Belinda is a second year education student who wrote this short story to demonstrate that she could create a power point presentation that included inserting sounds and graphics. She also inserted picture o herself to demonstrate her ability to insert photos from a digital camera.