The comparation of english idiom and ungkapan bahasa indonesia


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The comparation of english idiom and ungkapan bahasa indonesia

  1. 1. A Metaphorical language in English
  2. 2. The STAIN Salatiga’s StudentNur KholisKKI 113-12-130Created by :
  3. 3. Beautification Language like ungkapan in Indonesian is Idiom in EnglishAs a language, English also have a “beautification” language in theapplying to an expression. Its may consist some not same meaningword, and construct a new meaning. We know in Bahasa Indonesia it iscalled “ungkapan”. they are make a colourful in the language, based onthe usage on an expressing.Dalam suatu bahasa, umumnya ada ungkapan-ungkapan khusus yang apabiladiterjemahkan secara literal kata-kata penyusunnya, tidak akan ditemukan makna yangsama, inilah idiom atau ungkapan dalam bahasa kita. Dalam bahasa inggris, suatu katakerja yang berstruktur frasa, dapat berupa verb+preposition (biasa disebut frasa saja)dan idiom. frasa (verb+preposition) berstruktur kombinasi bebas dan memiliki maknasama dari kata asli yang membentuknya. Berbeda dengan idiom yang sama sekali tidakbermakna sama dengan kata penyusunnya.Idiom & Ungkapan
  4. 4. Combination of word constructs a figurative meaningSuch as what I mentioned in the previous, that Idiom is a combination of wordsthat has a figurative meaning, due to its common usage. An idioms figurativemeaning is separate from the literal meaning or definition of the words of whichit is made. Idioms are numerous and they occur frequently in all languages.There are estimated to be at least 25,000 idiomatic expressions in the EnglishLanguage.In English found at least25.000 idiomatic expressionKnowing the Idiom
  5. 5. What the Purpose?idiom can make colorful on a language. The phrase indirectly able refer to anexplicit meaning to show the purpose of an expression. And the metaphoricalcontained in the idiom give a taste on language and make the rough purposeheard finer, but can be contrary too. So this is having an aim to “decorate” thelanguage so that have a nice expression for an aim, good or bad purpose.
  6. 6. . Bankruptcy Idiom. Education idiom. Idiom of Business. Discipline Idiom. Idiom With Colors. Part of Body Idiom. Animal in Idiom. Closing
  7. 7. We begin withbankruptcy IdiomOr Menghadap ke dinding in BahasaIndonesia. May be, they (british people orEnglish as mother language’s nation other)don’t have enough hope to their company andtheir selves, so because of their desperate, theirrunning wild is the wall.or see otherin Bahasa Indonesia, to mention thedetriment or bankruptcy, we usually say“Gulung Tikar”. We know the intention wesaythatisbecauseifwespreadamat(lookinthemarket)wegotreadytodoingselling.So if we roll the mat, its mean that we arebankrupt. Because we don’t have muchfundtobesellinginthematagain.In Bahasa Indonesia, we don’t have muchungkapan to say this issue. But in English,hassomuch.Letseethese:
  8. 8. &they are similar meaning. To gounder, is mean that the company isbeing deficit. More over, go brokeis very serious occur, because oursomething isn’t useful again.have you ever hear “busted” ? Inthe race game if we break the trafficlaw, we will busted by the police.The usage this idiom, Forexample, if you are gambling withyour friend, and you are lose, itsmean that you are bankrupt, right?.You can say, “oh shit! I’ll go to thebust”.This idiom is close with thecomponent composer word. But ifbust is the destination to go, it ismake this phrase become an idiom.Because bust isn’t place or noun.
  9. 9. Or anotherexample- To go down the tube (jatuh ke dalam pipa)We know that tube is the small hole. If someonego down to the tube, its mean that he is fall intodifficult solution.- To go out the business : keluar dari bisnis- To close the shop : tutup toko- To shutter : ke daun pintuMay be if someone go to near into the shutter,he will close the business. It’s a form ofdespairing, until he hurry to close the shutter (hisbusiness).- To go toes : gigit jariThis one is like in Indonesia, right? If we losesomething that we hope it, we unconsciously willbit our toes.And see this one (click)Back to the list
  10. 10. Number two,Educational Idiomhere some idiom that generally usedto express in a condition aroundeducationIn Bahasa Indonesia, we know phrase kutubuku it same with bookworm in English.And they are same of idiom. May be BahasaIndoesia is adopting idiom from English.Do you know what is meaning of Kutu bukuor bookworm? Yes. It is someone whodiligent to read the book. So why he iscalled bookworm? Because, his habitual iseating up the book is same like the wormeat the book. But if the bookworm is eatingup the book by red, the worm is eating intruth, and make the book is really vanish.So its why the diligent readers book is calledbookworm.‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘‘
  11. 11. Lulus dengan warna-warna melayang . . pass with flying colours is mean to pass with a very high grade, lulus dengan nilai sangat tinggi. The veryhigh grade can be express with the flying colours. Because we know that colour can make us nice and fun.And very high grade is fun if we get it, right?Panjang Akal (the long idea)This ungkapan in bahasa Indonesia is mean thesmart student. We know right? In our class inbahasa Indonesia’s lesson, we often hear thisungkapan. Especially aimed to our pass with flyingcolours
  12. 12. to cover a lot of groundto pull an all nighter (menarik seluruh(penghuni) malam)
  13. 13. Or more anotheridiom :a person who copiesthe words or actions of another. May be cat is a guiderin the west (?).- to live and learn - to learn as you grow older and gainexperience. (semakin dewasa, semakin banyakpengalaman dan pembelajaran).- to go back to basics - to return to the beginning(kembali ke dasar). Its if you ever have a wrong, andthen you will learn from the beginning again, youcan say “I will go back to basic to remove all mywrongnesss”.- birds and the bees (burung dan lebah). Actually thisis an idiom to an of age people. But I think you wereadult. This is idiom about sex education. For examplesomeone say “I learned about the birds and the beeswhen my baby brother was born”. It means that she islearn about KB, may be. Back to the list
  14. 14. Bahasa IndonesiaEnglish
  15. 15. Dog eat dog worldIt is an idiom to express what that happennormally in the world of business : that iscompetition. In the world of business,competition is not see where is friend,where is family. All of these are rivals. Andthey are an “enemy” in the business. So inthe world of business is likes Dog Eat DogWorld.Do you know what is the origin of thisidiom?Ungkapan ini muncul sekitar tahun 1500.banyak anjing-anjing yang teramatiberjuang secara aggressive sesama anjinguntuk mendapatkan sepotong daging.Inilah mengapa dunia bisnis diungkapkanseperti dunia anjing : mereka tak kenalsesama saat berurusan dengan uang(makanan).6/26/2013 17҃ ҃ ҃ ҃ ҃҃ ҃
  16. 16. generate lots of buzzYou have to know“Buzz” adalah kata yang populardiucapkan di Barat untuk menarikperhatian. Seperti jika kitamengucapkan huss! Untuk mendiamkankebisingan. Tapi dalam kebiasaan kita,ucapan tersebut sangat tidak layakuntuk diucapkan di depan umum.Back to the list
  17. 17. climb thecorporate ladder(memanjat tanggaperusahaan)If you are workman or employee in acompany. And get the one positionabove you now, or naik pangkat, youmay called climb the corporate ladder.Example : congratulation man, you areclimb the corporate ladder. Be bettermore!
  18. 18. to pull the plug(menariksumbatan)This idiom is mean that ourbusiness isn’t possible tocontinued. I don’t know why topull the plug is used toexpressing the business stop.Plug is a hinder, then if we pullthe hinder so something orsomeone can through smoothly.(May be this is their secret).It is indeed a bankruptcy idiomtoo. Because in thebusiness, sometimes weluck, but sometimes we getunlucky like bankrupt.back
  19. 19. Its mean to work until the last minute; towork until just before the deadlineExample: The investment bankers need toturn in their report at 9 a.m. tomorrowmorning, and theyve still got many hours ofwork left on it. Theyre going to be workingdown to the wire.This expression comes from horse racing. Inthe 19th century, American race tracksplaced wire across the track above the finishline. The wire helped determine whichhorses nose crossed the line first. If a racewas "down to the wire," it was a very closerace, undecided until the very last second.͜͝ ͜͝ ͜͝ ͜͝ ͜͝ ͜͝ ͜͝ ͜͝ ͜͝ ͜͜͝͝ ͜͝ ͜͝ ͜͝ ͜͝ ͜͝ ͜͝
  20. 20. >jump the gun (melompati pistol) its mean memulaimengerjakan sesuatu sebelum menjadi keharusan.Example: Mark really jumped the gun when he accusedLarry of stealing his marketing ideas! It turns out that Larryproposed that advertising campaign over a month ago.>>Brownie pointsrecognition or praise for doing something good or for givinga compliment to someone in authority (such as your boss)Example: Martha scored brownie points with her teamleader when she offered to stay late and finish the project.>>>Yes mansomeone who always agreeswith everything that anauthority figure (such as aboss, teacher, parent, etc.)proposesExample: Bob is such a yesman; there’s no way he’ll everdisagree with his managerThe history of the Idiom>Melompati pistol. Dalam sebuah trak ataupun perlombaan balap,sebuah pistol kecil ditembakkan sebagai penanda dimulainyaperlombaan. Apabila peserta berlari sebelum pistol di bunyikan,maka ia telah melompati pistol. Melompati pistol berarti ia telahdiangggap diskualifikasi. Namun dalam penggunaan idiomnyaartinya adalah melakukan sesuatu tanpa disuruh (sebelum menjadisebuah kewajban).>>Satuan Pramuka. Di Barat, Pramuka (the brownies) adalahanggota Girl Scouts organization (organisasi kepanduan wanita).Dimana para gadis melakukan aksi pramuka untuk mendapatkanlencana dan pengakuan. Pengakuan inilah yang menjadikan kata inisebagai idiom untuk mengakui atau menyanjungi sebuahpencapaian yang telah dilakukan seseorang dalam usahanya.>>>seorang karyawan yang baik adalah karyawan yang selalumematuhi perintah atasannya. Dialah orang yang selalu setujudengan keputusan atasannya pada dirinya. Itulah mengapakaryawan tersebut disebut sebagai Yess Man karena never say nokepada atasan.Another elseBack to the list* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
  21. 21. This idiom is idiom about our individualdiscipline, and all about ourselves to expressour individual character or our social relation.In bahasa Indonesia, we hear ungkapan BesarMulut (big mouth). It is used to say to someonethat always finicky (cerewet). The big mouth isan image that someone have so much word, untilthe secret sometimes said too. So because ofhers big mouth to speak and speak over, shepictured as Besar Mulut.Ini adalah idiom yang berkaitan dengan diri kita.Bisa kita gunakan untuk mengungkapkan ketikakita berbaur dengan kehidupan social.(to) pass the buck (meloloskan rusajantan).Its mean if some people make a mistake then hedon’t want to make a responsibility, and shift toother people (melemparkan kesalahan padaorang lain), he can we call pass the buck.Example. Its your fault. Dont try topass the buck!Discipline Idiom
  22. 22. If your friend is losing hope, anddon’t have spirit to doingsomething, as friend you have torally the troops to your friend. Doyou understand? You have tomotivate your friend.Rally the troops is to rally thespirit in our friendship.
  23. 23. (to) keep something under wraps(Menyimpan sesuatu dibawah bungkusan)Keep someone’s secret on you.Example: Im sorry I cant tell youanything about the project Im workingon. My boss told me to keep it underwraps."Wraps" are things that provide cover,so if something is "under wraps" itscovered up and hidden.To quit about someone’s matter if other peopleask to you.If you requested by tour friend to quit about hisproblem, plan, or matter. He can say : “Pleasedont tell anybody about our new project.Remember: mums the word!”The origin of the word "mum" comes from themurmur "mmmmm," ketika kitamenggerutu, suara yang keluar dari mulut kitaadalah “mmm”. Kita tak bisa mengucapkansesuatu apapun ketika bibir kita tertutup selain“mmm”. That’s why when we have someone’ssecreet we have to make a sound like when weare murmuring.if you have a someone’s secretBack to the list
  24. 24. Idiom With Colors
  25. 25. It is rather same like Darah biru. This idiom ismean born into a rich family. But the distinguishof this idiom, the child wasn’t born in the king’sfamily. But just in the rich’s family.Example: Keiko hasnt worked a day in her life.She was born with a silver spoon in hermouth.keiko tidak mempunyai pekerjaan sehari-haridalam hidupnya. Dia terlahir dalam keluargayang kaya raya.
  26. 26. This is an idiom that you can apply toyour girlfriend or boyfriend. Whenyou see he/she is walking aroundwith your friend, absolutely you canimaged by this idiom.Yeah, this is an idiom jealousness. Itsmean very jealous. You can use thisif you in a situation above.Green here isn’t mean peace. But anexpression exceedingly (seriously).
  27. 27. true colours (warna-warna sebenarnya)Back to the list
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