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Top 10 Time Saving Hacks For Moms
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Top 10 Time Saving Hacks For Moms


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Everyone could use more time, but ESPECIALLY moms! We've got you covered. Want some time saving hacks that will give you more time and take the tediousness out of those mundane tasks and even get …

Everyone could use more time, but ESPECIALLY moms! We've got you covered. Want some time saving hacks that will give you more time and take the tediousness out of those mundane tasks and even get rid of some? Have a look at these time saving hacks especially for you mom...

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  • 1. Top 10 Time Saving Hacks For Mom Super charge your schedule and “Mom like a BOSS” FROM YOUR FRIENDS AT COOL GEL N CAP. WWW.COOLGELNCAP.COM
  • 2. 1) GET EVERNOTE • Organize your favorite articles, parenting information, and recipes. • Save time and stop looking for things you use all the time. • Keep important lists and notes across everything you use: Desktop computer, Laptop, Tablet, and Smartphone. • Even taking pictures of things you want to make notes about later. • Download it right now. WWW.COOLGELNCAP.COM
  • 3. 2) USE YOUR CALENDAR • You have one on your smartphone, tablet, computer, and probably even somewhere on your wall… although throw that one away. • Keep it digital so it syncs across everything you use. • Enter doctors appointments, school plays, practices, lunch with your friends, vacations, even when your children take certain medications or when you want to go for runs. It will notify you of any conflicts. WWW.COOLGELNCAP.COM
  • 4. 3) GET A TO DO LIST • Moms always say they have a perfect memory, but we know that’s a clever lie to instill accountability in the little ones. • Truth is, a to do list will help keep you accountable and look like a superstar to your family. • Yet another app that will sync across everything you use, so when you need to know what’s up next, just look at whatever you happen to have in your hands. (smartphone, tablet, laptop, computer) WWW.COOLGELNCAP.COM
  • 5. 4) CHORE BOARD • Not getting chores done is a HUGE pain point. • You find time in your day to make breakfast, gather the school clothes, drive them to school, go to work, make dinner, pay the bills, etc. but they can’t find time to make their bed or sweep the hallway? • NOT ANYMORE • Make a board, visible daily *fridge* with set times to do everything you need done. • BOOM. WWW.COOLGELNCAP.COM
  • 6. 5) WIN AT LAUNDRY • Forget sorting laundry. Just wash everything in cold water. • Do you fold stuff? Then you waste time. Just hang everything except under garments and socks. • Hate ironing? Take stuff out of the drier right away and hang it to avoid wrinkles. • Nuff said. WWW.COOLGELNCAP.COM
  • 7. 6) HELP ON THE CHEAP • Ever say to yourself “If I only had a few hours free I’d…” • Welp, you definitely can have this no matter what Dad has going on. • Hire a baby sitter for a few hours on the weekends and tackle the world. Is that worth $20 to you? • Most cleaning help is way cheaper than you think. DO NOT think it’s only for the rich. I’m talking $45 every other week. YUP. WWW.COOLGELNCAP.COM
  • 8. 7) MONTHLY MEAL EXCHANGE • If you’re a mom, we’re assuming you already learned that the crock pot is your friend. • Making meals in bulk is awesome, you get multiple lunches and dinners and sometimes breakfasts. • That being said, have friends? Have family? We thought so… • Have everyone make a little extra every month and load up the Tupperware. Pass it around and you have ready made meals. VOILA! WWW.COOLGELNCAP.COM
  • 9. 8) SHOP LIKE A BOSS • We’re guessing you already use deal apps and sites like Groupon, Living Social, and Amazon Local. Saving money does not suck right? • But you know you have birthdays and Christmas and everything else each year right? Right…. • So shop all year round for the gifts. Odds are, at some point, something for everyone comes up on deal apps like Groupon and snatch it at the right time and you could save 75% or more! WWW.COOLGELNCAP.COM
  • 10. 9) PROMOTE DIY • Not only having to do everything for everyone, but remembering it too can be overwhelming for a mom. • This is where the phrase “without me, this family would fall apart” comes from. • Offer small rewards when the kiddos remember to do things like their homework, chores, etc. themselves. • This will reinforce that behavior and you will get more of it! WWW.COOLGELNCAP.COM
  • 11. 10) NATURAL BOO BOO RELIEF • Okay, this one was a no brainer for us and we had to put it on here because that’s why we made it in the first place! • It’s tough when your little loved one gets a lump, bump, earache, or fever! • It’s even tougher when you have to hold an ice pack or drippy dish rag filled with ice on their head for an hour until things calm down. • The Cool Gel N Cap allows you to be hands free while the cooling or warming gel packs melt away your child’s pain, not the ice! • The great thing? It’s natural soothing relief for your child. WWW.COOLGELNCAP.COM
  • 12. The Cool Gel N Cap Naturally Soothes Boys & Girls Ages 1+ Head Bumps, Bruises, Migraines, Headaches, Fever Symptoms, Ear Infection Symptoms & More In A Fun, Easy, & Effective Way. WWW.COOLGELNCAP.COM