What teachers need from education leaders and conferences


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I had four minutes to describe what teachers need in conferences and leadership in education to the many educational technology conferences at ISTE in San Diego. Here are the 3 things teachers need and the one thing to leave out that I shared in that session.

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  • Hi,I’m Vicki Davis, here to talk about how you can help teachers plan the road ahead to success.
  • As teachers decide the course to take they are getting mixed signs
  • The first sign teachers need is a sign of hope
  • You can’t spend that money.
  • You can’t friend your students on Facebook.
  • You can’t teach because we have to give another test.
  • Can’t
  • Can’t
  • Can’t
  • But there are things I CAN do.
  • I CAN start off by getting rid of the word Can’t.
  • Right here and right now!
  • I CAN control ME.
  • The world is waiting on superman but education
  • Doesn’t need a superman what education needs is a
  • Super Can.
  • You see in the wide world of education if I realize that I can control
  • Me
  • I can become one person, but if you realize the same thing that – hey, I can control
  • ME!
  • Then we have another person, but then, look at what can happen if a lot of us decide that we can control “me”
  • Suddenly theme’s become WE
  • And if an overwhelming majority of “me’s” decide we do something, then we become a
  • A super majority. A super majority is a resounding number of me’s who say they can. So really, what education needs is!
  • Super can. Because you know what,
  • Who is the one person I can control in my district? ME!
  • Once teachers have the hope to know they can control and influence their classroom they need the practical help to do that
  • Now if I had time I’d talk to you about the 7 steps to flatten or globalize your classroom
  • How you can use wikis with
  • With common core writing standards or even
  • Or even how to differentiate instruction with technology but
  • way too many people would rather have a pity party than a victory party
  • We have got to help teachers at conferences know that they can control ME and that turns into WE and you can enact change.
  • Finally, teachers need their hearts given back. They need their legacy and nobility restored.
  • Because these are numbers
  • And these are not
  • But what we don’t need is hype.
  • Give hope
  • give help
  • give teachers back their hearts
  • But leave out the hype
  • And you can help educators find the road ahead to improve their classrooms. Have a great #iste12
  • What teachers need from education leaders and conferences

    1. 1. Vicki Davis@coolcatteacher The Road Ahead
    2. 2. Teachers are getting mixed messages
    3. 3. Hope
    4. 4. CAN’T
    5. 5. CAN’T
    6. 6. CAN
    7. 7. ME
    8. 8. ME
    9. 9. Majority
    10. 10. CAN
    11. 11. Help
    12. 12. W.x.7 Conduct research projects Revision W.x.8 Gather relevant information W.x.9 Draw evidence Citation and Discussions & Permission Feedback Content Editing Cycle W.x.4 Production and distributionCollaborative Writing in the W.x.5 Develop andCloud December 2012 strengthen writingBy Vicki Davis bit.ly/LZEdQ6 W.x.6 Use technology Monitoring & Troubleshooting Engagement
    13. 13. Common Core Writing Standards Summarized • W.x.1 Write arguments Text types and • W.x.2 Write informative/ explanatory texts. purposes • W.x.3 Write narratives Production and • W.x.4 Production and distribution Distribution of • W.x.5 Develop and strengthen writing Writing • W.x.6 Use technology Research to • W.x.7 Conduct research projects build and • W.x.8 Gather relevant information present knowledge • W.x.9 Draw evidence • W.x.10 Write over varied time frames for a varietyRange of Writing of tasks, purposes and audiences http://www.corestandards.org/the-standards/english-language-arts-standards
    14. 14. DigitalStorytelling •Reflecting •Script Writer •Status Reporting •Journal process •Acting •Ideas •Call Sheets •Directing •Production •Movie Ideas Schedule •Vision Casting •Asst Director •Scene Scout •Audio Editing •Scene set up •Music Selection •Storyboarding •Sound Capture •Acting •Camera •Presenting •Editing •Lighting •Lighting •Flow & •Storyboarding movement
    15. 15. HeartHeart
    16. 16. Do you see any numbers?
    17. 17. NOT Hype
    18. 18. Hope
    19. 19. Help
    20. 20. HeartHeart
    21. 21. NOT Hype
    22. 22. Vicki Davis@coolcatteacher The Road Ahead