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  • Pricing, Promotion, Publicity to name a few. The checklist for the classic P marketing theoryisn’tworkingany more. There is one important P missing and thatis the PurpleCow. Everydayconsumers come face to face with a lot of boringstuff – a lot of browncows, or black and white if youpreferthat – but youcanbettheywon’tforget a PurpleCow. A browncowisn’tsomethingyouremember. There are waytoomany. But a PurpleCow – thatwouldbesomething. It’s the theory of beingdifferent, beingremarkable. It describessomethingphenomenal and exciting and veryoftentotallyunbelievable.
  • 1700 messages per day. Once you have identified the competition, you have to beseriouslyinnovative and creativeyouget people to hold on to your message amongst all of these. This is Times Square in New York. How many brands canyou count is a really, reallysmall area?
  • The consumer always remain in dilemma coz he has n number of choices but less time
  • • Opposite of remarkable is not “bad”– Indeed it may be “very good”– But just not good enough to be remarkable
  • Want proof? Here is some.Skype changes the way that people talk over the telephone. It is a disruptive technology. It targets and threatens the fixed line revenue derived by the world’s largest telecommunications corporations. The challenge facing Skype is how to monetize its enormous customer base but this hasn’t stopped it from upending traditional telcos. The damage is irreversible. Google changes the way consumers use Yellow Pages. In fact, people with Internet access don’t need phone books anymore. They can look up your business in Google. Furthermore, your business doesn’t have to pay for the privilege of being found on Google either. Digital cameras change the way people take and process images. This technology has disrupted global giants such as Kodak which has been required to change its entire business model to find new ways to generate revenue now that people aren’t buying photographic film anymore.
  • It is not only pure marketing, but a broader spectrum.Keep reinvesting continuously, do not depend on one innovation to feed consumers.
  • Today, Marketing is a whole new conceptwhich incorporates a variety of processes.
  • We can no longer market directly to themasses– Now we must develop remarkable products– Milk the cow if you want to grow– Consumers ignore mass media Ideas that spread, win– Ideavirus– Advertise to interested sneezers with influenceonly (passionate early adopters).


  • 1. The Purple Cow
  • 2. Welcome to a scary, over-supplied world…
  • 3.
  • 4. Typical Ps of Marketing
    And now new “P ”
  • 5. Available Choices
    Available Time
  • 6.
  • 7. What is REMARKABLE about YOUR organization?
  • 8. Don’t Imitate - Innovate
  • 9. Purple Cow Strategies
  • 10. Is the Purple Cow concept is applicable to this part of the world or do you think that marketability is still to mature here?
  • 11. 2. How would brand building be different from building a ‘purple cow’?
  • 12. 3. What would happen if you actually told the truth inside your company and to your customers?
  • 13. 4. What does the author mean when he says, "you've got a chance to reinvent who you are and what do you do!”
    Today, Marketing is a whole new concept.
    Build marketing into the product.
    Everything revolves around product attributes.
    Let the product do the talking and know your processes well !!!
  • 14. The products is the marketing
    Google changed everything
  • 15. Before
  • 16. Apple products
  • 17.
  • 18. NOKIA 888
  • 19. Palm Jumeirah
  • 20.
  • 21. TATA Nano
  • 22.
  • 23.
  • 24. The world's largest online B2B marketplace
  • 25. Purple Cow is an incredibly powerful concept, highlighting the need to be different, to be remarkable… in essence to incorporate a Purple Cow into everything that we do.
  • 26. Be Unique!
    Thank You