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Nfc Nfc Presentation Transcript

  • NFCNear Field Communication Made By Ashwin Khandelwal
  • What is NFC? It is a set of short-range wireless technologies, typically requiring a distance of 4 cm or less, specifically designed for services such as payment or exchanging small bursts of information. Users of NFC-enabled devices can simply point or touch their devices to other NFC-enabled elements in the environment to communicate with them, making application and data usage easy and convenient.
  • Features Intuitive: NFC interactions require no more than a simple touch. Versatile: NFC is ideally suited to the broadest range of industries, environments, and uses. Technology-enabling: NFC facilitates fast and simple setup of wireless technologies, such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, etc.
  • NFC - Technical BasicsWireless Short Range Communication Technology  Based on RFID technology at 1,356 MHz  Operating distance typical up to 10 cm  Compatible with today’s field proven contactless RFID technology  Data exchange rate today up to 424 kilobits/s RFID object 1,356MHz RF Link
  • Functions of NFC Tag Emulation Mode  In this mode the NFC device functions as a non-contact Smart card and acts as Smart card / tag. Reader/Writer Mode  In this case the NFC device acts as an initiator and the passive tag is the target. Peer-to-Peer Mode  In NFC, P2P network can be formed when two computing devices scattered in various locations (near field) are connected to each other. 5
  • End-to-End Solution1 2 Contactless Readers Point-of-Sale Systems Third Party 3 Payment Gateway Financial Transaction Processing Center 6
  • NFC In Mobile3 ways it’s implemented on phones Fully Integrated Into The HandsetEx:The Google Nexus S, Google’s latest flagship phone built in partnership with Samsung On a SIM card On a memory cardEx: Visa introduced a case for the iPhone which contains a microSD card manufctured by Device Fidelity to bring NFC technology to iPhone users
  • But where do you find NFC? Source
  • But where do you find NFC? 1% Expected to increase by 10% Source
  • NFC Overtaking much of communication device
  • NFC Has Multiple Uses
  • Conclusion In summary, NFC is an efficient technology for communication of short ranges. NFC is based on existing contactless infrastructure around the world that is already in use by millions of people on a daily basis. NFC is not a fashionable nice-to-have technology, but actually a technology that makes people’s life easier.