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Animaps - Maps that move you
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Animaps - Maps that move you


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  • 1. Animaps:
    • by
    • Brian Hampton
    • Heather Frost Burkeen
    • Jennene Cook
    Maps That Move You
  • 2. Walt Disney once said
    • “ Animation can explain whatever the mind of man can conceive. This facility makes it the most versatile and explicit means of communication yet devised for quick mass appreciation.”
  • 3. Mr. Disney’s prophetic statement was made long before the emergence of the Internet, yet its relevance only grows.
  • 4.
    • Today, teachers, students and consumers of internet software expect information and the tools of communication to be
    • dynamic
    • interactive
    • interconnected
  • 5. Why use Animaps?
  • 6.
    • Animaps is great because
    • we’re all looking for tools that will help us interact with our world in more meaningful ways
    • and share the things and ideas we find, and the experiences we have, with others
  • 7. As we participate in the exchange of information we must consider the dynamic world we now live in, and the expectations which we have come to hold:
  • 8.
    • We have come to expect that information will be
      • animated
      • interactive.
      • interconnected
    Animaps addresses all of these expectations.
  • 9. Animaps in Education
    • In the educational context teachers can employ Animaps as a means of bringing subjects, such as history, to life.
  • 10. Take, for example, a music teacher who wants to explain where the modern piano comes from, and the path that brought it to the United States.
  • 11.
    • With just a few easy clicks of the mouse, the teacher via Animaps can:
    • Access maps of the entire planet
    • Establish timelines
    • Set relevant markers indicating important locations
    • Add images to enrich the animated map
    • And set the whole thing in motion
    • Let’s take a look
    Animaps in Education
  • 12. PLAY
  • 13. Significance of Animaps
    • Multi-functional tool:
      • Works with Google's My Maps
      • Allows users to animate location specific information
      • Enhances user's appreciation for global context
      • Is great for business, education or entertainment
  • 14. Methods or Process of Practice
    • Businesses
      • Maps – show where materials are shipped to and from
      • Website – show various routes to their business
      • Meetings – highlight regions of selling highs and lows of products or places of resources
  • 15. Animaps for Business
  • 16. Methods or Process of Practice
    • News reporters
      • weather patterns
      • recreate flight paths of tragedies
  • 17. Animaps in News
  • 18. Methods or Process of Practice
    • Other uses
      • Tour groups
        • ex. Maps of available tours for families or groups
      • Families
        • ex. Maps of their vacation to share with friends and family
  • 19. Animaps for Personal Interest
  • 20. Results
    • Animaps:
      • Fun
      • Free
      • Can be used in a variety of ways
  • 21. How to Get Started - Tutorial Click on get started to begin creating beautiful maps for your personal or professional use.
  • 22. To begin creating your map please register using either your email or Facebook. Login using Facebook Create an account with an email address
  • 23. Type in your email address and a password and begin creating maps
  • 24. To create a new map click on the new map button on the left hand side of your screen. Next you will title your map, add the length of the trip (minutes, hours, days, months, or years), and add a description. Then click ok and you are ready to begin.
  • 25. To change settings click on settings in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Switching to advanced features to enhance your maps.
  • 26. Change your password and the default map visibility under the security tab in settings.
  • 27. Adjust the length of time your popup is displayed in popup settings.
  • 28. Marker Pick a destination on the map. Then place your marker
  • 29. Summary / Conclusion
    • Your educational, personal and professional needs for an online map tool.
    • Free and easy to use
  • 30. Summary/Conclusion
    • Accessed anywhere one has a computer and Internet connection
    • Share maps through email, web-pages, or social networking sites
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