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Published in Travel , Health & Medicine , Business
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  • 1. ookpy/1-22314184 採 草 莓 紅棗[hóng zǎo] Dates jujube 採 紅 棗
  • 2. 繞過地球到台灣
  • 3. Around the Earth to Taiwan
  • 4. 以薏苡仁紅棗為主料分別研究其液化和浸提制汁 工藝研製出口感優良風味獨特營養豐富的功能型 保健飲料。 This paper selected peral barley in shell and date as main materials studied on processing technique of liquidize and extract juice the nutritional health rich drink of special flavor and good taste were developed. 桂圓紅棗茶有改善血液迴圈、安定精神之功效。 Red dates and longan tea helps to improve blood circulation and restore body balance.
  • 5. 紅棗酒宜用4。5%的矽藻土澄清過濾Chinese jujube wine could be clarified by using4.5% diatomite to filtrate it. 紅棗就在這裡出售。風乾的棗吃起來不太甜很但 脆。半甜的棗呈現出橙色;棕黑色的棗口感很 軟,它們的糖份仿佛已經溶進了嘴裡。Red dates can be purchased here.they are dry and crunchy less sweet than the others; the semi-sweet ones have all the shades of orange; the brown and the black ones are very soft and their sugar seems to dissolve in your mouth.
  • 6. 紅棗花生乳飲料是以紅棗、花生為主要原料。紅棗為我國 特產,其營養豐富,富含糖類、蛋白質、維生素和礦物質, 能補中益氣、養血安神,具有降低血膽固醇、抑制癌細胞 增殖並促使其轉化為正常細胞的作用。 The red date peanut milk beverage takes red date peanut as main raw material.the red date is an our country special product its nourishment is abundant enriching to contain sugar protein vitamin and the mineral quality can repair medium benefit spirit keep blood to tranquilize the nerves have blood cholesterol of lower repress the cancer cell to propagate and urge its conversion as the function of the normal cell.
  • 7. 另外,孩子還是喝鮮牛奶比較好,貧血的話,超 市有肝泥賣,吃飯時給他加點,或給他煮點紅棗 稀飯,直接煮紅棗也行。 Additional the child still drinks bright milk to had been compared anaemic word the supermarket has liver mud to sell the point is increased to him when having a meal or boil bit of red jujube congee to him boil red jujube to also go directly.
  • 8. 紅棗食府 苗栗縣 電話: (037)224688 住址: 苗栗縣公館鄉福基村3鄰45號(臺6線23.8公里) 營業時間:週一至週日AM11:00-PM8:00 (休息時段PM2:00-PM5:00) 餐廳特色:本店是以紅棗為主,研發料理養生風味餐,標榜「輕食好主意、 輕盈心主張」的概念,讓男女老少都讚不絕口,養生料理不再是阿公阿媽的 專利。身入公館,豈能不飽食而回,嘗美食,豈能遺漏紅棗食府,談養生, 豈能不嚐嚐紅棗創意美食。 商品販售:紅棗醋、紅棗地瓜酥、稻香客家米食、紅棗蜜餞、黑糖蕃薯、菜 餔、紅棗香腸、紅棗茶。 推薦好菜:棗不到豆腐、紅棗香腸、梅汁魚片、紅棗翡翠雞、紅棗白鶴靈芝 雞湯。
  • 9. 高劑量紅棗黃酮粗品比單一蘆丁的作用明顯。 The high dosage jujuba mill flavonoids effect more significantly than single rutin. 紅棗赤豆,溫補氣血。 Chinese dates and red beans can warm and nourish qi and blood. 公館鄉農會: 五穀文化村: 百茶文化園:
  • 10. More: 雄獅旅行社 02-8793-9000 美國洛杉磯 626.569.9238 加拿大溫哥華列文治 604.231.7331