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Filing Your Tax Return Made Easy
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Filing Your Tax Return Made Easy


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Filing your tax return can seem daunting! But, it doesn't have to be! Find out how to do it quickly and easily.

Filing your tax return can seem daunting! But, it doesn't have to be! Find out how to do it quickly and easily.

Published in: Economy & Finance

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  • 1. Filing Your Tax Return Made Easy With Cook Martin Poulson, P.C.
  • 2. TAX ORGANIZER Begin preparing for your taxes by filling out the tax organizer that will be mailed to you. This organizer contains all the information we need to prepare your tax return. It is vital to complete the organizer so we’ll have all the information necessary to ensure you are getting all of the deductions you are allowed, such as the birth of a child or educational expense credits. In addition, all tax forms must be included such as W2(s), 1099(s), 1098(s), K-1(s), etc.
  • 3. GATHERING YOUR TAX INFORMATION We ask that you send your tax information to CMP at least 1 week prior to your appointment. This allows your tax preparer time to input your information before your meeting and will give you more time to review the return together and to answer any additional questions.
  • 4. ENGAGEMENT LETTER The engagement letter will be included in the packet. This is an agreement between you and CMP that defines what we, as your tax professionals, are responsible for and what you, as the client, are responsible for. Before we can start work on your tax return we will need the agreement signed and returned to us.
  • 5. REVIEW At the end of your tax appointment, your tax professional will advise you of your refund or amount due. Keep in mind that the return still has to go through the review process and the amount of your refund or amount due may change. If you mail your information in or drop it off, your tax professional will either call or email you, whichever you prefer, once the return has been completed.
  • 6. SHAREHOLDER REVIEW Once your return has been prepared, your return will be reviewed by a CMP shareholder. The shareholder review is a quality control process we use in an effort to ensure accuracy and that we have utilized every tax benefit available to you.
  • 7. E-FILING YOUR RETURN Once your return has been reviewed, our support staff will contact you and have you sign IRS form 8879. The IRS requires your signature and that of your spouse, if you are married, in order for us to electronically file the return on your behalf. Please make sure we have the best phone number or email address to contact you to take care of this process quickly. We take a team approach to preparing your tax return at CMP and appreciate your timely response. Generally, electronically filed tax returns are submitted and accepted by the IRS and State agencies within several days.
  • 8. ASSEMBLY Following IRS acceptance, your copy of the tax return will be assembled. Your tax return will include a letter from a firm shareholder outlining the services we provided, specific filing instructions, payment vouchers if applicable, and the information you provided to prepare your return. We will also include the invoice for the tax services provided. We require payment when your tax return is picked up or mailed. Service charges will begin to be applied after 30 days.
  • 9. EXTENSIONS AND FILING DEADLINES New this year, we are unable to file an extension on behalf of you or your business(s) without receiving your permission prior to the filing deadline. If you plan to extend, please contact CMP before the filing deadline or an extension will NOT be filed. Corporation Deadline is March 15, 2013 Individual, Partnership and Trust Deadline is April 15, 2013