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The first and complete, STRAIGHTFORWARD skin & Body line for HER & for HIM Based on Honey & Propolis! …

The first and complete, STRAIGHTFORWARD skin & Body line for HER & for HIM Based on Honey & Propolis!

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  • 2. Based on centuries of natural beauty wisdom INFUSED WITH HONEY & PROPOLIS
  • 3. one that adapts to your life style
  • 4. Hey Honey, what’s the buzz • A complete line for Her & Him • Infused with high performance, powerful natural superfoods ingredients such as: Honey, Bee Pollen and Propolis and other. • Minimum applications with FAST and noticeable results. • Products that looks beautiful, smell wonderful and perform like no other! • PARABEN & S.L.S Free
  • 5. Hey Honey, the media LOVES us! For full national printed media, TV and blogs, please visit: www.heyhoney.com
  • 6. REANGE OVER VIEW BODY Hand Care Hand On Propolis Hands Repair Cream $15.00 Body Care Love Your Body $27.00 Honey & Propolis Lotion Take Your Time $29.00 Sweet Honey & Shea-Butter On & On $29.00 Cream to Oil Endless Body Massage Foot Care Walk the Walk $23.00 Propolis Foot & Heel Repair Cream SKINCARE FACIAL TREATMENT Facial Cleanse / tone Don’t Miss A spot (Dry Skin) $25.00 Honey Cleansing Foam Don’t Miss A Spot (Normal/Oily) $25.00 Propolis Cleansing Foam Facial Moisturise Boost It Up! Moisturiser $38.00 Honey Infused Relax moisturizer $38.00 Healing Propolis Cream Comfort Me $38.00 Soothing Honey Lotion Open Your Eyes $35.00 Bundles Perfect Acne Solution $69.00 Dry Skin Duet $69.00 Come Clean Duet $42.00 Take It Off Duet $76.00 Facial Treatment Take It Off! $35.00 Exfoliating Honey Peel Off Mask. Come Clean $23.00 Propolis & Minerals Scrub Good Morning $41.00 Honey Silk Serum Good Night $39.00 Royal Honey Gel & Coenzyme Q10 911- Rapid Skin Relief $44.00 With Propolis Gel
  • 7. FACIAL CLEANSERS Don’t Miss A Spot! ( Normal/Dry) Honey Cleansing Foam 4.2 oz. 125ml $25.00 This soft, cleansing mousse expands into a velvety lather that moisturizes and purifies the skin. Perfect for use every day on normal to dry skin types. Don’t Miss A Spot! ( Normal/Oily) Propolis Cleansing Foam 4.2 oz. 125ml $25.00 Made entirely from sustainable and naturally derived ingredient Antiseptic and antibacterial properties that renew damaged skin cells. This cleansing foam is specifically designed to gently exfoliate and purify oily and combination skin without over-drying.
  • 8. FACIAL MOISTURE Boost It Up! Honey Rich Moisturizer 1.7 oz. 50ml $38.00 Boost it up is a luxurious facial cream that can be used by itself and also to boost the effectiveness of our Hey Honey good morning and good night serums. Get naturally healthy and more radiant skin day or night with this enriching moisturizer Relax! Soothing Propolis Cream 2.2 oz. 70ml $38.00 Relaxes, Heals & Moisturizes irritated skin and calms redness and scaly skin. Ideal for calming redness in the T- zone. This Soothing Propolis & Honey Cream is formulated with naturally derived ingredients to moisturize and protect delicate, oily and combination skin types.
  • 9. FACIAL MOISTURE Comfort Me Soothing Honey Moisturizer 1.7 oz. 50ml $38.00 A calming facial moisturizer ideal for pampering delicate oily or combination skin. Gently absorbs excess oil leaving the skin calm and level with an elegant matte appearance. Open Your Eyes Eye Contour Lifting Fluid 0.5 oz. 15ml $35.00 Wake up your eyes and minimize the appearance of fine lines in an instant with this super light firming gel. open your eyes is designed to reduce puffiness, hydrate and tighten the skin around the eyes upon application for a visibly lifted effect.
  • 10. FACIAL TREATMENT Good Morning Honey Silk Serum 1.0 oz. 30ml $41.00 A luxurious silky fluid serum that softens, and replenishes the skin providing an immediate smoothing effect with an elegant glow. Excellent under makeup or protective day or night creams. Good Night Royal Honey Gel & Coenzyme Q10 1.0 oz. 30ml $39.00 This soft, cleansing mousse expands into a velvety lather that moisturizes and purifies the skin. Perfect for use every day on normal to dry skin types.
  • 11. FACIAL TREATMENT Take It Off! Exfoliating Honey Peel Off Mask 1.7 oz. 50ml $35.00 Instantly renews skin, leaving it refreshed and clean after only a few minutes. This gel mask helps promote a smooth and clear complexion for a post facial feeling. Take It OFF is quick and easy to use, so exfoliating you can feel beautifully refreshed, radiant and ready to go in just a few minutes Come Clean Facial Scrub with Propolis & Minerals 2.2 oz. 70ml $23.00 Evens skin and clear away blackheads and dead skin cells This rich, deep cleansing facial exfoliating scrub with Propolis contains crystalline beads that readily dissolve during regular use and can be used for all skin types. It leaves skin clear, even and smooth. .
  • 12. FACIAL TREATMENT 911 Propolis Pro Gel Instant Relief –Soothes & Calms Skin Irritation 1.0 oz. 30ml $44.00 Instant repair skin damage for face and body. Made with Propolis, “nature’s best kept secret from the bee-hive”, 911 Pro Gel will soothe, calm heal and purify your skin. A concentrated Propolis gel combined with purifying herbal components. This soothing relief gel truly does it all.
  • 13. FACIAL BUNDELS Come Clean Duet Take it Off! Duet Perfect ACNE Solution Dry Skin Duet
  • 14. HANDS & FEET Hands On Honey & Propolis Hand Cream 2.2 oz. 70ml $15.00 This intensely moisturizing Hand & Elbow cream is formulated with Propolis, Honey Extract, Dead Sea minerals and Knot-weed Extract to protect and soften the skin. Regular use will leave your hands soft, smooth and ready for the day. WALK the WALK Propolis Foot Cream 4.0 oz. 113ml $23.00 Take care of the feet that carry you around with this super effective foot balm. Soften, protect and refresh your feet and repair your cracked heels ,so you are ready for whatever the day brings.
  • 15. BODY TREATMENT LOVE your Body Honey Body Lotion 8.0 oz. 236ml $27.00 Moisturize and maintain skin hygienic conditions with healing Propolis & honey extracts. Pamper your skin with this luxurious honey and Shea butter body cream. Soften and replenish moisture to the skin while achieving a natural glow.
  • 16. BODY TREATMENT Take Your Time Sweet Body Butter 4.0 oz. 113ml $29.00 This luscious body cream is designed with honey and natural butters to hydrate and revitalize dry skin. With the addition of anti-oxidants and amino acids, Take Your Time will leave your skin soft, silky and radiant. On & On (Cream to Oil) Endless Body Massage 4.0 oz. 113ml $29.00 Our delectable blend of premium oils, moisturizing honey extracts and botanicals is formulated to outlast your massage. Applied like a cream, this endless treatment quickly melts into an oil as you rub it on, leaving skin hydrated and silky smooth.
  • 17. The Team Behind HEY HONEY Katy Yoffe-Larden –Creator Nisso Larden- Co-Founder Formerly Founders WEBSENSE Group, A large Digital Advertising agency group. During 15 years of creation and innovation, Katy & Nisso won countless rewards for International brand development, advertising strategies & Online creative management . Some of the beauty & fashion brands the Lardens’ were involved with: Yes To Carrots. (Yes To Group) ESCADA . BOSS . CLARINS ESTEE LAUDER MAC CHRISTINA AGUILERA LACOSTE AND MANY OTHERS…
  • 18. Hey Honey “Call ME! “…. 1-855-33-HONEY WWW.HEYHONEY.COM Katy Yoffe/ katy@heyhoney.com Nisso Larden /nisso@heyhoney.com