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Genre research alt rock
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Genre research alt rock


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  • 1. Genre ResearchAlternative Rock
  • 2. • Alternative rock is a genre of rock music that came around in the 1980‟s underground scene . Original bands such as The Smiths and the Cure made mainstream success as Alt rock bands. It has become a lot more popular between 1990 and present . Big bands such as Blink-182, Coldplay and foo Fighters are classed as alternative rock has influences from rock and punk rockIntroduction
  • 3. • The main generic themes of this genre is that the bands try to stay out of mainstream limelight. They usual have a drummer, bassist , guitarist and lead vocal set-up.Generic Themes
  • 4. • This is the era that alternative rock came around. The British underground music scene was a key player in this genre of music. Bands such as the Smiths and the cure made success in this era and have gone on to influence bands that are around at the moment. Bands usually signed to independent record labels and tried to stay out of mainstream limelight. A few songs came out like the smiths “the boys with thorn on his side” and the cure‟s “boys don‟t cry”1980’s Britain
  • 5. • Music had shifted form punk rock to alternative rock .It yet again started in the American underground music scene. Bands signed to independent record labels like bands in England. They yet again tried to stay out of the limelight . Bands such as R.E.M and the Feelies were American alternative bands that made it into mainstream charts. The most successful of these two would be R.E.M who continued for at last another 10 years.1980’s U.S.A
  • 6. • The alternative scene began to get a lot more popular with bands coming into the limelight. Bands such us as nirvana hade huge hits with bands such as nirvana making huge a commercial break with the song “smells like teen spirit” from the album Nevermind. These bands hade a huge impact on the genres image and reputation. A lot more people began to get interested in alternative rock.1990’s
  • 7. • A few trends began to develop in this era. Bands such as Oasis, Blur and Pulp all began to be known as Britpop bands. Some of these bands are still around and some band members have started other groups. Blur recently have been awarded a Brit for it contribution to music over the years .These bands were mainly big bands and got a lot of success. Other trends such as grunge influenced bands such as pearl jam.1990’s Continued
  • 8. This genre of music has declined in recent years. Bandssuch as oasis, blur began to fade away from the limelightand not many bands came along to take their spot. A fewexceptions such as Coldplay and Radiohead have made itduring this period. Bands such as Coldplay are still makingmainstream success. But not as many alternative bands astheir used be.1990’s-Present
  • 9. One of the originalAlternative rock bands.They began in 1982 andthey came from Manchester.The band was formed on therelationship between SteveMorrissey on vocals,Johnny Marrs on guitar.Andy Rourke was on Bassand Mike Joyce was the such as “Please Please Please”andbands drummer. “Shelia take bow”. The band stoppedThey are consider they most in 1987 but are still influencing bandsimportant alternative rock at the moment with their style ofband of the 1980‟s in music.Britain. They wrote songsThe Smiths
  • 10. Rapid Eye Movement or R.E.M for short are a band that began in 1980‟s in Athens, Georgia. Michael Stipe started the band with guitarist Peter Buck, bassist Mike Mills and drummer Bill Berry. They were originally a underground band that became famous after their debut album of Murmur. In the early 1990 they got into mainstream music with bands such as nirvana making the genre increasingly popular. They continued to make music thought-out the 1990‟s as released 3 more albums and went on world tour. they continued making music in the 2000‟s and were introduced into the rock and roll hall of fame in 2007. the band finally split in 2011 as they announced it on their official website. The bands style was mid-tempo and minorR.E.M keyed.
  • 11. Oasis are another major band in this genre of music. They began in 1991 inManchester. It hade five members and two of them were brothers. They havereleased 11 albums which 8 went to number one in the album chart. In total andhave believed to have sold over 70 million records and have hade 8 number 1‟s.They have one over 30 award that consist of Brit Award, NME awards andMTV Europe music They are one of the bands that have been associated with Britpop. Other bands such as Pulp and Blur also fall into this type of music. They often made the newspaper headlines with their wild life style and sibling dispute. They split in 2009 one of the brothers left and began his own career as with Beady eye and then Noel Gallagher high flying birds. They have influenced bands such as Arctic Monkeys and The EnemyOasis
  • 12. Nirvana are another band that had a hugeinput into this genre. Kurt Kobain, DaveGrohl and Krist Novoselic are the bandsmembers . They formed in 1987 whichthey released one album with aindependent record label. They stayedquit unknown and until they releasedtheir second album Nevermind. Thisalbum gained huge success with the leadsingle being „Smells like Teen Spirit‟.This album is of the most influentialalbum of the alternative rock scene. Thevocalist is Kurt Kobain was called the“spokesman of a generation”. They Unfortunately the lead singerreleased their third album “ In Utero” Kurt Kobain died in 1994.which gained some success but never a remaining members tried to carrycommercial success as “ Nevermind.” on the legacy. Dave Grohl found success elsewhere In foo fighters.Nirvana
  • 13. Foo fighters are another exampleof a successful alternative rockband. It started as a one manproject started by David Grohlafter the collapse of nirvana afterthe death ok Kurt Kobain. Theoriginal band set up was DaveGrohl, Nate Mendel, WilliamGoldsmith and Pat Smear.Goldsmith and Smear then leftand then Taylor Hawkins andFranz Stahl joined the team.They have continued to releasealbums until present day.Foo Fighters
  • 14. Coldplay are a very successful alternative rock band. Formed in 1996 by leadvocalist Chris Martin and Lead Guitarist Johnny Buckland. Guy Berryman andwill champion joined the band later. They released three singles until they weresigned by Parlophone record. They achieved worldwide success when theyreleased the single “yellow” they went on to released their first album in thatyear. They then released three more albums that all received positive press. They have received many awards including Brits and Grammies. They have also contributed to many charities such as Teenage cancer trust and performed at live aid.Coldplay
  • 15. Some examples of lead guitarist in some key alternative rock bandsJohnny Greenwood Peter Burke Noel Gallagher Radiohead R.E.M OasisGuitar
  • 16. Some key bands BassistsGuy Berryman Nate Mendal Andy Rourke Coldplay Foo Fighters The SmithsBass
  • 17. Some notable alternative rock band drummers Dave Grohl Jason Cooper Matt Helders Foo Fighters/ The Cure Arctic Monkeys NirvanaDrums
  • 18. The front man of the group Some famous vocalistsLiam Gallagher Chris Martin Steven Morrissey Oasis Coldplay The SmithsVocal
  • 19. Album Artwork
  • 20. • The album artwork for the bands are often quite artistic and differentAlbum Artwork