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This is a short tour of our product, Dunegrass.

This is a short tour of our product, Dunegrass.

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  • 1. delivering analytics over the last mile of BI PRODUCT TOUR Dunegrass is developed by the team at Profista. Check out profista.com or email info@profista.com for more information. 1
  • 2. There is a gap in the last mile of BI DATA BUSINESS SOURCES PEOPLE LAST MILE OF BI GAP BUSINESS ANALYSTS This gap is filled with $40 billion worth of business analysts* * Source: bls.gov => 500,000+ business analysts in U.S. at an average annual salary of $80k 2
  • 3. Dunegrass is a tool to close the gap FEATURES CONCEPTUAL MODEL Overview Share pages that drive collaborative analysis Metrics SHARING Pages Analyze data with interactive charts and tables Sharing PAGES Benefits Unified data model across many data sources METRICS 3
  • 4. Metrics deliver a unified data store Overview Revenue Metrics Margin Utilization Pages Productivity METRICS Sharing LIBRARY ... Benefits Mix and store multiple data sources in the metrics library. Create your own personal data store with a unified model across all data. 4
  • 5. Pages enable visual analysis of data Overview Metrics Pages Sharing Benefits Pages tell you how well you are performing against important metrics. Click on any chart or table to drilldown to a more detailed page. 5
  • 6. Sharing enables collaborative analysis Overview Email pages as a pdf report with EMAIL comments or questions. Metrics Download pages in a pdf report for offline access or printing. Pages DOWNLOAD Ask a question, make a statement, and Sharing get answers by commenting on a page. COMMENTS Benefits Sharing enables collaborative analysis. Interact with colleagues to discuss metrics found on pages and reports. 6
  • 7. The benefits of Dunegrass Overview BETTER Team-based analytics results in greater DECISIONS understanding and better decisions. Metrics UNIFIED Internal and external data is kept in one DATA place, making it easy to find and use. Pages SELF- Business people can manage the BI SERVICE stack themselves, without delays from IT Sharing Benefits delivering analytics over the last mile of BI 7
  • 8. Thanks for taking a look! Visit us at profista.com or email us at info@profista.com delivering analytics over the last mile of BI 8