HHRP substantial amendment


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Substantial Amendment to Cook Counfy's Consolidated Plan 2008 Action Plan
for the Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program (HPRP)

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HHRP substantial amendment

  1. 1. OMB Approval Number: 2506-0180 (Expiration Datei 9/3 0 /2009) Substantial Amendment to Cook Counfys Consolidated Plan 2008 Action Plan for the Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program (HPRP) Grantees eligible to receive funds under the Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re- Housing Program (HPRP) are required to complete a substantial amendrnent to their Consolidated Plan 2008 Action Plan. This form sets forth the required format for this substantial amendment. A completed form is due to HUD within 60 days of the publication of the HUD HPRP notice. To aid grantees in meeting this submission deadline, the HPRP Notice reduces the requirement for a 30-day public comrhent period to no less than 12 calendar days for this substantial amendment. With this exception, HPRP grantees are required to follow their Consolidated Planzs cittzenparticipation process, including consultation wittr the Continuum of Care (CoC) in the appropnatejurisdiction(s). Grantees are also required to coordinate HPRP activities with the CoCs strategies for homeless prevention and ending homelessness. To maximize transparency, HUD strongly recommends that each grantee post its substantial amendment materials on the grantees official website as the materials are developed. A complete submission contains the following three documents: 1) A signed and dated SF-424, 2) A completed form HUD-40119 (this form), and 3) Signed and dated General Consolidated Plan and HPRP certifications. For additional information regarding the HPRP program, visit the HUD Homelessness Resource Exchange (www.hudhlgj!&). This site will be regularly updated to include IIPRP resources developed by HUD and its technical assistance providers. The information collection requirements contained in this application have been submitted to the Office of, Management and Budget (OlvtB) for review under the Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995 (44 U.S.C. 3501- 3520). This agency may not collect this infor,mation, and you are not required to complete this form, unless it displays a currently valid OMB control number. Information is submitted in accordance with the regulatory øuthority contained in each progrqm rule. The i4formationwill be used to rate øpplications, determine eligibility, and estoblish grant amounts. Public reporting burden for this collection of information is estimated to be 16 hours, including the time for reviewing insfructions, searching existing data sources, gathering and maintaining the data needed, and cornpleting and reviewing the collection of information. This information is required to obtain benefits. Tothe extent that any information collected is of a confidential nature, there will be compliance wÍth PrivacyAct requirements. However, the substantial amendment to the Consolidated Plan 2008 Action Plan does notrequest the submission of such information.Warning: HUD will prosecute false claims and statements. Conviction may result in criminal and/or civilpenalties. (18 U.S.C. 1001, 1010, l0l2;31U.S.C. 3729,3802) HUD-40119
  2. 2. Substantial Amendment to Cook Countys Consolidated Plan 2008 Action Plan for the Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program (HPRP) .4.. General Information Grantee Name Cook Countv Board of Commissioners Name of Entity or Department Cook County Planning and Development Administering Funds TIPRP Contact Person Gloria Mullons (person to answer questions about this amendment and HPRP) Title Planner Address Line I 69 W. Washington Address Line2 Suite 2900 Cify, State,Zip Cod,e Chicago, IL Telephone 312-603-1006 Fax 3tL603-9856 Email Address gmullons@cookcountygov.com Authorized Official Todd H. Stroger (if different from Contact Person) Title President, Cook County Board of Commissioners Address Line I Attention: Bruce Washington & Maurice S. JonesAddress Line2 69 W. V/ashington, Floor 29City, State,Zip Coile Chicago, IL 6A602Telephone 3n-6A3-1073Fax 3t2-603-9732Email ^{ddress mrj ones@cookcountygov.comWeb Address where this Form is www.co.cook.i[.usPostedAmount Grantee is Eligible fo Receive* $4,121,046Amount Grantee is Requesting s4,121,046*Amounts are available at http://www.hud.sov/recovery/homelesspreventrecov.xls HUD-40119
  3. 3. Substantial Amendment to Cook Countys Consolidated PIan 2008 Action Plan for the Homelessness Prevenfion and Rapid Re-Housing Program (HPRP) B. Citizen Participation and Public Comment 1. Briefly describe how the grantee followed its citizen participation plan regarding this proposed substantial amendment (limit 250 words). Response: Notice will be made available to encourage participation from citizens of suburban Cook County via Cook Countys website. Cook County will also post Notice in the Chicago Sun-Times newspaper to be published for general circulation throughout Cook County and the State of Illinois in said newspapers. Cook County will also make the Notice available for public review and comment in the following public libraries: Arlington Heights Public Library, Banington Area Library, Bellwood Public Library, Berwyn Public Library, LaGrange Public Library, LaGrange Park Public Library, Lemont Public Library, Matteson Public Library, Midlothian Public Library, Oak Park Public Library, Orland Fark Public Library, Park Ridge Public Library, South Holland Public Lifuary and the Winnetka Public Library. ,1 2. Provide the appropriate response regarding this substantial amendment by checking one of the following options: I Grantee did not receive public comments. I Grantee received and accepted all public comments. I Grantee received public comments and did not accept one or more of the comments. Cook Counfy wiII make notations to this section, when the information becomes available. 3. Provide a swnmary of the public comments regarding this substantial amendment. Include a sununary of any comments or views not accepted and the reasons for non-acceptance. Response: cook county will summarizetheinformation as it becomes available.C. Distribution and Administration- of FundsRerninder: The HPRP grant will be made by means of a grant agreement executed by FIUDand the grarrtee. The three-year deadline to expend funds begins when HUD signs the grantagreement. Grantees should ensure that sufficient plaruring is in place to begin to expendfunds shortly after gtantagreement. HUD-40119
  4. 4. Substantial Amendment to Cook Countys Consolidated Plan 2008 Action Plan for the Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program (HPRP) l. Check the process(es) that the grantee plans to use to select subgrantees. Note that a subgrantee is defined as the orgarlzation to which the grantee provides HPRP funds. ffi Competitive Process I Formula Allocation X Other (Specify: Dirçct Allocarion See #3. below for further explanation. 2. Briefly describe the process(es) indicated in question I above (limit 250 words). Response: Cook County intends to make grant awards to subrecipents through an R-FP Process. However, Cook County also reserves the right to make direct grants to current subrecipients of ESG, CDBG and or HOME funds, independent of and outside of the RFP process. 3. Briefly describe the process the grantee plans to use, once HUD signs the grant agreement, to allocate funds available to subgrantees by September 30, 2009, as required by the HPRP Notice (limit 250 words). Response: Cook County will use an RFP process for the purposes of identiffing and selecting subrecipients. Cook County may elect to award funds directly to one or more of Cook County existing subgrantees, independent of the RFP Process. Additionally, Cook County may utilize a portion of the HPRP funds to administer one or more of the eligible activities in-house. Cook County plans to have all subrecipient agreements executed by September 18, 2009. 4. Describe the grantees plan for ensuring the effective and timely use of HPRP grant funds on eligible activities, as outlined in the HPRP Notice. Include a description of how the grantee plans to oversee and monitor the adr,ninistration and use of its own HPRP funds, as well as those used by its subgrantees (limit 500 words). Response: With the exception of the five percent (5%) reservation of administrative costs, Cook County plans to provide grants to subrecipients for the remaining portion of the HPRP grant funds. Notwithstanding foregoing provision, Cook County reserves the right to perform one or more of the eligible activities in- house. Cook County has traditionally funded subrecipients through its Emergency Shelter Grants Program and the CDBG. Cook County believes that it has an adequate pool of agencies and other resources within Cook County to discuss use of the HPRP grant funds. Cook County plans to have various meetings with existing and potential parhrers throughout the County, to ensure effective and timely use of the HPRP grturLt ñ¡nds. Cook County has also taken steps towards creating a centralized communications network, to help connect subrecipients and Program beneficiaries with HPRP grant funds. Cook County will designate both4 HUD-40119
  5. 5. Substantial Amendment to Cook Countyos Consolidated Plan 2008 Action Plan for the Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program (HPRP) administrative and accounting staff to oversee and monitor the administration and use of its own HPRP funds. Additionally, Cook County, plans to integrate the HPRP into its existing process, which includes a data base management system to monitor Program activity and reporting.D. Collaboration 1. Briefly describe how the grantee plans to collaborate with the local agencies that can serve similar target populations, which received funds under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 from other Federal agencies, including the U.S. Departments of Education, Health and Human Services, Horneland Security, and Labor (limit 250 words). Response: Cook County will continue to work with the homelessness prevention community, other participating jwisdictions as well as other local agencies to ensure an effective use of the grant funds. Cook County has been in discussions with the legal community, the Continuum(s) of Care, and other grantees. Cook County has been strategizing with these groups for the best use of the HPRP grant funds. Additionally, Cook Countys Department of Planning and Development has been working with other intergovenmental agencies of Cook County (i.e., the Presidents Office of Employment and Training, etc.). Through these internal and external collaborations, we will be able to maximize the use of the FIPRP grant funds and avoid duplication of services. A key issue that continues to surface around homelessness prevention is the need to have a centralized method of communication to facilitate the flow of information and serviees to Progtam beneficiaries. Cook Counfj believes that a Homelessness Prevention Call Center will address this need. Cook County plans to utilize a portion of the HPRP firnds to establish a Call Center for homclessness prevention within the five regional areas of suburban Cook County. The Program will benefit eligible IIPRP beneficiaries. Call Center workers will be able to quickly ¿Nsess the needs of Program beneficiaries, make referrals and transfer calls to the appropriate agencies (governmental, non-profit, etc.). Through a centralized point of communication, Cook County will enable the efficient channeling of resources to Program beneficiaries for the prevention of homelessness. Cook County plans to have the Call Center operational by October 15, 2009. 2. Briefly describe how the grantee plans to collaborate with appropriate Continuum(s) of Care and mainstream resources regarding HPRP activities (limit 250 words). Response: Cook County has and will participate in comrnunity discussions with the Continuum(s) of Care and mainstream resorrces regarding HPRP activities. Cook County has already begun a dialog with such groups. On March 23,2009, members of the Cook County staff attended an initial HPRP meeting, hosted by the HUD-40119
  6. 6. Substantial Amendment to Cook Countys Consolidated Plan 2008 Action PIan for the Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program (HPRP) City of Chicago. The meeting, facilitated by HUD and the Corporation for Supportive Housing, included a discussion of the HPRP guidelines. On April 9, 2009, members of the Cook County staff attended a subsequent HPRP meeting. The meeting, hosted.by the City of Berwyn, was attended by various non-profit groups, member of the Continuum(s) of Care, and other Entitlement community representatives. Cook County will build upon its existing relationships with the Continuum(s) of Care, and will work to link the existing homelessness prevention network with other communitv resources. 3. Briefly describe how HPRP grant funds for financial assistance and housing relocation/stabilizationservices will be used in amarTnet that is consistent with the grantees Consolidated Plan (limit 250 words). Response: Cook Countys Consolidated and Annual Action Plan identifies three key objectives: (l)to ensure decent and affordable housing; (2) to end homelessness in suburban Cook County; and (3) to establish and maintain a suitable living environment for its citizens and expand economic opportunities. Cook County will utilize the FI?RP funds to expand existing services related to financial assistance and relocation/stabilization services. Cook County will be able to increase the level and types (rent, utilities, moving expenses, security deposits, storage fees, emergency shelter, etc.) of financial assistance to families, through subsidies. Additionally, Cook County will utilize the funds to provide grants to subrecipients in order to ensure that the necessary wraparound services are provided to Program beneficiaries. The additional funding will also be utilized to enable intensive case management, credit repair, legal assistance, mitigation, housing search and placement, outreach and engagement (including the creation of a rapid response system), as well as any other activity allowable under the HPRP.E. Estimated Budget SummaryHUD requires the grantee to complete the following table so that participants in the cltizenparticipatioR prooess may see the grantees preliminary estimated amounts for variousHPRP activities. Enter the estimated budget amounts for each activity in the appropriatecolumn and row. The grantee will be required to report actual amounts in subsequentreporting.HPRP Estimated Budget Summary Homelessness Rapid Re- Total Amount Prevention housing BudgetedFinancial Assistancel s800,000 $1,200,000 $2,000,000Housing Relocation and 8854,471 s 854,471 s|,708,942Stabilization Services2Subtotal s1,654,471 s2,054,471 s3,708,942 HUD-40119
  7. 7. Substantial Amendment to Cook Count5rs Consolidated Plan 2008 Action Plan for the Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program (HPRP) (add previous two rows) Data Collection and Evaluation3 $ 206,052.00 Administration (up to 5Yo of allocation) $ 206,052.00 Total HPRP Amount Budgeteda $4,121,046.00 rFinancial assistance includes the following activities as detailed in the HPRP Notice: short-term rental assisûance, medium-term rental assistance, security deposits, utility deposits, utility payments, moving cost assistance, and motel or hotel vouchers.2Housing relocation and stabilization services include the following activities as detailed in the FIPRP Notice: case management, outreach, housing search and placement, legal Services, mediation, and credit repair.3Data collection and evaluation includes costs associated with operating HUD-approved homeless management information systems for purposes of collecting undupticated counts of homeless persons andanalyzing patterns of use of HPRP funds.aThis amount must match the amount entered in the cell on the table in Section A titled"Amount Grantee is Requesting." HUD-40119
  8. 8. Substantial A.mendment to Cook Counú¡rs Consolidated PIan 2008 Action PIan for the Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing program (HPRP) F. .A.uthorized Sisnaúure By signing this applicatioÍ I ceftiry (l) to the statements conained in the list of certifications and Q) that the st¿tements herein are true, complete, and accurate to the best of 1r knowledge. I also provide the required assurances andìgree to comply with any resulting terms if I accept an award. I am aware that any false, fictitious, or fraudulent statemenfs or claims may subject me to criminal, civil, or administrative penalties. (U.S. Code, Title 218, Section l00l fllSígnaf ure./,Aufhorizn.dOffictaj 4/ 28/200q DatePresident of Cook County Board of ConmissionersTitle Ht-ÏD-40119
  9. 9. OMB Number:4040-0004 Expiration Date: 01/3 l/2009 Application for Federal Assistance SF-424 * 1. Type of Submission: 2. Type of Application: lf Revis¡on, select appropriate lette(s): Preapplication I ttew . Other (Specify) Application n Cont¡nuation Chan ged/Corrected Application ! Revision 3. Date Rece¡ved: 808 -rJN- r_7 - 00l- 5b. Federal Award ldent¡f¡er: 6. Date Received by State: 7. State Appl¡câtion ldent¡fier: Cook Count Board of Comrnissioners * b. EmployerÆaxpayer ldent¡ficalion Number (ElNiTlN): 36-6006541 o07884302 . Slreet 1: 69 West on Street 2: * CitY: 808 -UC- 17- 00r. County: * State: Province: Country: USA: UNITED STATES. Zip / Postal Code: Division Name:Department of Planning and Development Bureau of Capital, Planníng & Facilities Managementf. Name and contact ¡nformat¡on of person to be contacted on matters ¡nvolv¡ng th¡s appl¡cation: * F¡rst Name:Pref¡x: I MâIrrì aê ¡Middle Name: S.. Lest Name: ,JonesSuffix: FaxNumber: f-tur, . ----1 "*-rr=, mri ones@cookcount . com
  10. 10. OMB Number:4040-0004 Exoirat¡on Date: 0ll31i2009 Application for Federal Assistance SF424 9. Type of Applicant I - Select Appticant Type: B- Type of Applicânt 2- Select Applicant Type: Type of Applicant 3- Select Applicânt Type: rtment of 1 and Urban De I l. Catalog of Federal Domestic Ass¡stence Number: L+-Za I Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing program (HpRp) * 12. Fund¡ng Opportuntty Number: t ïtle: 13. Compet¡tion ldent¡f¡cat¡on Numbe¡:Title:14. Areas Affected by Project (Cities, Counties, Stetes, etc.):" 15. Descriptive Title ofApplicant.s project:Cook County HpRp: Homelessness Prevention & Rapid - Rehousing Program as definedunder Title XII of the American Recoverv & Reinvestment Act of 2009 (RecoveryAct) .
  11. 11. OMB Number:4040-0004 Exoiration Date: 01 I31l2OOg Application for Federal Assistance S,F424 16. Congressional D¡str¡cts Of: *a.Applicant 1 through l-1 & 13 b. Prograrn/Project 1 Èhrough L1 & 13 Attâch an addit¡onal list of prograrn/project Congressional Distr¡cts if needed. 17. Proposed Project: *a.starrDate: lìñ;oot * a. Federal * b. Applicant * c. State - d. Local * e. Other f. Progrem lncome g. TOTAL l_ 19. ls Appl¡cation subject to Rev¡ew By state under Execut¡ve order 12372 process? a. This application was made evailable to the State under the Execiltive Order 12322 process for r."u¡.* onl------l b. Program is subject to E.o. 12372bu| has not been selected by the state for fev¡ew. c. Progrem is not covered by E-O. 12372. . 20. ls the Appt¡cant Del¡nquent on Any Federal Debt? (if yes", provlde explanat¡on.) 21. *By sign¡ng th¡s appl¡cat¡on, I certrT (ll to the statements conta¡ned ¡n füe l¡st of certif¡cat¡ons- and (2) that the statements herein are true, complete and accurate to the best of my knowtedge, I also prov¡de the required assuiances *and agree to comply w¡th any resutting terms ¡f I accept an award. I am aware that any false, fict¡tious, or fraudulent statements or claims may subject me to cr¡m¡naf, c¡vll, or admin¡strative penalt¡es. (u.s. code, Titie 2lg, section lool) * The list of cert¡ficat¡ons and assurErnces, or en intemet site where you may obtain th¡s list, ¡s contained in the ennouncement or agency spec¡fic instruclions. Prefix: Middle Name: H. Last Name: st Suffx: r rd of s]-oners 372) 603- 4/28/2009Author¡zed for Local Reproduction Standard Fom 424 (Revised 1ol2o05) Prescribed by OMB Circular A-1 02
  12. 12. OMB Number:4040-0004 Expiration Date: 01i31/2009Application for Federal Assistance 5F424 Version 02* Applicant Federal Debt Del¡nquency Explanat¡onThe following field should contain an explanation if the Applicant organization is delinquent on any Federal Debt. Maximum number ofcharacters that can be entered is 4,000. Try and avo¡d extra spaces and can¡age retums to maxim¡ze the availability of space.
  13. 13. I{omelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program (IIPRP) Certifications The HPRP Grantee certifies that: .Consolidated Plan - It is following a current tlUD-approved Consolidated Plan or CHAS. Consisúency with FIan - The housing activities to be undertaken ryift IIPRP funds are consistent with the stategic plan. - Coa.fideatialÍ ty, Itwill develop and implemenf procedures to ensure: (I) The confidentiality of records perfaining to any individual provided wifh assistanoe; ffiO*u, the address or location of,any assisted housing will not be rnade public, except to the extcnt that this pro,hibition contradicts a preexisting privacy policy of the grant€q Discharge Policy - A eertifioation tl.nt the State or jurisdiction has establishd a policy for tl,re discharge ofpersons from publicly fuuded institlrtions or systenrs of,ca¡e (such as health care åcilities,, fostcr car€ or other )¿ouih.facilitics,or corrcction prograrru and institutions) inorder to preve.nt such diseharge fro¡.n immediately resulting in homelessness for such per:sons. EnÆS- It wilt comply with IdUDs standards forparticipation in a local Itrorneless Management I¡¡for¡nation Syster,n and t&e collection ærd reporting of client-level inforr¡ration. 4/28/2009Signæure/AuÉro¡izd Otrtcial DatePres ident of - Gook jpUn_ty Boa_rd of-Comís s íonersrirlé
  14. 14. GENERAL CERTTFTCATIONS FOR STATE OR LOCAL GOVERNMENT FOR TTTE IIOMELESSNESS PREVENTION AND RAPID RE-HOUSING PROGRAM (TIPRP) In accordance with the applicable statutes and the regulations goveming the consolidated plan regulations, the st¿te, territory, or local government certifies that: Affirmatively Further Fair Housing The state, territory, or local government will - affirmatively furttrer fair housing, which means it will conduct an analysis of impediments to fair housing choice within the jurisdiction or state, take appropriate actions to overcome the effects ofany irnpediments identified through that analysis, uuà mai-ntain records reflecting that analysis andactions in this re$ard.Drug-Free Workplace -- It wilt or will continue to provide a drug-ftee worþlace by: 1. Publishing a súatement noti$ing employees that the unlawful r,nanufacture, distribution, dispensing, possession, or u,se of a controlled substance is prohibited i¡r the grantees worþlace and specifying fhe actions that will be taken against employees for violation of such prohibition; 2. Esf¿blishing an ongoing dnrg-fiee awareness pxograÌrr to inforrn employees about: (Ð The dangers of drug abuse in the worþlace; (b} The grantees polioy of,maintaining a drug-free worþlace; (c) Any available drug counseling, rehabilitatisn,and eu,rplope assistance programs; and (d) The penalties that may be imposed upon ernployees for drug abuse violations occurring in the workplace; 3. ìfaking it a requirenrent tha.t each employee to be engaged in the perfonnance of the grant be given a copy of the statement required Uy paragrapnl; 4- Notifring the ernployee in úhe statement required by -pragraph I that,as a condition of enrp,loyrnent under the granf the employee will _ (a) Abide by the terms of úhe staternent; arld (b) Notit the employær in writing of his orþer conviction for a violation of a criminal drug stahrte ooatuiîä$ ín ttrè worlþlace nolater tñan five calendar days after strch conviction;5- Notiffing the agency in writirrg, within ten calendar days after receivi,ng notice under subparagraph 4(b) ftom an enrployee or otherwisu receir.ing actual nofiee of sueh conviction. Ernployers of,convicted employees nrustprovide notice, inolud,ing position titXe, to every grant offroer or other designee on whose grant activity thc convicted enrptroyee was working unless the Federal agenoy has ãesigna,ted acentral point fbr the receipt of sueh notices. Notice shall include the identi,fication nur,nbe(s) of each affeoted grant;6- Taking one of the following aotions, within 30 calendør days ofreceiving notice under suöparagraph 4(bù with respect to any emproyee who is so convicted - (a) Taking appropriate persormel action against sueh an employee, up to and including termination, consistent with the requirements of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973,as ar-nended; or
  15. 15. . (b) Requiring such ernployee to participate satisfactorily in a drug abuse assistance or rehabilitation program approved for such purposes by a Federat, state, or local health, law enforcement, or other appropriate ug"à"g 7 Making a good faiftr effort to continue to rnaint¿in a dr,ug-free worþlace though implementation ofparagraphs l, 2, 3,4, 5 and 6. Ánti-Lobbying - To the best of the state, territory, or local govenunenfs knowledge and belief: 1. No Federal appropriated funds have been paid or will be paid, by or on behalf of i! to any person for influencing or attempting to influence an officèr or enrployee of any a5ency, a Member of Congress, an officer or employee of Congress, or an .*ployæ of aMember of Congress in connection with tAe awarCing of anypederal conûacÇ the rnaking of any Fede¡¿l 8rant, the rnaking of any Federal io*, thr entcringinto ofany cooperafive agreeneenÇ and the extensior4 continuation, renewal, amendrnenÇ or modificøtion of,any Federatr eontract, gænt, loa4 orcooperative agreer,ncnfi 2. Ifatty funds other than Federal appropriated, fi¡nds havc been paid or will bo paid to any person f,or inûuencing or attempting to influenoe ar officer or ernptoyee of any agency; a fufenúcr of Congr,ess, au officcr or ãrnptoyee of Congress, or an of a Member of Congress in co¡noction with th,is Federal ðontract, grã"t, Iã-, or"*ploy". cooporative agreeme,nt, it wifl oornplete and submít St¿adard Forr¡r-LLL, .Disclosr¡¡e Forrn to R.pn* Lobbying" in aeco¡dance with its inshuctions; and 3. It wilt require ürat the language of pa,ragrapûs I and Z ef tÌris certification be included in tIæ award docurnents for atrt subawards a,t àtt Cro (including subcontracß, subgr,ants, and contracts unde,r granß, loans, and cooperative agre€Erents) and th¿t all subrooipients shatl eertify and displose accordingty. Autåorify of Incal Governm,enÇ Sú¡te, or Terrttory The submission of the eonsolidated plan is autho,rized,turder state law aad loeel law (as applicaille]aûd - tho jurisdiction or state possossos tegøl auÉhori.fy úo carq¡r out tre pfag¡a¡ns under tlhe consolidat"d pfr" for which it is seeking the fundthg, in aocordar,rce with apptrioable- HUD r,egula,tions. Cons*steney wtúh Plan -- The hotrsing activities to be und,m¡aken with FIPRF ftrnds a¡e consisûent $/iÉrfu sfrategic plan. Sectisn 3 -- It will comply, with section 3 of the Hou*ing aurd {.Irban DeveloBment Act of 1968, and implernenting regulatious at2,f CFR part 1 35. 4 /28 1 2009 Signatwiel Autlrorized Offi eial DatePresídent of Cook County Böard of CommissíonersTí,tlc
  16. 16. APPENDIX TO CERTIFICATIONS INSTRUCTIONS CONCERNING LOBBYING AND DRUG-FREE WORKPLACE REQUIREMENTS :A. Lobbying Certification This certification is a material representation of fact upon which reliance was placed when this transaction was made or entered into. Submission of this certification is a prerequisigfor making or enteringinto this tr¿nsacfion imposed by section L3L,tttle 31, U.S. Code. Any person whõ fails to file the required certification shall be subject to a civil penalty of not less ttran $t0,0OO and not more than $100,000 for each such failu¡e.B. ÐruÊr-FreeWorþlace Certification l- By signing and/or submitting this application or grant agreement, the grantee is providíng the ce¡fification. 2. certification is a material representatioil of, faat upon urhieh reliance is placed when the agency Thæ awards the grant. If,it is l¿ter deterrnined that the grantee knowingly rendered a false certification, or otherwise violates the requirernents of the Drug-Free Worþlace Acl HUD, in addition to any oúer remedies av¿ilable to the Federal Govemrnent,uray takeaction authorized under the Drug-Free üorþlace Act. 3. Work?laces under grants, for grantees other than individuals, need not be identified oIl the certification. If knowrU they may be identified in the gr,aat applicatior,r. If the granæe does not ideartiS tåe workplaces at the time of apptication, or upon aw.ar{ if there is no applicatioq the grantee must keep the identþ of the worþlace(s) on file in its ofüoe and nrake the infor,matisn av¿ilsble for Federal inspection. Faih¡re to identi$ all known worþtaces constitr¡tes a violationof the gralrtees drug-free woiþlace reqtriromenb. 4. Worþace identifications rnust include the acn¡al ad&ess of buildings (or parfs of buildings) or other sites where work under the grant takes pl acø. Cate1oúcal descriptions may be used (c.g., atrl veåicles ofa mass hansit authority or State highway departnrent while inoperatior¡ State enrployees in each Iocal unemploynrent of,fice, performers ia eonoert halls or radio stations). 5. If the worþlace identified to the agency char,rges during the perfor,mance of the grant, the gr,antee shall infon:n the ageney of the change(s), ifit præviousþ i¿ent¡nø the worlçlaces in questioa (see palagraph three). 6- The Grantee rna¡r insert in the space provided below the site(s) for the perforrrance of work done irl eonnecfion with the speei^fic grant: Place ofPerforrnance (ftreet address, city, county, s¡¿¡s, -ip eode) 69 IIest Washingtorr Suite 2900 ChÍcago,, Illinois 60642- check -* if there are worþlaces on file ttrat are not identified here The eertification with regardto the drug-free workplace is required by 24 CFR pùrtlr4,subparf F. 7. Definitions of terrns in the Nonprocuremeat Suspension and Debarment cofrrïron rule and Drtrg-Free Worþlace comrnon rule apply to this eertification. Crranteesattention is eatrled, in pártieular, to the folÍowing definitions frorn tÌrese n¡les:
  17. 17. oconholled substance" rReans a conholled substance in schedules I through V of the Controlled Substances Act (21U.S.C. BI2) andas further defined by regulation (2 I CFR t 308. t I rhrough I 308. I 5); "Conviction" means a finding of guilt (including a plea of nolo contendere) orimpos-ition of sentence, or both, by any judicial body charged with the responsibility to determine vioútions of the Federal or State criminal drug statutes; criminal drug statute" means a Federal or non-Federal cnminal süatute ínvolving the manufacture, dishibution, dispensing, use, or possession of any contolled substance; "Employee" mean.ç the employee of a grantee directþ engaged in the perfonnance of work trnder a grant, includ,ing: (i) AII "di¡èct charge" employees; (iÐ aU "indirect charge" employees unless their impaet or involvement is insignifrcant to the perfor.mance of the grant; ao¿ (i¡Ðtemplrarype.rsonnel ¡nd consultants who a¡e directly engaged in theperformanee of work under the grant alld who are oû the grantees payroll.This deûnition doee not include workers not on the pa¡noi,l of tåe grantee(e.g., volunteers; eveo if used to meet a matching requirement; oonsultangon independent conhaetors nst oa the granfeets payroll; or employees ofsubrecipiørb or subconhactors in covãred worþlaces).