2012 Cook County Government Midterm Report


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The midterm report of Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle

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2012 Cook County Government Midterm Report

  1. 1. COOK COUNTY ANNUAL REPORT 2012 Toni Preckwinkle | President Cook County Board of Commissioners$ Fiscal Responsibility Innovative Leadership Transparency & Accountability Improved Services
  2. 2. Table of ContentsWhere Has Toni Been 2A Letter from The President 3Where Has Toni Been 2Performance Management 4A Letter from The President 3Economic Development 6Performance Management 4Finance & Administration 8Economic Development 6Healthcare 10Finance & Administration 8Property & Taxation 12Healthcare 10Public Safety 14Property & Taxation 12Forest Preserve District 16Public Safety 14Forest Preserve District 16
  3. 3. Where Toni Has Been
  4. 4. A Letter from President Preckwinkle3
  5. 5. Performance Management $ Fiscal Responsibility Innovative Leadership Transparency & Accountability Improved Services what we are doing $ The Set Targets, Achieve Results (STAR) performance management program provides a forum for county agencies to work jointly to set priorities, identify opportunities, address problems, and measure performance transparently. Since its establishment the STAR Performance Management program has increased visibility into the County’s operations and generated substantial returns through increased revenue, decreased costs and improved services. STAR is a partnership of the Board of Commissioners, County Agencies, employees, and residents. All County offices and agencies report progress toward stated goals, and work together to improve performance. The efforts of each office within the County have been linked to countywide goals in the areas of public safety, healthcare, property and taxation, and economic development. Through STAR, the County has published 6 performance reports and collected monthly performance data from County agencies for the past 20 months, creating a culture of transparency and accountability. Over 70 weekly performance management review sessions of County agencies have been held since March 2011. During internal reviews with senior County leadership and the quarterly reports, agencies demonstrate successes and highlight areas for improvement. In those sessions, County leadership has identified and implemented over 300 action items. In addition, performance data provides decision makers valuable information in deciding how best to direct tax dollars. Quality performance data is important to understanding how budget decisions will impact operations and is a critical component to performance based budgeting. In total, STAR lead to over $12 million in either increased revenue or decreased costs in 2012 alone.4
  6. 6. President’s leadership team reviews the Comptroller’s performance metrics at a weekly STAR session. what’s next $The STAR program is deepening its engagement with agencies to support theuse of performance data as a management tool. The effort will include facilitatinginternal goal-setting discussions within agencies at the group and team levels, aswell as training and regular monitoring.In addition to efforts to build on and improve the use of performance data withindepartments, the performance management team seeks to improve on existingprocesses in place, including: Improving public access and visibility into STAR performance data Increasing collaboration with the Budget Department to identify cost savings and efficiency improvements Promoting a data-driven culture within Cook County focused on measurable goals and targets Increasing internal visibility into overall County performance 5
  7. 7. Economic Development $ Fiscal Responsibility Innovative Leadership Transparency & Accountability Improved Services what we are doing Redesigned the capital $ planning process to Pursue additional Reduced costs by focus on long term resources to replace consolidating leased planning; implement declining federal space into county technology to manage grants. owned facilities projects more effectively. Launched a $200 Created the Council of Created a $5 million Economic Advisors million Small Business Unincorporated Cook Financing Initiative bringing A group of more than 20 distinguished business and together a group of leading financial institutions to build Infastructure Improvement Fund civic leaders who will advise relationships with small, (UNIIF) to incentivize on how to promote minority and women-owned municipalities to fund long-term economic growth businesses doing business Infastructure within the county. with Cook County improvements. Produce daily content Developing an through blog posts, Enhance and expand electronic revenue photos, and e-newsletter strategic outreach to system that will allow highlighting Economic suburban leadership residents to purchase Development across the and municipalities. permits and pay fees County online Enacted the Formed the Land Created the City-County Workforce Partnership, Vacant Building Bank Advisory increasing the uniformity Ordinance Council which is and consistency in to eliminate blight in advising on a responsi- service delivery communities hit hardest ble, legal, & effective by the foreclosure crisis. model for a County Land Bank.6
  8. 8. Healthcare what’s nextPresident Preckwinkle cuts the ribbon on an affordable housing project in Lynwood, Illinois. Along with her is Mayor Eugene Williams and Bishop Claude Porter ofPLCCA (Proviso Leyden Council for Community Action), (left part of photo), along with others from the community who came out to celebrate this achievement. what’s next Completion of two key capital projects: Develop plan for $ Oak Forest Hospital Increase participation long-term Renovations & in the newly-created consolidation of Residential HOME Consortium, county functions to Treatment Unit and pursue reduce underused (RTU) at the Cook competitive grants space and save money County Jail Continue to provide a Use the fund to make Develop leading role in strategic investments recommendations for promoting a to improve returning vacant and collaborative and infrustructure in adandoned property strategic approach to unincorporated Cook to productive use regional growth County Expand our capacity to Implement the Building inform residents on Continue to work with and Zonings case projects, plans, public suburbs to develop management system, comments & afford- regional economic which will allow able housing through development plan residents to track their new media permits online Continuing to Expand outreach to Create a Cook streamline workforce municipalities to County Land Bank, development efforts to explain benefits of to help return vacant, increase the uniformity Vacant Building abandoned, and and consistency in Ordinance and forclosed properties service delivery encourage to productive use organization 7
  9. 9. Finance & Administration $ Fiscal Responsibility Innovative Leadership Transparency & Accountability Improved Services what we are doing Implementing a Rolled back the 1% $ Solved for over sustainable financial path Stroger sales tax $1 Billion by closing the FY2013 increase – saving budget gap with taxpayers over $440 million in budget gaps in under 2 years 99% structural solutions Launched the Cook Successfully migrated Jointly saved Cook County’s mainframe County Reorganization $39 million and Investment (CCROI) program to invest in computer to a more secure environment, to date through the reducing the risks and City-County Collaboration proven solutions that will lead to future savings or costs associated with an increased revenue unsupported computing platform Established a more Created and Launched an absence effective, efficient implemented an management program budget process that employment plan to reduce sick time and includes preliminary that will move the inappropriate leave budgeting, a hearing, live County toward through training, video streaming of Board compliance with the monitoring and better proceedings, and court appointed hiring management on-time passage monitor Implemented $10 million Streamlined the Reduced the time to in sustainability grants to M/WBE certification pay vendors who do programs such as process by implement- business with the installation of wind ing reciprocal certifica- County from 60 days turbines, energy efficient tion with the City of to 47 days windows, home Chicago and online weatherization, and filing efficient HVAC systems8
  10. 10. Healthcare what’s next Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle Presents the 2013 Executive Budget Recommendation what’s next Lowering the sales Presenting balanced $ tax increases budget Focusing on economic activity, recommendation to structural solutionswhich raises business the Board of to further reduce theincome and increases Commissioners in budget shortfall going residents spending advance of fiscal year forward power end Implement a Wide Investing in key Area Network (WAN) Integrating initiatives that refresh, which willcollaboration into the promote replace aging County’s operating innovation and infrastructure mindset long term financial throughout Cook stability County’s sophisticated computer network Continuing to Achieving Improved County implement substantial productivity throughinteractive budget compliance with the tighter personnel tools to engage federal consent oversight that will residents in the decree that governs lower personnel costs budget process county hiring and reliance on overtime Achieving prompt Becoming a leader in Increasing pay discounts by sustainability through engagement with paying vendors implementation of the minority and within 30 days Sustainability women owned through electronic Advisory Council’s firms to achieve payment methods recommendations M/WBE goals 9
  11. 11. Healthcare $ Fiscal Responsibility Innovative Leadership Transparency & Accountability Improved Services what we are doing $1.2 million $100 million $ Implemented Completed capital electronic data acquisition negotiation. software from Global More money collected $1.197 million has been Healthcare Exchange through improved identified as savings on (GHX). It will go live in revenue collection than already purchased January 2013 in FY 2011 and/or awarded capital Prepared and submitted application for 1115 Clinical Transformation Waiver Demonstration to the Patient-Centered Expedited hiring of Project CountyCare in January 2012. The waiver Medical Home (PCMH). more than 200 staff was granted 10/12 allowing Training at 5 pilot sites, positions including early enrollment of patients 44 primary care physicians eligible for Medicaid under physicians and 60 the Affordable Care Act additional staff Implementation of the Medical Event Report Developed a Labor System (MERS) software Improved patient Management product to collect , satisfaction Council that includes manage, analyze & report survey scores CCHHS and Union information on adverse Leadership events In 2012, wait times reduced by an In 2012, patients who left the Stroger Hospital 34 Days Emergency Amount of time reduced hour at Stroger Department without for outstanding claims in Hospital Emergency being seen decreased Accounts Recievable from Department to 7.9% beginning of FY 201210
  12. 12. Healthcare what’s nextCook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle & Dr. Ramanathan Raju, CEO of the Cook County Health and Hospitals Systemtour the re-development of the Oak Forest Health Center. what’s next FY 2013 supply chain $ management projected a FY 2013 physician Set a goal to resolve total supply savings of billing projected to outstanding claims $25 million, $14 million of bring in within 100 days that savings will be realized through GHX $12 million management system Enroll 115,000 members to the Completion of the Implement CountyCare plan with Oak Forest Health the assistance of the Center Ground Floor CountyCare Design/Build Community Outreach Campaign Services Renovation Project provider. A Multi-Disciplinary Develop and Developing general team meets weekly to implement an outreach principles of address and improve and education plan on engagement the Emergency the CountyCare between CCHHS and Department program Union Leadership throughout Newly renovated Oak Forest Health Behavioral health and Transform to a patient Center creates a new substance use centered home Diagnostic Imaging disorder services medical model Center that will covered under the include screening 1115 wavier mammographies 11
  13. 13. Property & Taxation $ Fiscal Responsibility Innovative Leadership Transparency & Accountability Improved Services what we are doing $ Implementing a case Mailed out property Identified management system tax bills on time for resource-sharing that will allow for the first time in opportunities by greater office 33 years efficiency in The offices in the property system Board of Review Through the STAR performance Established stakeholders management process, meetings to foster cross Institute office space stakeholders convene on office colaboration to timelines to hold a quarterly basis to make promote efficiency, employees sure tax bills are out on transparency, and accountable for time and discuss ways to improved customer on-time improve the customer service performance experience Provided 5 years of history from over 5 Cross-trained staff of County agencies to the separate property Posted foreclosure form a single Property tax agencies so they data on the Cook Tax Portal without are able to answer County Open having to surf from common taxpayer website to website to questions about the Data Portal determining what is entire system. owed and paid. Implemented online Improved online filing property tax appeals of appeals to allow Allocated additional to provide greater residents to resources to ensure access for taxpayers by pre-register before speedy completion of The Board of Review. opening a township tax appeals process12
  14. 14. Healthcare what’s nextCook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle’s Chief of Staff GA Finch and Cook County Treasurer Maria Pappas hold a late meeting. what’s next $ Stakeholders are Once implemented the Offices will continue meeting on a quarterly case management to deepen their basis to make sure that system will allow for collaboration by tax bills go out on time quicker processing of looking at ways to again this year property tax appeals cross-train staff. The Board of Review Increased data will continue to Reviewing data earlier sharing to better encourage the in the taxation process coordinate expanded use of inter-office online filling. communication Improve the Continue working to Developing a plan for customer experience automate property cross-office auditing online and tax information functions to improve accuracy Consolidate The County is Develop an cross-office taxation examining the inter-office training process Frequently creation of a unified system to streamline Aasked Questions customer call tax preparation from across offices center into one list 13
  15. 15. Public Safety $ Fiscal Responsibility Innovative Leadership Transparency & Accountability Improved Services what we are doing Awarded $ Adoption & Child $400,000 Adopted new Custody Advocacy standards for grants (ACCA) has worked to management in grant dollars for ensure cases are including a policy and Anti-Violence and processed in a timely procedures manual Recidivism Reduction manner grants Launched the Community Anti-violence and Funded Safer Held community Restoration Effort Foundation support forums to build a (CARE) in for the Public shared agenda collaboration with the Defenders efforts to Mayor’s office to reduce reduce bonds violence and stabilize communities Supported collaborative efforts Helped communities with all justice Sought data to explain measure the real impact stakeholders to reduce increasing length of of detention the population of the pretrial jail stays Juvenile Temporary Detention Center Launched Co-chairing effort to Committed to $1 cross-sector Bond Court study and provide state million matching began implementing identification to court grant to support Sheriffs recommendations involved citizens. alternatives with serivces.14
  16. 16. Healthcare what’s nextCook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle and Chief Judge Timothy Evans joined the Honorable George N. Leighton and his familyon Friday, June 29th for the renaming and dedication ceremony at the Cook County Criminal Court Building.. what’s next Dedicate $2 million $ Broadening the pool Work to build of applicants for collaborative efforts to in grants for non-profit Anti-violence and tackle the increasing organizations for Recidivism Reduction cost of detention and violence prevention, grants. trial delay intervention & reduction programs Work to obtain Continued project technical assistance for Explore street level management of CARE community based diversion to reduce initiatives and support for organizations to build costs community-based community support leadership teams Targeted timeframes will be reviewed Continue tracking to Creating an automated quarterly and determine impact of phone system in both discussed with diversion programs on English and Spanish to management to reducing court determine how best to manage and direct involvement calls more efficiently improve and enhance production Continue to explore Further reducing jail more cost effective Provide more population through housing services to community-based expansion of alternatives support alternatives to alternatives to to dentention dentention for pre-trial detention for adults detainees 15
  17. 17. Forest Preserve District $ Fiscal Responsibility Innovative Leadership Transparency & Accountability Improved Services what we are doing Secured Raised more than $110 million $4.4 million $75,000 $ received in new project proceeds by in state and federal by supporting the refinancing and issuing funding for important Forest Preserve bonds. Saved $3 million habitat restoration, Foundation and the 1st in the 2013 operating education and outreach Annual Conservation budget projects Cup Implemented Hosted first Science & Created the first Performance Research Symposium Recreation & Management to present the scientific Campground Master measures to critically and academic work Plan. Upated the Land evaluate District done by FPDCC and Acquisition Master finances, programs partnership organizai- Plan and operations tons Expanded public Implemented participation through Posted quarterly performance focus groups, web-based desk audit updates evaluation for all surveys, webinars and on the website employees outreach events requirements Used new media tools Produced the to increase resident Expanded youth monthly awareness and opportunities e-newsletter engagement, through internships, including a public “The Forest job training, and photo contest run through Flickr and Way” programing Facebook16
  18. 18. Healthcare what’s nextForest Preserve District of Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle joins General Superintendent Arnold Randall, Sand Ridge Nature Center DirectorJim Carpenter, and volunteers at the ribbon-cutting for the Nature Center’s newly-renovated pioneer living cabins. what’s next Work with Forest Preserve Foundation to expand $ Generate funding capacity by supporting through a creation of Update user fees for efforts in strategic sponsorship and permits, special events, planning, board Giving/Tribute golfing & field rentals development & programs establishment of an Endowment Fund Develop and implement a strategic centennial Design a Habitat plan to increase public Create the Next Restoration Master Plan engagement and Century Conservation for approximately reestablish our role as a leader and innovator in Plan with Openlands and Metropolis 55,000 conservation, environmental educaiton Strategies acres & outdoor recreation Establish a Land Provide transparent Steward Advisory Achieve full budgeting with actual compliance with the Committee & and budgeted item Centennial Shakman decree reports Commission Enhance Launch a Green Team communication efforts Introduce a to evaluate through web videos & streamlined permit sustainability policies diversification of system and implement best programming at nature practices centers 17