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  1. 1. Conway 1Austin ConwayMs. BennettBritish Literature9 September 2011 Evolution of Gaming The history of computer gaming goes back to the early 1950’s. It has then expanded intothe most popular form of entertainment around the country; becoming a huge, successfulindustry. Gaming has evolved in many ways; including many different gaming consoles, avariety of different controllers, and the complexity of the games. A. S. Douglas created the firstdocumented video game (“Interactive timeline of game history.”) called “Noughts and Crosses”.It ran on the big computer in Cambridge University called “Electronic Delay Storage AutomaticCalculator” (“Interactive timeline of game history.”). The creation “Noughts and Crosses” ofstarted a trend for many people to start learning how to develop new and improved games. Thenext game to come out for the computer was “Tennis for Two”. It was created by the man whohelped build the first Atomic Bomb, William A. Higginbotham “A History of Video GameConsoles.”). Four years later, Steven Russel, created “Space War”. This game became thebiggest hit of all time. It spread quickly around the country to universities and research facilities(“The best and worst video games of all time.”). A video game console did not come out until1972. It was called the “Odyssey”, which was created by Magnavox. The Odyssey played twelvedifferent games, one including Ping Pong (“A History of Video Game Consoles.”). The onlydownside to this system was that it only worked on Magnavox televisions. The evolution ofgaming is the backbone to the entertainment industry.
  2. 2. Conway 2 With such a huge variety of gaming consoles at the current time, game and consolecreatures such as; Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo, have been able to meet everyone’s needs andparticular interests. Fulfilling everyone’s needs is very difficult, considering that the UnitedStates is the second most populated country in the world. Nintendo came out with the NES(Nintendo Entertainment System) and developed the most popular game in the country called“Super Mario Brothers”. Later they came out with the SNES (Super Nintendo EntertainmentSystem), which gave better graphics and more intricate game play. The games available for thisnew system were much better than the games for the NES because the cartridges used could holdmore data and had better technology that allowed them to reach a greater graphic level.Therefore, the games could be longer and more interesting to play. Sony then entered the gaming industry and started a competition with Nintendo. Sonycame out with the PlayStation, which is the first of many. The PlayStation was designed to beable to read a CD and it enabled you to play whatever game you put in that was made by Sony.The GameCube was a significant mile marker in the gaming industry. After this event, it becamea race to see who could come up with the best system. Sony set the bar high with their muchimproved graphics and the immense amount of gameplay the CD offered, so Nintendo came outwith the “GameCube”. This was a complete failure for Nintendo because it was not better thanthe PlayStation and no one bothered to buy one. The only difference was the controller, the sizeof the CD used, and the name. Even though Nintendo had suffered from the creation of theGameCube, they were still alive with their Gameboys being so popular. Sense the success of thePlayStation 1, Sony hurried to complete their next system. They came out with the PlayStation 2,which offered DVD capabilities, and better graphics. Even though this the PlayStation 2 had theexact same controller as the PlayStation 1, people still loved everything about it and continued to
  3. 3. Conway 3buy the PlayStation 2 instead of the GameCube. Sony was very successful with their gamingconsoles and gave people everywhere the entertainment they needed.
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