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It is a common misconception that only brands with well-publicized history of goof-ups require online reputation management. This presentation, by Muzzammil Bambot, will tell you why each & every brand on this planet needs to take initiative & protect its own reputation on the web. The democratic nature of the internet makes brands vulnerable to public relations gaffes leading to a huge loss in brand image. Muzzammil tells us how digital reputation protection will help you not only protect your brand online, but also start a healthy conversation with your potential customers, in the process strengthening its value.

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  • Online Reputation Management is a currently booming industry. With the Internet growing at such a rapid pace, it becomes inevitable that there will be a lot of negative chatter floating out there. All this can be a potentially cause loss of revenue if not acted swiftly. Through this presentation we give you the basic difference between reputation management then and now. We also cover some basic aspects of <a href="" title="Online Reputation Management">Online Reputation Management</a>and provide you with some key pointers that are necessary from any ORM campaign perspective.
  • What can be done to counter Negative Perception?
  • Reputation Management was basically done through PR(Public Relations) before the advent of the Internet.
  • Post the Internet boom, Public Relations needs another kind of specialist.
  • An Online Reputation Management specialist to counter negativity and boost positivity online.
  • ORM is the art of creating, maintaining & promoting positivity online. We need to understand that user forms an impression of the brand the instant he reads some content about the brand. So it also becomes important for us to keep Google search results for our brand – clean. Here comes in <a href="" title="search engine reputation management">search engine reputation management</a>.
  • Now that I know where all to focus and promote positivity; Let us understand as to How? Do we go about promoting this positivity!
  • This is the basic idea/concept that people have about ORM – Listen, Engage, Control. But wait! There is more to this!!!
  • The summary of the entire presentation.
  • Online Reputation Management - Why-What-How

    1. 1. With the Advent of Time The Internet and the WORLD WIDE WEB are formed 1990 - Search Engines are Born 1998 -
    2. 2. For any Company/ Individual or BrandORM is the Art of • Creating • Maintaining • & Promoting Positivity Online!!
    3. 3. Positivity !!
    4. 4. Positivity on SERPs (Search Engine Results) Brand Perception is Enhanced & Maintained
    5. 5. Positivity on SocialPlatforms Positivity on Social Platforms
    6. 6. Positivity on News Platforms Positivity on Social Platforms
    7. 7. Positivity on Industry Niche Websites
    8. 8. Positivity on Local Listings / Profile Websites
    9. 9. Positivity on Wikipedia and Associates
    10. 10. Positivity within Google Auto-Suggest
    11. 11. How
    12. 12. ORM : What the World Thinks ! Analysis & Monitoring ENGAGE CONTROLContributing Positive Content Promoting Positive Content
    13. 13. ORM : What it Actually Is !!
    14. 14. Why to Create & Interlink Destinations ?
    15. 15. Who are the Influencers ?
    16. 16. How to Influence the Influencer ? Vivid
    17. 17. Be Socially Active !!! – At Least Online  Facebook SlideShare LinkedIn Create Social Profiles YouTube MySpace
    18. 18. Share Domain Knowledge –> Through Various Blogs…..and Many More
    19. 19. Create and Publish Lucid Content –> In the Niche
    20. 20. Create Business Listings -> Online
    21. 21. Final Step: Integration -> Linking
    22. 22. Summary