Amazing Optimization Tips for your Blog Section


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Check out this presentation made by Priyam Srivastava on how to optimize the Blog Section of a website for better visibility on search engines. Follow these simple SEO tips to enhance user engagement and conversions on your site.

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Amazing Optimization Tips for your Blog Section

  1. 1. Blog Optimization PRIME By- Priyam Srivastava
  2. 2. Blogging is one of the best ways of content marketing today. It is a great medium for brands to educate their customers and solve their pain points through informative and engaging content. Our mission is to Optimize the Blog Section of a website for Search Engines and increase traffic to important pages.
  3. 3. Blog Page Layout On Page Optimization Authorship Markup Images & Videos Content Ideas Do’s & Don’ts
  4. 4. Top Navigation Social Media Sharing and Subscription buttons Blog Categories Search this website… Popular Posts Archives Footer Blog 1 Title • Short Description of Blog 1 Blog 2 Title • Short Description of Blog 2 Blog 3 Title • Short Description of Blog 3 Shown below is a mock-up for the main blog page of a website - Heading Call To Action Button (Conversion Element)
  5. 5. Call to Action Button (CTA) One must never forget the main business objective of their website. A prominent CTA button to the conversion element of your website (say Contact Us, Request a Quote etc.) should be present on every blog page. Social Media Sharing and Subscription buttons Social media sharing options (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.) are extremely important to widen the reach of your content. Readers must also be given an option to subscribe to your blog via email or RSS Feed. Categories Listing down the various themes under which your content has been categorized is recommended from a usability perspective. It helps readers to reach to their topic of interest easily. Call To Action Button (Conversion Element) Social Media Sharing and Subscription buttons Blog Categories
  6. 6. Popular Posts In order to enhance user engagement, you must showcase your top blog posts. These may be content pieces which received good response on the Social front or the ones you wish to promote more than others. Archives This should be incorporated to provide an easy path to reach to your older blogs. Month wise segregation is the most popular and recommended way for Archives. This provides an entry point to all the blogs that were posted in a particular month. Readers’ Comments This feature should be present on all the individual blog pages. Also, it is extremely critical to moderate all the comments to avoid any irrelevant/spam content. Popular Posts Archives
  7. 7. First and foremost, optimize the following on-page elements to target your keywords – • Metadata (Description and Keywords) Description should be a short summary of the blog with instances of appropriate keywords • Headers • Internal Linking • URL – Static, Precise and Keyword Rich Make sure your blog title is EYE CATCHING and has the focus keyword!
  8. 8. Authorship markup is the method to display authorship information in search results for the content you create. It helps your blog to standout on the SERP and thus increase the Click Through Rate. It is recommended to have Author profile pages on your website rather than posting content with just the brand name. Google allows you to link your content on a specific domain to your Google+ profile. Click on the button below to know more. Blog with Authorship markup on the SERP Google Authorship Markup
  9. 9. “We cannot face the enemy with bare hands. Weapons like Images, Infographics, Presentations and Videos are a must to win this battle.” - IronHide (Weapon Specialist)
  10. 10. Plain textual content is just not enough for your blog to go viral. Adding Images and Infographics can significantly improve user engagement on your website. They must also be optimized for search engines for better visibility on the web. Humans process images 60,000 times faster than text! Click to know more about Image Optimization. Image Optimization Tips
  11. 11. Adding a related and engaging video along with your textual blog content can be your special weapon, giving you an edge over conventional bloggers and widening the reach of your content. Video blogs often combine embedded video (or a video link) with supporting text, images, and other metadata. Just like videos, syndicating a presentation with a blog is also a good way to improve its presence on the web. Platforms like Slideshare and Authorstream provide an option of directly embedding the presentations hosted on them. Videos and Presentations must be optimized for search engines by adding keyword rich description, transcripts, annotations etc. Click to learn more about Video Optimization Video Optimization Tips
  12. 12. • Be aware of the latest developments in your industry to identify new content opportunities • Analyze your competitors which outperform you on Search Engines to identify their content strategy • Set up Google alerts for your priority keywords to find out what is being said about your key term across the web. Learn more about • Stay updated with all the top forums (Quora, LinkedIn) and other social sites (Facebook, Twitter) to know trending topics Google Alerts
  13. 13. Do’s Don’ts
  14. 14. Do’s • Give a link to the main blog page on every individual blog posts • Put no-follow tags on external links • Create a sectional XML Sitemap for blogs • Promote your blog on all popular social platforms related to your domain Don'ts • Forget to update your blogs on a regular basis • Ignore readers’ comments and queries • Forget to analyze metrics like page views, bounce rate etc. to measure the performance of your blogs
  15. 15. And…Our Agent Matt from Earth has a message for you… He may be smiling but he is quite serious about No Guest Blogging for links in 2014! Read the full post here
  16. 16. “You may lose your faith in blogs, but never in useful and engaging content. From here, the fight will be your own. So generate and optimize quality content to protect your world, your site.” - Blog Optimization Prime
  17. 17. In the interest of digital marketers by -