How Should Your Organize Your Social Engagement Team?


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  • Helping to deliver better level of service to our current customers with BP advice and guidance.Show future customers the way forward in social engagement.
  • We as well as industry front runners and thought leaders like GARTNER recommend forming a specialized social customer service team to sit on the front line of your social engagement hub and manage customer engagement. - Processing incoming messages- Engaging with customers- Dealing with Care issues- Sharingyour customers thoughts.
  • Marketing and communications teams are a hugely important component of the social engagement hub.They need to be closely involved to ensure:brand messaging and tone is consistentto time social updates appropriately andto support engagement more heavily when a crisis is bubbling
  • Customer insight and Research & Development teams have a huge amount to gain from social engagement.The social customer service team can feed a great deal of data into insight teams to make real business changes
  • Today I’m going to take you through how this team structure can be applied to deal with public conversations through Conversocial, using the example of summer sky café (a fictitious brand)Here you can see that public customer issues are being posted on the Summer Sky wall (specifically here questions about product availability, “do you do coffee with soya milk?”)So let’s take a look at how this can be managed in Conversocial
  • The social customer service team are central to the responding and engagement with customers. The BP advice we have seen is they are the engagers on a day to day basis.Conversocial organizes all social communication so that it can be easily processed and responded to by the social customer service team
  • Equipping customer service agents with the tools and resources to make this engagement seamless, quick and accurate is vital.A conversation history of past customer messages, anda fully audited workflowMeans that social customer service agents are in the best position to deliverpersonalized,knowledgeable responses to customersThey have access to all the information your customers need!
  • While your agents are providing this vital engagement and feedback they are also best placed to know your customer, their issues and needs. Therefore it is Conversocial BP to equip these agents with tools to help deliver the most accurate reporting and insight metrics!Within Conversocial:Tobenefit from the data available in these customer conversations, your agents should apply:tags andsentiment to messages as they are processed.Your social customer service team can un-tap more information from customers as they engage, and can improve the data you have available for analysis by adding in a few simple steps to their workflow.
  • Where a new complaint/potentially damaging statement or wider brand related issue gets discovered, often this can be located and picked out of your social sites first.The customer service team may not always be in the best position to respond to messages in the most consistent way.If we take a look at another example of the messages Summer Sky customers are posting to the public wall, you can see here that I’ve complained about the unethically sourced cocoa that I believe summer sky puts in their ice cream (as well as their poor quality coffee).This is clearly pretty critical, as not only is the customer threatening to leave, but others might too if the sensitive issue isn’t resolved.
  • Coming back to our best practice, it is best to not take this away from the agents all together but share the information round the team for feedback and development.There are several safeguards in place when you use Conversocial, to help protect your reputation. You can set up an approval workflow to check all or a proportion of agents’ outgoing messages for accuracy and tone – before they go liveYour social customer service team’s supervisor is usually the best person to review these as a first line of approval.The CS team supervisor is then best placed to know if they are going to need to involve the relevant Marketing & communications team members.
  • Using constructive criticism can help.
  • Smaller teams.The relevant members of the marketing & communication teams need to be given the opportunity to ensure issues are dealt with in line with brand guidelines.Collaboration through the tool, across different team members in the social engagement hub means that different people from different departments can be turned to for additional information to get the right response to customers. With this issue, the summer sky social customer care team could assign to Anna in the Comms team to get more information on the official stance on references of unethical sourcing before making a response.
  • Involving insights and research & development teams in reporting from social engagement is a great way to feed valuable information back into the business to take action on, not to mention being in the best position to act upon any issues from the whole company.All of this activity feeds into reports for insight teams to better understand what customers are saying on social channels. Our product feedback and brand complaint from the summer sky example can be seen here among other common customer issues. These reports should be analyzed at a granular level with data exports.
  • And your management teams should continually review and look to improve the team’s performance Soon we’ll be taking this capability to the next level with a real-time management dashboard to spot bottlenecks and emerging issues – talk to us to find out more.
  • How Should Your Organize Your Social Engagement Team?

    1. 1. What isWebinar 1: How should you organize your socialengagement team?Presenter: George Twizell
    2. 2. 2What is it all about?Helping you fill the gaps to deliverbetter customer engagementthrough Conversocial
    3. 3. 3The SocialCustomerService TeamWho’s in the social engagement hub?
    4. 4. 4Who’s in the social engagement hub?The SocialCustomerService TeamMarketing &Communications
    5. 5. 5The SocialCustomerService TeamMarketing &CommunicationsCustomerInsightWho’s in the social engagement hub?
    6. 6. 6Summer Sky Cafe’s Social Engagement TeamPublic customer questions
    7. 7. 7Social Customer ServiceSystemized workflow
    8. 8. 8Social Customer ServicePersonalized, knowledgeable responses
    9. 9. 9Social Customer ServiceCollecting and categorizingcustomer insight
    10. 10. 10Brand protection through customer engagementSome public customermessages present realrisks to your brandreputation
    11. 11. 11Brand protection through customer engagementApprove responses inline withcompany messaging
    12. 12. 12Empower agents to respond with constructive criticismBrand protection through customer engagement
    13. 13. 13Assign to the right departmentfor the right informationBrand protection through customer engagement
    14. 14. 14Customer Insight and AnalysisMeaningful customer data forinsight teams
    15. 15. 15Continually improve your team’sperformanceCustomer Insight and Analysis
    16. 16. 16How to Organize your Social Engagement Team• Structure your team with the customer at the center• Allocate specific roles to each member of the team• Prepare each team with the resources they need to do their job efficiently• Make use of customer conversations to improve your company’s offering• Work as a team not a group of departmentsTakeaways:
    17. 17. 17Any Questions?
    18. 18. What isGeorge TwizellSenior Account