Conversion Thursday Belfast 28th June 2012


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The first Conversion Thursday Beflast event was held in the MAC theatre on 28th June. This presentation was includes the introduction from Kevin McCaffrey an introduction to Conversion Optimisation and some split test examples.

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  • Version B increased completed trial submissions by 38%.This test won a Gold Ribbon in WhichTestWon’s 2012 Online Testing Awards. AwayFind conducted this test with help from Marketing Genius (See Agency Profile) using Visual Website Optimizer (See Testing Tech Profile).The winning version of this test changed the two-line headline into a one-line headline plus a sub-head and changed several words in the body copy to focus on the features of the product. This test is fabulous for people who have a lot of information to get across and should inspire you to break up a long headline with a short punchy headline and longer sub-head text.The judges liked this test because it is a reminder that if you have a lot of information to get across in a headline, perhaps you should try breaking it up into two pieces: headline & sub head. On a side note, they thought that this is a really nice layout for a landing page. The judges would like to see AwayFind test bullets against the paragraph body copy in their next test.
  • Version B got an 11% lift in paid purchases. This test won a Silver Ribbon in WhichTestWon’s 2010 Testing Awards in the Product Page Test category.Fifty-Five (see agency profile) conducted this A/B test for Milonga Music using Google Website Optimizer (see tech profile).This test is a good example of why ecommerce marketers should not assume “standard” product page layout is going to give them the most possible sales. Among the many differences between the two versions, the version that feels “calmer” in general won. It has smaller gold review stars, and no cross-sales, among other things.
  • This email A/B test was run by Proimpact7using their proprietary testing technology, on behalf of a client who asked we not reveal their brand name.The test was sent opt-in list of over 100,000, randomly split 50/50, on the same day at the same time.  Both versions shared identical subject lines, 10% off offers, and landing pages.  However, the message copy-style (and of course images) was radically different – the Rich HTML version’s ‘advertising’ style vs the text-only version’s ‘letter’ approach.A decade ago, when HTML vs text email tests were more frequent, HTML generally won.  These days, so many recipients view emails with images disabled by default, that perhaps text-only is ready for a renaissance.  Also, these days, we’re inundated with so much advertising, that a black and white letter stands out.
  • Version A increased orders by 45.5%. Orders included a form fill with banking information. This test won a Gold Ribbon in our 2009 Testing Awards in the PPC Landing Page Test category.WiderFunnel Marketing Optimization (see agency profile) used Google Website Optimizer (see tech profile) to conduct the one-time test on a PPC landing page forRudder,a free personal finance software company. Three versions of the page were tested in all.Awards judge AvinashKaushik, said “The original version of the page is pretty well optimized and clean. The calls to action are OK visible. There are brand endorsements (bottom) and the copy in the body is not too shabby either. The hardest thing to do in tests is to kill things. Or more precisely get marketers and clients to kill things.”He added, “The winning page is a lot tighter, text and images, it is much smaller (and faster – notice the original also seems to have four rotating heroes) and it simplifies the footer. It also seems from the brief that this test did the other wonderful thing I love: iterate. You don’t have to win the entire battle in one test. Start with something that HiPPO’s will let slide, test, take the winner and go back for some more.”
  • This test had no clear winner. Surprised? We were too.Design3000, a German consumer ecommerce site, ran this test with the help of QUISMA using Optimizely.This was the first test of a series to optimize the site’s product detail page. The goal of this test was to see how a navigation bar influenced conversions on the product page template across the site. This was a clean test, where the only element on the page that was changed was the navigation bar in the left-hand margin.Surprisingly there was no significant lift between the two variations, even after thousands of sales. This test should serve as a reminder that we should always test our hypotheses rather than just implement best practices. Sometimes a test that you think will have a clear winner will give you negligible results.
  • Conversion Thursday Belfast 28th June 2012

    1. 1. Password: themac1234 June 28th 2012Sponsored By
    2. 2. Format• Presentations – Kevin – Jill – Niamh & Carolyn• Group Discussion on new Cookie Law• Networking
    3. 3. #CTBelfast
    4. 4. Kevin McCaffrey
    5. 5. What Affects Conversion?• Usability • Persuasion – Website Design – Visitor Motivation – Page Structure – Understanding Objections – Forms & Funnels – Social Proof & Authority Research Web Analytics User Tracking Surveys
    6. 6. Conversion Rate Optimisation #CRO Graphic Design Website Development Copywriting Data Analysis Marketing
    7. 7. A Target£350 Million +10%
    8. 8. 1000 Visitors2.0% 20+10% +10%2.2% 22 Only another 2 People out of 980
    9. 9. 1000 Visitors
    10. 10. Split Test Examples
    11. 11. Split Testing
    12. 12. Split Testing Software
    13. 13. 38% Increase incompleted trialsubmissions
    14. 14. Lessons• Emotional Copywriting • Future Tests• Big Button with • Dark on Light Contrasting Colour • Bullet Points• Supporting Images • Images• Social Proof • Video• Authority• Commitment & Consistency
    15. 15. 11% Increase in Purchases
    16. 16. Lessons Future Tests• Big Product Images • Add More Images• Clear Call to Action • Customer Reviews• Multiple Payment Options • Video/Audio• Collect In Store • Image Zoom• Phone Number on Product Page • Free Delivery• Delivery Estimate• Customer Reviews
    17. 17. 303% Increase in Revenue
    18. 18. Conclusion• Usability• Persuasion• Set Yourself a 10% target
    19. 19. the White Paper:How You Can Increase Conversion By 20% in 10 Weeks
    20. 20. 45% Increase in Purchases
    21. 21. No Clear Winner!
    22. 22. Thank you!
    23. 23. Analyse: Quick Guess
    24. 24. Scientific Advertising• Just Salesmanship • Tell Your Full Story• Offer Service • Information• Headlines • Samples• Psychology • Test Campaigns• Being Specific • Art in Advertising