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Key Lessons From the Fusion Marketing Experience conference 2012
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Key Lessons From the Fusion Marketing Experience conference 2012


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A recap with some key takeaways from the keynotes at the Fusion Marketing Experience conference Antwerp, 2012. Created by opening and closing keynote speaker, Kristin Zhivago.

A recap with some key takeaways from the keynotes at the Fusion Marketing Experience conference Antwerp, 2012. Created by opening and closing keynote speaker, Kristin Zhivago.

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 2. RECAP KRISTIN ZHIVAGO – DAY 1 – WHAT CUSTOMERS WANT  Current customers will teach you how to sell to new customers  If you interview them the right way at the right time, YOU can change your organization – YOU can make it more customer- centric  Customers are ignoring marketing and sales and creating their own Customer Communities  Buying process has changed; marketing/sales haven’t  Anyone who doesn’t catch up fast will be beaten by competitors who get it#Fusionmex May 2, 2012 Antwerp, @KristinZhivago 2
  • 3. RECAP JIM LENSKOLD – DAY 1 – MEASURE CAMPAIGN VALUE  Companies that measure are more successful  Look for ways to measure – it’s there.  Look at the big picture, and long-term  What to measure, how to measure, when to measure, how to assess, how to improve Marketing plan > Path to Purchase > Incremental Sales; Expense > ROI < Profits#Fusionmex May 2, 2012 Antwerp, @KristinZhivago 3
  • 4. RECAP LEE ODDEN – DAY 1 – DIGITAL MARKETING INTEGRATION  People asking others for recommendations, then going to Google for validation  Tremendous amount of content being posted by customers  Basic SEO – keyword glossary, categories, SEO audit. Keywords in your content.  “Anything that can be searched on can be optimized; anything that can be found can be shared.”  What’s missing from classic SEO is customers. Optimize for their experience. Understand why they buy.  Content creators – make them responsible for socializing their content  Social media task force  Always be optimizing#Fusionmex May 2, 2012 Antwerp, @KristinZhivago 4
  • 5. RECAP BRYAN EISENBERG – DAY 1 – THINK DIFFERENTLY: STEVE JOBS  Apple stores = $4500 per square foot, BestBuy = $400  Brands: Zappos = humanistic; Apple = spontaneous; Google = deliberate; Amazon = competitive  What are you doing to make your customer the hero?  Help your customers help you  Go for perfect; tap the experts; be ruthless; shun focus groups; never stop studying; simplify; keep your secrets; keep teams small; use more carrot than stick; prototype to the extreme#Fusionmex May 2, 2012 Antwerp, @KristinZhivago 5
  • 6. RECAP JAMIE NOTTER – DAY 1 – PEOPLE-CENTRIC ORGANIZATION  Social media is not a fad  Organizations need to change for social media to work  Management has been doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. FAILING.  Social media = answer. Create, share, learn. SUCCEEDING.  Human principles: Open, generative, courageous, trustworthy  Decentralize: Who decides, speaks, acts#Fusionmex May 2, 2012 Antwerp, @KristinZhivago 6
  • 7. RECAP BRYAN EISENBERG - DAY 2 – VOICE OF CUSTOMER, WOM  Pay-per-click ads:  Words matter. Freshness matters. Always be testing.  Highlight benefits, not features  Presence of keywords  Call to action  Insert specifics  Risk mitigation / special offers  Experiment with the display URL  Formatting /ordering of key elements  Synonyms wtihin the ad  Capitalization  Outrageous (but relevant) imagery  (Look up Conversion Trinity)#Fusionmex May 2, 2012 Antwerp, @KristinZhivago 7
  • 8. RECAP BRYAN EISENBERG - DAY 2 – VOICE OF CUSTOMER, WOM  Landing pages:  Use actual words you used in the ad – can really raise conversion rates  Show them options that are truly relevant to the ad  Use badges top help people figure out what to do, emphasize a benefit  Show a specific benefit based on their location (no tax, international, etc.)  Test little things, any of which can significantly raise conversion rates  Make it a landing session  Look at conversion per impression  Use statements that mitigate the risk in your testing#Fusionmex May 2, 2012 Antwerp, @KristinZhivago 8
  • 9. RECAP LEE ODDEN – DAY 2 – CUSTOMER-CENTRIC CONTENT MKT  Must know customers, specifically – care about; how they discover content; formats, etc.  2nd-fastest SaaS vendor via optimized content, blogging, 700% increase in revenue  Content marketing – it’s not great until it’s discovered, consumed, and shared – if you have great content, set it free  Optimize for attraction, engagement, inspiration/experience  Align brand and customer needs  Monitor, refine, repeat  Buying cycle; Keywords; Social Topics; Content Type = Customer & Content Optimization  Know how you’re going to re-use the the articles  Search engines don’t buy, people do#Fusionmex May 2, 2012 Antwerp, @KristinZhivago 9
  • 10. RECAP LEE ODDEN – DAY 2 – CUSTOMER-CENTRIC CONTENT MKT  Identify topic/story  Research search and social keywords  Create an optimized social content campaign  Provide SEM, SMO guidelines to social teams  Promote via social channels, build links  Monitor social references, search traffic, and KPIs  Benchmark and dashboard reporting  SEO for video is not just about phrases, it’s about engagement (views, comments, ratings)  Use comparison tables to legitimately optimize for your competitors’ brand names  Use dedicated web pages for geo regions, models, etc.#Fusionmex May 2, 2012 Antwerp, @KristinZhivago1 0
  • 11. RECAP JIM LENSKOLD – DAY 2 - LEAD MGT, MEASUREMENT, ROI  Resource page –  Understand path to purchase – greater role in education/engagement; use content as a differentiator > increase conversion rates, increase vale per sale. Use educational post-sales to increase retention/loyalty/advocacy  Align marketing to financial outcomes – run ROI scenarios, tie back to strategy  Prioritize for high-impact measurements  Look at the marketing activity, correlate back to incremental sales  Start collecting marketing data now#Fusionmex May 2, 2012 Antwerp, @KristinZhivago1 1
  • 12. RECAP JAMIE NOTTER – DAY 2 – CHANGING ORG FROM INSIDE OUT  Behavior > Process > Culture  Social media hurdles – can be overcome, to change organizations  Organizations not collaborative  Silo wars  Some command and control is good  Create lateral collaborative networks – to discuss social media  Look for small ways to build trust – with some limits, and go from there  Innovation requires diversity  Management must have clarity to change; make sure you address emotions in your pitch; shape the path (facilitate)#Fusionmex May 2, 2012 Antwerp, @KristinZhivago1 2
  • 13. RECAP KRISTIN ZHIVAGO – DAY 2 – ROADMAP TO REVENUE  Marketing is broken. Sales was sort of broken, now it’s also really broken.  Customers are learning from each other, self-creating their own recommendation communities, making marketing and sales irrelevant.  Marketing COULD be relevant, COULD be powerful – ONLY if marketers personally know customers.  Roadmap to Revenue Method: Discover, Debate, Deploy  Interview 5 – 10 customers (of each type) on the phone  Record/transcribe/anonymize – leaders must read  Analyze/Summarize/Recommend  Brainstorming/Planning Meeting – Decide, from Customer’s perspective  Deploy – revenue will go up; marketing will be relevant again  Shift from customer predator to customer protector  WIN#Fusionmex May 2, 2012 Antwerp, @KristinZhivago1 3