Business Plan Presentation


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Business Plan Presentation

  1. 1. Business Plan WritingByContent Writings
  2. 2. Mission StatementA clear statement of your company’s long-term mission.– Try to use words that will help direct thegrowth of your company, but be as concise aspossible.
  3. 3. The TeamList CEO and key management by nameInclude previous accomplishments to showthat these are people with a record ofsuccessSummarize number of years of experiencein this field
  4. 4. Market SummaryMarket past, present, & future– Review those changes in market share,leadership, players, market shifts, costs,pricing, or competition that provide theopportunity for your company’s success.
  5. 5. OpportunitiesProblems and opportunities– State consumer problems, and define thenature of product/service opportunitiesthat are created by those problems.
  6. 6. Business ConceptSummarize the key technology, concept, orstrategy on which your business is based
  7. 7. CompetitionSummarize competitionOutline your company’s competitiveadvantage
  8. 8. Goals & ObjectivesFive-year goals– State specific, measurable objectives.– State market share objectives.– State revenue/profitability objectives.
  9. 9. Financial Plan A high-level financial plan that defines thefinancial model and the pricing assumptionsand that reviews yearly expected sales andprofits for the next three years– Use several slides to cover this materialappropriately
  10. 10. Resource RequirementsTechnology requirementsPersonnel requirementsResource requirements– Financial, distribution, promotional, etc.External requirements– Products, services, technologies that mustbe purchased outside the company
  11. 11. Risks & RewardsRisks– Summarize risks of proposed projectAddressing risks– Summarize how risks will be addressedRewards– Estimate expected pay-off, particularly ifseeking funding
  12. 12. Key IssuesNear term– Isolate key decisions and issues that needimmediate or near-term resolution.Long term– Isolate issues needing long-termresolution.– State consequences of decisionpostponement.If you are seeking funding, state specifics
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