Tropos 6310/6320 Mesh Router Quick Start Card


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Tropos 6310/6320 Mesh Router Quick Start Card

  1. 1. s Tropos 6310/6320 Mesh Router Quick Start Card Use this guide to quickly mount and connect power to the Tropos 6310 and 6320 routers. For complete installation instructions, see the Tropos Networks Mesh Router Outdoor Installation Guide Models 6310 and 6320. 1. Slide the flat portion of the clamp under the inner slot of the pole bracket. Pole bracket Clamp 2. Use the clamp to attach the pole bracket to the pole (metal pole is shown). Band goes behind inner tabs Note: See the Tropos Networks Mesh Router Outdoor Installation Guide Models 6310 and 6320 for instructions on mounting to a wood pole, wood brace, tower, or streetlight. 3. Attach the mounting bracket to the pole bracket with two supplied 10-32 x 1/2-inch machine screws, making sure that the plane of the bracket is leveled to the vertical. • Insert one screw through the to of the mounting bracket to the top of the pole bracket, as shown. • Insert the other screw through the curved slot track in the mounting bracket to the middle of the pole bracket, above the clamp slot. 5. Place the upright router on the top of the mounting bracket, as shown in the bottom figure. Secure the mounting bracket to the router by attaching supplied 10-32 x 1/2inch machine screws through the holes in the mounting bracket tabs to corresponding holes on the bottom of the router. PN 200334-01, Rev B0 1. Remove the connector cover from the bottom of the router. For power and wired network connectivity, use the LAN port, which is farther from the edge of the router than the MGT port (see bottom figure). For best results, use shielded CAT5 data cables rated for outdoor use. 2. Press the tab on the RJ45 connector down as you push the cable through the nut. Make sure that the orientation is consistent with the top figure. Pole bracket Mounting bracket 3. Separate the rubber boot as needed and slide the connector through the boot. Use the boot with the smaller diameter opening, unless the cable is too wide to permit the boot to close completely. 4. Slide the cable through the cable gland and plug the connector into the LAN port on the router. RJ45 connector Cable gland Rubber boot Nut Cable diameter range 5.5mm-9.3mm 0.22 in - 0.37 in MGT port (with connector cover) Cable gland LAN port (shows cable) Shielded outdoor cat5 cable drip loop Tighten four screws to fasten cable gland 5. Screw the cable gland onto the bottom of the router, and then slide the nut over the rubber boot and screw both tightly to the cable gland. Tighten the nut to ensure a positive water seal. The bottom figure shows the cable assembly attached to the bottom of the router. 4. Level the mounting bracket by rotating the unit along the curved slot tracks. Tighten the screws. Note: Make sure that you attach the pole bracket in the orientation shown in the top figure, with inner tab near the bottom of the bracket. Cable the Router LAN port Note: The complete Tropos documentation set is available on the Tropos support web site at A login account is required. To request a login account, send email to Copyright © 2009 Tropos Networks. All rights reserved.