Mobile & Social: The Perfect Content Marketing 1-2 Punch


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Presented by Jon Wuebben at the 2013 Marketing Profs B2B Marketing Forum

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Mobile & Social: The Perfect Content Marketing 1-2 Punch

  1. 1. Mobile & Social: The Perfect Content Marketing 1-2 Punch Jon Wuebben - CEO, ContentLaunch
  2. 2. Content Marketing is great… …but Multi-Channel content marketing is HARD! @JonWuebben
  3. 3. 71% of social media users are using mobile devices for access. Twitter and Facebook have improved and refined the user experience for mobile, making it an invaluable platform for marketers @JonWuebben
  4. 4. 40% of all Internet activity happens via mobile devices. It won’t be long before the majority of your prospects will be connecting with your company via mobile. @JonWuebben
  5. 5. Key Trends • Mobile is rewriting the rules of social media marketing! • Desktop social media is starting to fall, while mobile and tablet social media usage is increasing (CONVERGENCE) • There are differences in the ways people use smartphones and tablets for social media • Facebook marketing has become more complex, with less focus on desktop oriented brand pages and more focus on the newsfeed @JonWuebben
  6. 6. W • B
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  8. 8. @JonWuebben
  9. 9. Social Network Marketing @JonWuebben
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  11. 11. @JonWuebben
  12. 12. Content Marketing @JonWuebben
  13. 13. Understanding Context is Critical @JonWuebben
  14. 14. Twitter & Mobile Use @JonWuebben
  15. 15. Convergence of Mobile & Social • Mobile & Social are now tied together • 74% of companies called the mobile/social convergence “very beneficial” (2012 ANA/MediaVest Survey) • However 35% felt their internal organization is too siloed to take full advantage of mobile (same thing marketers felt about social media a few years ago) @JonWuebben
  16. 16. 3 Mindsets Mobile Users Have • Microtasking, when a user is engaged in short periods of intensive activity • Local, when a user seeks information about or to support them in their current context • Bored, when the user is looking for distraction, novelty or entertainment @JonWuebben
  17. 17. Mobile + Social Interaction Model Five different types of interaction to be managed: • Connecting to others • Exposure, viewing information and activity within your network • Sharing information with others • Providing feedback on shared information or on a specific topic • Communicating directly with others @JonWuebben
  18. 18. Getting the Basics Done • Make your content readable on mobile (The Fix: Responsively designed website) • Make your site feel like a mobile site – It’s all about touch, swipe, and that feeling of a full-screen, laid-back experience – Readers tend to view more pages & spend far more time with your content • Create custom, mobile-only assets – Softchoice recently put out an app that packaged all its various content assets into a single, unified reading experience. • Go for web, not native (most of the time) – Apple’s App Store is not always the best place to publish content(requires several steps for users to access it) – Go with a web app, or optimized website, instead of investing time and money on building a closed-off native app – All your SEO efforts & existing social traffic continues to contribute to your mobile visits. • Get on the hot mobile social networks: Vine & Instagram – Where is your audience hanging out on mobile? Find their favorite apps, and start entertaining, educating, and bringing your brand there (See GE’s Instagram Feed!) @JonWuebben
  19. 19. Tools & Ideas @JonWuebben
  20. 20. Mobile Tools to Improve Your Social Media Marketing • #1: Send SMS (Text) and Video Messaging With Mogreet Express • 97% of mobile subscribers read an SMS within 15 minutes of receiving it. 84% respond within 1 hour • Mogreet Express lets you create SMS (text) or video messaging campaigns to incorporate into social media – Build a database of customers who want to receive your information and offers • Promote your campaign on Facebook and Twitter. The easiest way to do this is by using language such as: “Become a Mobile VIP. Just text YOURKEYWORDHERE to 12345 • Once you’ve promoted your new SMS (text) campaign and customers begin to opt in, message them with valuable offers • Incorporate your mobile call to action throughout your social media and you extend conversations with your customers beyond Facebook or Twitter @JonWuebben
  21. 21. Mobile Tools to Improve Your Social Media Marketing • #2: Run Mobile-Friendly Facebook Contests With Heyo • Heyo makes it easy to build a contest on mobile that integrates seamlessly with Facebook • To make sure mobile users receive the best user experience, Heyo’s smart URL automatically reroutes mobile users to the right location – If users are on a desktop, they’re sent to the native Facebook tab – If they’re on a mobile device, they receive the mobile contest application • Heyo's easy-to-use dashboard lets you create beautiful pages in minutes • Heyo is the easiest way to create engaging campaigns that are social and mobile – Drive traffic, leads and sales with a Facebook contest @JonWuebben
  22. 22. Mobile Tools to Improve Your Social Media Marketing • #3: Measure the ROI of Mobile Marketing With LogMyCalls • People who search the Internet for food using their phone or tablet have nearly a 90% conversation rate • 64% of searchers with smartphones convert within one hour of their mobile search activity • One of the top converting metrics is a phone call. With such high odds of a mobile searcher clicking to call your business, tracking and measuring calls are vital • LogMyCalls gives you a full suite of tracking features to track every call generated by your mobile advertising and measure the return on your investment • When your customer is mobile and calls your tracking number from a Facebook ad, a billboard or any other mobile advertising unit, you easily identify which media outlets perform best and which convert leads to sales @JonWuebben
  23. 23. Social Media Marketing Ideas to Grow Your Business • #1: Connect With Prospects On LinkedIn Mobile • LinkedIn mobile app brings a streamlined version of the desktop site to your smartphone or other mobile device • From your LinkedIn home page, tap on your profile photo to access your profile screen to see who has viewed your profile recently • If someone has viewed your profile, it’s a good indication that they might be interested in hearing from you • With the mobile app, you can reach out to them from your phone or tablet – Tap on their profile photo and say hello to them via LinkedIn • Allowing the app to send you push notifications is a great way to stay in touch with your LinkedIn connections @JonWuebben
  24. 24. Social Media Marketing Ideas to Grow Your Business • #2: Build Your Brand on Instagram • Instagram can be used to promote your corporate brand • Dave Kerpen, CEO of Likeable Media, uses Instagram to build brand awareness by posting pictures of the Likeable foam hand at baseball games around the country • Shelly Kramer, founder of integrated marketing firm V3 uses humor to extend her brand’s personality when she shares Instagram photos with her clients • When you post images from your mobile device to Instagram it can help you form a strong connection with your audience and build a visual representation of your brand @JonWuebben
  25. 25. Social Media Marketing Ideas to Grow Your Business • #3: Use Promoted Tweets to Target Mobile Users • 55% of users who log into Twitter do so at least once using a mobile device • Reach them by using Promoted Tweets to display your tweet to users who access Twitter from a mobile device • Sprint uses promoted Tweets to capture the attention of potential customers who are using Twitter from their smartphones with a tweet that offers $100 to people who switch to Sprint as their mobile carrier • Sprint’s Promoted Tweet is surfaced only to users viewing Twitter on a mobile device • Mobile targeting on Twitter will let you tailor tweets to appeal to prospects and customers who use smartphones @JonWuebben
  26. 26. Social Media Marketing Ideas to Grow Your Business • #4: Drive Traffic to Mobile Sites With Facebook’s Promoted Posts • Unlike Facebook Ads or Sponsored Stories, which display in the right sidebar, Promoted Posts are visible to mobile users because they display in the Facebook news feed • Promoted Post can drive traffic to a landing page on your mobile website • Use Facebook’s Promoted Posts to show ads in the news feeds of mobile users • Retailers, e-commerce sites, mobile app developers and traditional businesses have all used Facebook’s native advertising to acquire new customers cost- effectively @JonWuebben
  27. 27. Social Media Marketing Ideas to Grow Your Business • #5: Use a QR Code to Increase Your Social Audience • 27% of all smartphone owners have scanned a QR code • Great way to connect with people using social media on their mobile devices • Simple technique to get more Twitter followers using QR codes: – Copy the URL and visit – Paste the URL into the QR code generator and hit Submit – You’ll have your very own QR code, which can be saved to your desktop • Add the QR code to any printed materials—business cards, brochures, posters • People who scan the QR code will be driven to your Twitter page, where they can follow you from their mobile device @JonWuebben
  28. 28. Case Study: How Intuit’s Facebook Strategy Changed @JonWuebben
  29. 29. Intuit Innovators Program: Cementing Social/Mobile Integration @JonWuebben
  30. 30. Intuit Innovators Program: Cementing Social/Mobile Integration @JonWuebben
  31. 31. Intuit Innovators Program: Cementing Social/Mobile Integration @JonWuebben
  32. 32. Intuit Innovators Program: Cementing Social/Mobile Integration @JonWuebben
  33. 33. Social Media Promotions: Best Practices • Branded apps must be configured for mobile – Apps designed for the desktop may not work • Lower the barrier to entry – Entry forms should be simple and mobile integrated • Provide options – Give users the ability to upload content or images with any device – For many brands, mobile is becoming a dominant source of content submissions @JonWuebben
  34. 34. Take Aways • Sync up mobile and social teams within the organization – Intuit and Capital One have named one executive to lead both disciplines • Create share-worthy content! (especially with video) • Consider going mobile first for social media initiatives – Smaller palette forces you to focus on what’s most important • Don’t confuse or frustrate your users – Sending users from a mobile social media campaign to a webpage that is not mobile optimized is a problem • Photo (and video) content is more important than ever • Start NOW to take advantage of the mobile migration • Think smaller with Facebook marketing – Focus on newsfeed content, imagery and ads • Mobile and Social are forever intertwined @JonWuebben
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  38. 38. Questions? @JonWuebben