4 Reasons Why SEO is a Lot Like Cooking


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How are SEOs like cooks? They need the right ingredients, the proper amounts of each ingredient, high quality ingredients, and a realization that you can’t always predict the end results.

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4 Reasons Why SEO is a Lot Like Cooking

  1. 1. 4 Reasons Why SEO Is A Lot Like Cooking
  2. 2. • As an “SEO cook,” you’re probably dealing with a lot of different ingredients! When cooking, the end result is always dependent on your ingredients, so it’s crucial to make wise decisions as you mix up your recipe.
  3. 3. 1. Choose the Right Ingredients • What are the best SEO ingredients? There are plenty of options out there, but we all know that some are better than others. As SEOs have devoted hundreds of hours to deciphering the best ways to manipulate Google, we’ve certainly come up with a few ideas that hurt us more than they help!
  4. 4. So what ingredients should you avoid? • Anything that looks contrived or has to be paid for is dangerous territory. For instance, paid blog networks and content spun for the purpose of getting links should both be left in the past. • Every single black hat trick is eventually going to get busted by Google! Instead, focus on relevant keywords, organic links, outstanding content, a speedy mobile site, and engaging guest posts, etc.
  5. 5. 2. Find a Balance • If you put in tons of salt but just a pinch of flour, your bread isn’t going to turn out well! In the same way, an inordinate amount of one type of link is going to be a red flag to Google. • Once you’ve identified which tactics you intend to use, make sure that you spread your resources to all of them instead of focusing on just one or two.
  6. 6. 3. Focus on Quality • The best way to gain visibility, traffic, and conversions is to produce a genuinely awesome site. I know, it’s easier said than done, but if you invest your time in excellent work now, you can expect a better payoff in the long run.
  7. 7. • Underhanded link building schemes may get you quick success, but you’re likely to get hit with a penalty thanks to Penguin. However, if you spend time developing awesome content, you can gain organic links through shares on social media. • Another key part of high quality ingredients is that they are fresh and current. Don’t get stuck repeating the same tired SEO tricks that were popular 5 years ago!
  8. 8. 4. Unfortunately, It May Not Work • In the unpredictable world of SEO, you can make all the right choices and still not get the product you want. Sometimes you do everything right when you’re making a soufflé or building a site, but then Google changes the rules, a competitor uses black hat tactics against you, or your strategy simply doesn’t work!
  9. 9. • The key to long-term success is flexibility. When things go wrong, an experienced SEO knows how to roll with the punches and devise a new plan. • How do you concoct the perfect SEO recipe for your business?
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