Marketing Your Business With Videos
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Marketing Your Business With Videos



How and why video marketing is the ‘only’ type of marketing that any business, small or large, needs to expand their company. So, what can video marketing do for your business?

How and why video marketing is the ‘only’ type of marketing that any business, small or large, needs to expand their company. So, what can video marketing do for your business?



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Marketing Your Business With Videos Presentation Transcript

  • 1. How to Use Online Video to Explode Your Business
    Brought to you by the creators of
    Content Buzz
    The World’s leading Video Marketing Software
  • 2. In this video I would like to explain how and why Video Marketing is the ‘ONLY’ type of marketing that any business, small or large, needs to expand their company.
  • 3. The object of any marketing campaign is to get your ‘prospects’ to find you, and then get to know, like and trust you.
  • 4. Hi, I’m Shaun Hurley
    Creator and Developer of
    Content Buzz
    The Leading Video and
    Social Media Marketing Software
  • 5. …and I want to explain to you why
    Online Video is simply the best method available to achieve your business goals.
  • 6. Once you have defined your ‘target audience’, you can create promotional material to communicate with your prospects through images, both moving and still, sound, music and text.
  • 7. So, what can Video Marketing do for your business?
  • 8. Traffic
    A well optimized video can attract visitors from not only the search engines, but also from all over the social web.
    The video sharing sites are just part of the overall Social Media do need to incorporate videos into a wider Social Marketing campaign...
  • 9. Traffic
    You can promote your videos on the Social Bookmarking sites like the Social Story sites like Digg, Propeller and StumbleUpon, the Image Sharing sites like Flickr and a multitude of other Web 2 properties for even more traffic and exposure.
  • 10. Lead Generation & List Building
    It should be your goal to create a list of prospects in your niche, not only to build a relationship with, but also to entertain and inform them. By keeping in communication with them, over time, you can offer them your own and affiliate products to keep the cash flowing in your direction.
  • 11. Sales Letters
    By creating videos for your sales pages you will convert more browsers into buyers...
    Also, you can create videos in much less time than it takes to write long sales letters.
  • 12. There are lots of other uses for video in your marketing... tutorials, testimonials, product demonstrations, the list is endless.
  • 13. But probably the greatest benefit of Online Video Marketing is for establishing your online presence, your brand, and crucially, establishing yourself as an ‘expert’ in your niche.
  • 14. So, Video marketing strategies can help you get more traffic to your web properties, help you build a list of prospects for you to build relationships with, improve the conversion rates on your sales pages and get higher search engine rankings... all at the same time!
  • 15. Online video will become THE most important and indispensable part of your sales process.
  • 16. Bottom line...if you’ve got something to say, use video to get your marketing messages seen and heard...
  • 17. I won’t kid you, and say that Video Marketing doesn’t involve some work, and that there isn’t a small learning curve. Unfortunately there is no magic wand that you can wave to attract customers and make money.
  • 18. What I can say though, is that there are tools to reduce the pain and the time involved to get your message out there. Once you have planned your video and decided on what ‘call to action’ you require, you have several options.
  • 19. You can create very effective ‘talking head’ type videos with an affordable ‘flip’ camera. You probably have tools like ‘Powerpoint’ and ‘Windows Movie Maker’ already on your computer to make excellent presentations.
  • 20. To distribute your promotional videos to the world, there are submission tools like Content Buzz.
  • 21. Content Buzz is a step-by-step system that syndicates your videos and other content to all corners of the Internet, and includes a revolutionary method of enabling you to create unlimited link building campaigns to any of your Web properties... blog posts, landing pages (whether optin or sales), articles on Ezinearticles, images on Flickr etc. etc.
  • 22. So if you want more traffic to your websites, to generate more leads and achieve top search engine rankings, please accept our offer of a Free Trial at: