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Social Media Measurement and Planning - Beyond the Like
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Social Media Measurement and Planning - Beyond the Like


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A C&M* presentation for the DMA. …

A C&M* presentation for the DMA.

What to avoid and what to focus on when it comes to Social Media measurement and planning.

Clue: it's not the 'Like'.

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. Beyond the LikeSocial Media Measurement and PlanningDMA Data Conference1st March
  • 2. What You’ll See @RogerWarner / @ContentMotion• A talk about Social Media measurement and planning• Some things to avoid • Platform trouble • Egomania • Boring trivia • Case study-ism • Wonk-ism• A sensible game plan• A call to action 2
  • 3. We Help Brands Creatively Engage with the Social Web @RogerWarner / @ContentMotion • Creative Social PR Engagement • Independently owned. Formed Jan 2009 • 15 staff and growing • 20 active clients • OTE of £1m this year • (All revenue is Social PR and majority is retained) 3
  • 4. Box Network: Founding Partner @RogerWarner / @ContentMotion • Instant international scale and coverage • Pure play social media specialist • Extensive social media experience • Expert execution: cultural and local insight • Central management model - single point of contact Italy Germany France UK Switzerland 4
  • 5. @RogerWarner / @ContentMotionA horse is measured in hands, not hoofsWhat’s the ROI of a horse..? 5
  • 6. Avoid #1: Platform Trouble - The Value of Pinterest?
  • 7. What’s the Value of Pinterest? Stop. The. Press. In case you haven’t heard, last night TechCrunch announced that Pinterest hit 11.7 million UMVs, becoming the fastest standalone site ever to surpass 10 million monthly uniques. This presents a huge opportunity for brands...7 @RogerWarner / @ContentMotion
  • 8. Pinterest: OMG!! People are spending more time on Pinterest than Google+ and LinkedIn From visual.ly8 @RogerWarner / @ContentMotion
  • 9. Pinterest: The Eye of the Beholder There are not that many people on Pinterest From visual.ly9 @RogerWarner / @ContentMotion
  • 10. Don’t Start Here (Beware the numbers game.) ...and watch out for excitable pundits.10 @RogerWarner / @ContentMotion
  • 11. It’s Getting Frothy Again A new communications platform Eyeballs Fans Amazingly exciting numbers that bear Uniques Likes no real meaning ...etc Repins without context. Platforms are huge Reblogs and very hard to measure in and of Re, rewind themselves. ...etc11 @RogerWarner / @ContentMotion
  • 12. Movable Targets @RogerWarner / @ContentMotion 12
  • 13. Five Easy Program Rules @RogerWarner / @ContentMotion 13
  • 14. Don’t Start Here (Don’t start your planning with platforms) ‘Facebook’ isn’t your goal ...even if Acme Corp is doing it.14 @RogerWarner / @ContentMotion
  • 15. Avoid #2: Egomania - The Real Value of Your Brand?
  • 16. Which of these Statements are True? @RogerWarner / @ContentMotion• Utterly Butterly provides a compelling online experience• Harley Davidson nurtures amazing brand ambassadors• TomTom sends Santa Claus around the Facebook map - engagement up by 500%• ASOS delivers more customer satisfaction each day on Twitter than M&S does by phone• Ryan Air doesn’t give a hoot about social responses• KLM does• TopMan is more engaging than Burberry• ...does the customer care as much as we do? 16
  • 17. What People Want17 @RogerWarner / @ContentMotion
  • 18. What People Want18 @RogerWarner / @ContentMotion
  • 19. What People Want19 @RogerWarner / @ContentMotion
  • 20. What People Want20 @RogerWarner / @ContentMotion
  • 21. @RogerWarner / @ContentMotionPlanning Governed by Sanity 21
  • 22. What’s it all About...? It’s all about the share (The root of all good measurement)22 @RogerWarner / @ContentMotion
  • 23. What People Will Do From ‘The Future of Sharing’ We’ll need to work harder to generate key actions in the future23 @RogerWarner / @ContentMotion
  • 24. What People Will Do From ‘The Future of Sharing’ Our analytics will also need to be smarter and more integrated with offline activities24 @RogerWarner / @ContentMotion
  • 25. Don’t Start Here(Plan around people... and people-based measures, like SHARING!) Remember, people use Social Media to communicate with people, not to communicate with brands.25 @RogerWarner / @ContentMotion
  • 26. Avoid #3: Boring Trivia - The Value of a Like
  • 27. Social Media Measurement27 @RogerWarner / @ContentMotion
  • 28. What You Can Get28 @RogerWarner / @ContentMotion
  • 29. What You Can Also Get (Very)29 @RogerWarner / @ContentMotion
  • 30. Don’t Start Here (The Like!? Don’t even go there.) It’s not nice. Makes your head hurt. And your CFO will laugh you out of the room.30 @RogerWarner / @ContentMotion
  • 31. Avoid #4: Case Study-ism
  • 32. ASOS on Facebook From @MediaCzar, StarCom MediaVest 3% of originating stories are posted by page admins 97% are posted by Fans Both sources generate approximately the same response rates from fans (1k ‘ish) The lion’s share of page admin effort is directed at fan-generated content, not brand content32 @RogerWarner / @ContentMotion
  • 33. Budweiser on Facebook From @MediaCzar, StarCom MediaVest 32% of originating stories are posted by page admins 58% are posted by Fans Brand-driven content generates a disproportionate volume of responses from Fans The lion’s share of content is fan-generated, not brand-generated33 @RogerWarner / @ContentMotion
  • 34. What People Really Do From ‘The Science of Sharing’ Search Talking Brand site Social is currently more important and influential in sectors whose products and services require less research investment and ‘involvement’ (where ‘involvement’ relates to anything from and including product knowledge, monetary value, historical buying patterns, etc)34 @RogerWarner / @ContentMotion
  • 35. What Does this Prove? (All brands are different.) It may not be wise to measure like your neighbour - and try to avoid sector envy.35 @RogerWarner / @ContentMotion
  • 36. Avoid #5: Wonk-ism
  • 37. IAB Do read this. It’s very, very good. Just not too sure about the neatness of the ‘i’, the ‘a; and the ‘b’.37 @RogerWarner / @ContentMotion
  • 38. Don’t Measure Acronyms (Don’t Measure Acronyms) Just don’t. Too contrived?38 @RogerWarner / @ContentMotion
  • 39. On Engagement ‘Engagement’ is an unworkable and meaningless concept. It means everything. And absolutely nothing. And as such it cannot possibly claim to be any kind of metric. Too many ‘engagement’ zealots take the easy path, choosing to measure what’s easy to measure, but sidestep the far harder task. They focus on intermediate measures (communication and brand responses) at the expense of hard business and purchase behaviour measures. Martin Weigel, Head of Planning, W+K Amsterdam: ‘Engagement’: Fashionable Yet Bankrupt39 @RogerWarner / @ContentMotion
  • 40. Don’t Start Here (Don’t measure engagement.) It’ll p*ss Martin off.40 @RogerWarner / @ContentMotion
  • 41. A Sensible Game Plan
  • 42. True Cost of a Fan From @MediaCzar, StarCom MediaVest (Obviously...)42 @RogerWarner / @ContentMotion
  • 43. Facebook Premium for Brands Beyond Edgerank - “Reach Generator’: Pay to ensure 75% of updates are seen by fans. Every ad will start as a news story. New premium ad format - any post can be changed to appear in newsfeed, at right hand side of page, mobile news feed, and logout page. If you’re not paying for the product, you are the product. The value of a fan is an ad unit. Welcome to the Matrix : )43 @RogerWarner / @ContentMotion
  • 44. @RogerWarner / @ContentMotionWhat’s the ROI of a horse?Speed Recreation Pulling power Paddy Power 44
  • 45. The Value of a ‘Fan’? @RogerWarner / @ContentMotion• The value of earned media they deliver (fans as message beacons)• The value of direct sales they generate (fans as DR)• The value of indirect sales they generate (fans as referral scheme)• The value of sales leads they generate (fans as CRM)• The direct effect they have on other established disciplines such as Search (fans as SEO)• The effects that being a fan have on purchase patterns (fans for lifetime value)• The value of indirect costs they reduce on the business (fans for customer service / R&D)• The reduction in service delivery costs (Facebook, etc, as media partner)• The value of brand awareness, recall, preference that they generate (fans as PR)• ...or, the relative value of a known and desired outcome - take your pick and start charting 45
  • 46. DMA Frameworks - A Disclaimer @RogerWarner / @ContentMotion• A work in progress• DMA best practise measurement frameworks forthcoming• A series of ‘off the shelf’ documents to help you to plan and measure campaign effectiveness• Organised by outcomes - e.g. • Brand awareness • Lead acquisition • Ecommerce sales • Search optimisation • ...etc 46
  • 47. The Value of an Outcome (Macro) @RogerWarner / @ContentMotion Enhancement Enhancement Sales Brand Reduction Reduction Marcoms Cost Service/R&D Cost 47
  • 48. What and Where to Measure @RogerWarner / @ContentMotion Enhance Enhance Sales Brand Customer activity on ‘owned’ spaces Your brand presence/visibility on ‘leased’ spaces ...Web site, stores, conferences, etc ...Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc Cost analysis vs traditional media Cost analysis vs traditional channels ...print, TV, etc, research, etc Reduce Reduce Marcoms Cost Service/R&D Cost 48
  • 49. The Social Funnel - Driving Some Action @RogerWarner / @ContentMotion 49
  • 50. Reporting 101 TomTom Xmas 2011 SantaNav Facebook campaign Measuring the outcomes that matter to the work Brand enhancement - reach, interactions, acquisition50 @RogerWarner / @ContentMotion
  • 51. TomTom Social Media Performance FY2011 Average Monthly TomTom Brand Mentions Sentiment Around TomTom Across All Media Sources 90,000 100% 80,000 90% 70,000 80% 70% 60,000 60% 50,000 50% 40,000 40% 30,000 30% 20,000 20% 10,000 10% - 0% Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 -1 -1 r-1 -1 -1 l-1 -1 -1 -1 -1 -1 b- ar n ay n g p ct ov c Ju Ap De Ja Ju Au Fe Se M O M N Mentions NEU NEG POS Volume of TomTom Twitter Followers Volume of TomTom Facebook Fans 25,000 90,000 80,000 20,000 70,000 60,000 15,000 50,000 40,000 10,000 30,000 5,000 20,000 10,000 - - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 11 1 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 -1 r-1 -1 l-1 1 -1 1 -1 r-1 -1 -1 -1 -1 n- b- n- g- p- - c- n- b- n- g- p- c- ar ar ay ct ov ay l ct ov Ju Ju Ap Ap De Ja Ju Au De Fe Se Ja Ju Au Fe Se M O M O M N M N Followers Fans51 @RogerWarner / @ContentMotion
  • 52. Recap @RogerWarner / @ContentMotion• Don’t fixate on the platforms - Google+ might not matter to you• Don’t overestimate the interestingness of your brand on Social - you’ll miss your KPIs• Don’t fixate on every possible action - a Like and a RT have no true meaning• Don’t get hung up on irrelevant case studies• Have a healthy distrust of frameworks (inc ours) and the fluffy stuff• Create plans, goals and measurements around outcomes• Align these outcomes to your regular business operations• And remember... 52
  • 53. Remember... (Social Media didn’t invent marketing.) It just made it a little different. Think: shock of the old. Mix the new with the known. Please tune in to developments from the DMA Social Media Council - we will blog all our progress as we create our measurement frameworks. We would appreciate your input.53 @RogerWarner / @ContentMotion
  • 54. Thank You!