Argento Wine / The Real Argentina Social Media Case Study


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Social Brand Awareness & Advocacy Case Study from Content and Motion, Social PR Agency...

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Argento Wine / The Real Argentina Social Media Case Study

  1. 1. Argento Wine / The Real ArgentinaBrand Awareness & Advocacy Case StudyMarch
  2. 2. The Brief and the Strategy: Argentinian Advocacy
  3. 3. We Are Governed by Sanity 3
  4. 4. Our Five Easy Program Rules 4
  5. 5. The Brief• Argento Wine is one of the world’s foremost Argentinian wine brands - stocked at premium UK retailers such as Waitrose and Majestic Wine• Our brief is twofold: raise awareness and preference and align the brand tightly with the best of Argentina - from culture, to sport, travel, food and beyond• Since Argento has no ‘direct to customer’ e-commerce shopfront, our strategy is 100% brand and content-based 5
  6. 6. The Strategy• From the start we identified that Google and social sharing would be our best route to brand visibility and distribution• There are high levels of online conversation and searches related to Argentinian wine and other sub strands of interest around Argentina as a category, namely... • Culture • Food • Travel ...and specific subcategories within those broader strands Our mission is to place the Argento brand directly in the firing line of these conversations and searches - via a battery of highly valuable, highly optimised content, driven by subject experts with a strong editorial voice and strong social followings 6
  7. 7. The Real Argentina• On this basis we created ‘The Real Argentina’ ( - a multi-faceted blog designed to house killer content about Argentinian wine, food, travel and culture• This content, properly optimised, acts as a long-tail search and conversational ‘sponge’, soaking up interest in specific Argentina- related terms that we had identified at the start of the programme. It is also our arsenal for conversational engagement in the social sphere• In short, we provide extremely well researched, topic-specific, high quality content that addresses public demand for ‘discovery’ (Google and social) about the key facets of Argentina• By driving traffic this way, we introduce the Argento brand as a soft sell through subtle cross promotion 7
  8. 8. Meet the Experts & Advocates• Our program relies on a team of content subject experts that we have sourced from Argentina and UK. This team was picked on the basis of subject expertise and social (media) reach• Month to month we work with our network of Argentina advocates to generate our source content - video, blog posts, image galleries and more• We use social and web analytics insights to drive our editorial calendar - search trends, qualitative analysis of news and cultural events, as well as direct input from our content team. C&M sets the agenda, the team executes• Everything is optimised for long-tail search and conversational trends, ensuring that content is always relevant, targeted, valuable and sharable 8
  9. 9. Content Curation• Every post is enhanced with rich media - YouTube videos, Flickr images, etc• By using this socially curated content, the quality of our posts is enhanced and more traffic is driven to the blog via direct social engagement with content originators• We also commission our expert / advocate team to deliver higher value pieces such as vox pop videos and interviews on specific themes (e.g. ‘How to Tango’)• Content quality is assured: our team is hand-picked for their extensive contact lists and experience in various complimentary fields (e.g. music journalism, travelogues, etc.) 9
  10. 10. Social Distribution• A key criteria in content team selection is presence on social networks - we chose experts with the broadest possible social reach• Hence, when posts are published, we see them instantly shared on Twitter and Facebook by the author - driving spikes of traffic to the blog and further amplifying the source content as peer to peer social sharing kicks in• This amplification effect helps to boost the authority of the site - from both a social and search perspective. Each new post spreads and resonates quickly 10
  11. 11. Outcomes
  12. 12. Traffic and Traction• Month to month we’ve seen a progressive, organic growth in traffic from the blog’s inception - current traffic levels are around 12k per month (and growing)• On a light monthly program budget, traffic sources are 100% organic and earned - via search, referrals and social. There is no supplementary paid / display spend 12
  13. 13. About C&M*
  14. 14. We Help Brands Creatively Engage with People via the Social Web • Awareness, Acquisition, Engagement • Independently owned. Formed Jan 2009 • 15 staff, and growing • 20 active clients • OTE of £1m this year • (All revenue is Social PR and majority is retained) • Focus: SOCIAL PR ENGAGEMENT PROGRAMS 14
  15. 15. Founding Partner of The Box Network • Instant international scale and coverage • Pure play social media specialist • Extensive social media experience • Expert execution: cultural and local insight • Central campaign management model 15
  16. 16. Get in Touch: 16