[CITRIX] How IT departments can retain control over external IT service providers
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[CITRIX] How IT departments can retain control over external IT service providers



How IT departments can retain control over external IT service providers

How IT departments can retain control over external IT service providers



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[CITRIX] How IT departments can retain control over external IT service providers [CITRIX] How IT departments can retain control over external IT service providers Document Transcript

  • For They Do NotKnow What They DoHow IT DepartmentsCan Retain Controlover External ITService Providers with support from
  • For They Do Not Know What They Do - How IT Departments Can Retain Control over External IT Service Providers Whenever external IT service providers require access to enterprise systems, IT managers often get stomachaches. However, IT managers can use the latest generation of remote support tools to ensure their company’s security even as they speed issue resolution. Most IT departments encounter the following situation. They often rely on external service providers to maintain company IT. However, external remote support services often don’t conform to the necessary security standards. To save time, IT staff often grant those external service providers permanent remote access or they grant access without performing the required security checks. More diligent and security-conscious IT departments may requires the onsite presence of an internal IT employee to monitor the external provider’s support steps. In order for external service providers to access enterprise systems in an emergency or just to maintain external solutions, companies often utilise the following approaches to ensure the integrity of their IT systems: Legal solution: • Introduction of standard written agreements for all external IT service providers • Creation of customer-specific contractual agreements that address the external IT service provider’s specific procedures Staffing solution: • Training their own employees on the IT service provider’s systems. • Principle of dual control: company employees must be present and control all work performed by external service providers. • Forgoing of external IT service providers and development of costly in-house solutions • Trust without the use of control mechanisms or supplemental agreements to service contracts Technical solution: • Utilisation of a remote technical support solution that allows for complete documentation and protects against unauthorised access. 2
  • For They Do Not Know What They Do - How IT Departments Can Retain Control over External IT Service ProvidersImportant The legal solution builds on general or service-specific contracts. The principlebenefits of of deterrence applies. The disadvantages: Contracts don’t ensure genuineGoToAssist security. The more complex a contract is formulated, the more inflexible theCorporate: support. This can go so far that external service providers are prevented from performing much needed support services if they’re not governed by contract.• Easy to use• Enables immediate tech Companies that choose to train their own employees on the systems of external support to resolve IT service providers relativise the outsourcing advantage and ultimately restrict issues fast themselves so much that an economically feasible operation is no longer possible.• Absolutely secure data transfer• Permission-based Only the technical solution can offer real security and cost effectiveness. With usage the right technical solution, only authorised IT service provider staff are allowed• Ensures that access—and only when authorised by internal staff. The physical location of support from employees and service provider staff is irrelevant. The right technical solution third-party provi- ders is supervised also documents when external access to sensitive systems occurs and what and/or authorised tech support steps are taken.• IT staff can initiate remote support from anywhere at Flexible IT departments rather than rigid on-call times anytime Saturday, three o’clock in the morning: a company employee receives an emergency call on their mobile phone. Rather than travelling to the company, the employee simply opens their notebook, launches a secure remote support solution and invites the responsible external IT service provider to join the session. Quickly and easily from home—without breaking the security chain. This innovative use of remote support software is by no means a future scenario, but instead is a current and highly developed practise. The benefits of using such software, like GoToAssist Corporate, can be summarised in seven points: 1. Increased staff flexibility and availabilty: IT staff who monitor the external delivery of support can do so from any location and aren’t required to be physically present on-site. Employees can work more flexibly and are always available when needed. 3
  • For They Do Not Know What They Do - How IT Departments Can Retain Control over External IT Service Providers 2. Extensive control of IT service providers Employees in busy IT departments can simultaneously manage multiple support sessions, even if they’re hosted at different locations. By recording support sessions, external IT service providers’ service steps can later be reproduced. 3. Very quick support response times: IT staff are extremely flexible, and during an emergency, e.g. a critical system failure, they can grant external service providers access to internal systems and supervise support sessions from home, even during unusual hours. 4. Reduction of outage and follow-up costs System failures disrupt smooth operations and are responsible for high costs. Not only do the repairs inflict costs on the company, but also employees may not be able to complete their tasks because of the technical failures. Indeed, if lengthy delays occur, contractual penalties could be invoked for late projects. With a flexible IT department, however, external IT service providers are no longer dependent on the physical presence of company employees and fixed office hours. Interruptions can be remedied immediately. 5. Better overview of utilised resources Modern remote support tools such as GoToAssist Corporate offer tracking and management functions as standard features. The IT department has a continuous overview of who is logged on and performing maintenance work. Solution steps and their duration can be identified at any time. 6. Learning effect as a result of best practises for future service cases Recorded support cases can be used as best practise cases for similar events in the future. Follow-up cases can therefore be dealt with more efficiently. At the same time, a knowledge base is developed. 7. Logging for documentation Thanks to the integrated recording and logging features, actions can be ascribed at any time to the responsible persons. Remote support solutions such as GoToAssist Corporate record exactly which support participant has performed which steps. Such records can be reviewed later if questions arise. 4
  • For They Do Not Know What They Do - How IT Departments Can Retain Control over External IT Service Providers Retaining Control With GoToAssist Corporate The following describes a typical support scenario and the steps taken to resovle an IT issue with the help of the GoToAssist Corporate remote support solution. It illustrates how technology solutions can help ensure IT security. Highest-level security Using GoToAssist Corporate, it’s easy for IT managers and support staff to observe compliance policies without having to relinquish the services of service partners. The GoToAssist Corporate solution keeps track of who accesses corporate systems via which IP address and who performs actions. This supervision can also be performed retroactively: a video recording of the remote support session as well as all logged data are available. Session recording occurs on the server side and is thus protected from subsequent modifications and totally tamperproof. The recording cannot be interrupted and continues until the end of the session, even if a participant leaves the meeting and returns at a later time. Management features help corporate IT managers and employees keep track of things at all times and thus reduce the administrative burden. Authorised persons can log in to ongoing support sessions at any time and intervene if necessary. Since all functions are remotely available, locations are irrelevant, which ensures the desired flexibility. 5
  • For They Do Not Know What They Do - How IT Departments Can Retain Control over External IT Service Providers Typical execution of a secure remote support session The typical execution of a controlled maintenance support session with GoToAssist Corporate follows these five steps: Telephone Internal IT employee External service partner 1 The IT employee receives an emergency call, contacts the external service partner and explains that urgent maintenance work needs to be performed. Secure VPN connection, e.g. via GoToMyPC GoToAssist Corporate GoToAssist Corporate connection connection Internal IT employee Server in Branch A 2 The internal IT employee sets up a VPN connection to the affected server and launches a support session with GoToAssist Corporate. The location of the affected device is irrelevant. IT employees can remain at home when they are on call. 6
  • For They Do Not Know What They Do - How IT Departments Can Retain Control over External IT Service Providers GoToAssist Corporate GoToAssist Corporate connection connection Server in Branch A Internal IT employee External service partner 3 The IT department employee invites the external service provider to participate in the support session. When sending the invitation, a GoToAssist Corporate list of authorised accounts is used. The external employee needs to authenticate his or herself with username and password in order to participate in the session. GoToAssist Corporate connection GoToAssist Corporate connection Server in Branch A GoToAssist Corporate connection Internal IT employee External service partner 4 The internal IT employee provides the external service provider with all the necessary authorisation that they require for the maintenance work. GoToAssist Corporate begins by recording and logging all support steps. The internal IT employee can withdraw from the meeting and perform other duties. Or they can remain in the session to follow the work of the external service provider, to learn something or possibly to intervene. 7
  • For They Do Not Know What They Do - How IT Departments Can Retain Control over External IT Service Providers Server in Branch A Server in Branch B Internal IT employee Server in Branch C External service partner A B C 5 The internal IT employee can view the GoToAssist Corporate overview to see which other internal or external service staff currently have support sessions open. Since the corporate employee’s constant presence at a session is not required, they can simultaneously control multiple sessions. IT staff can access an ongoing session at any time. In case of doubt, staff can also review the automatically recorded session. 8
  • For They Do Not Know What They Do - How IT Departments Can Retain Control over External IT Service Providers Monitoring options with GoToAssist Corporate: Time-delayed view GoToAssist dashboard: Option 3 Live overview of Recording all external activities and logging Option 2 Option 1 Server in Branch A Internal IT employee Management Centre: Administration of user privileges External service partner Option 1: The internal employee is in the live GoToAssist Corporate session at the same time as the service partner. Option 2: On the GoToAssist Corporate dashboard, the internal employee has an overview of several external service providers who provide support in the IT environment. If required, the IT employee can join one of the ongoing sessions at any time. Option 3: The internal employee subsequently reviews the records and logs for each step taken by the external service partner. For all three options, it is the case that external service partners cannot obtain access unless they are invited to a support session by an internal IT employee, when they must and can prove verify their identity. The company’s IT department can specify which actions each external service partner is allowed to carry out (such as a file transfer) in the user privileges management section of the Admin BackendManagement Centre in GoToAssist Corporate. GoToAssist records each support case automatically, also protectsing it from tampering, and creates a log of all the support actions automatically. 9
  • For They Do Not Know What They Do - How IT Departments Can Retain Control over External IT Service Providers Conclusion Complex IT environments and outsourcing of IT services to third parties make it difficult for IT departments to ensure compliance. New technical remote support solutions remedy the situation and simultaneously offer employees in the IT department more flexibility. In order to retain control over their own IT systems, companies must focus on technical solutions. In many IT departments, complex “homemade” solutions are often used, but they are inadequate with regard to technical security. Professional remote support solutions of the latest generation, such as GoToAssist Corporate, offer a more flexible workflow for IT support staff in emergencies, and they guarantee secure and replicable maintenance on remote computers and servers. Employees can simultaneously supervise several support sessions with external service providers rather than having to work with them one at a time. Sophisticated control functions ensure the security of mission critical data as well as the up-time of distributed computing environments. This increases efficiency and ensures control of external service providers. 10
  • For They Do Not Know What They Do - How IT Departments Can Retain Control over External IT Service Providers GoToAssist Corporate, our cloud services for remote and customer support Get your free trial version: United Kingdom: 0800 011 2120 http://www.gotoassist.co.uk North America Citrix Online Europe Citrix Online Asia Pacific 7414 Hollister Avenue Middle East & Africa Level 3, 1 Julius Ave Goleta, CA 93117 Citrix Online UK Ltd Riverside Corporate Park U.S.A. Chalfont Park House North Ryde NSW 2113 T +1 805 690 6400 Chalfont Park, Gerrards Cross Australia info@citrixonline.com Bucks SL9 0DZ T +61 2 8870 0870 United Kingdom asiapac@citrixonline.com Media inquiries: T +44 (0) 800 011 2120 pr@citrixonline.com europe@citrixonline.com T +1 805 690 2969 About Citrix Citrix Systems, Inc. is transforming how people, businesses and IT work and collaborate in the cloud era. Its portfolio of GoTo cloud services enable people to work from anywhere with anyone by providing simple-to-use-cloud-based collaboration, remote access and IT support solutions for every type of business. Learn more at www.citrix.com and www.citrixonline.com ©2012 Citrix Online, UK Ltd. All rights reserved. Citrix, GoToAssist, GoToMeeting, GoToMyPC, GoToTraining, GoToWebinar, HiDef Corporate, Podio and Sharefile are trademarks of Citrix Systems, Inc., or a subsidiary thereof, and are or may be registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and other countries. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Mac and iPad are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Android is a trademark of Google, Inc. 205EN_WP/2012-11-05 11