Contactually API integration use cases & examples


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Check out the top four uses cases of the Contactually API, including several examples from potential partners.

Learn more about the Contactually API at

About Contactually:
Contactually is a new marketing channel to help professionals generate more referrals and direct customers from their existing network. We analyze your conversation history with each contact -- from email, social media, and phone -- and automatically prompt you (via a daily email reminder) to reengage with important people that are slipping off your radar. You'll stay top of mind with important contacts, get more referrals, and ultimately close more sales.

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Contactually API integration use cases & examples

  1. 1. API integration use cases & examples
  2. 2. Four major ways to integration with our API1. Automatically import contacts from email, social media, or phone2. Create dynamic contact records for every contact in your app3. Automatically track all conversations (from email & social media) in your app4. Generate automatic follow up reminders for contacts in your app
  3. 3. 1. Auto-import all contacts
  4. 4. Bring your users’ contacts into your app• Contactually automatically aggregates all contacts from your user’s phone, email accounts, and social media accounts• Add an import button to your app to add all the user’s contacts to your app, and automatically keep those contacts up to date
  5. 5. Example #1Easily connect your email & social media accounts to Trulia,automatically import your contacts, and keep everything up to date.Learn more about Contactually
  6. 6. Example #2
  7. 7. You can import all of your email, social media, and phone contacts by connecting yourDotLoop account to Contactually.Contactually also imports other info about your contacts, like profile photos, links to socialprofiles, and phone numbers -- and it’s all 100% automatic.It’s fast and easy, and only takes about 2 minutes to set up.Learn more or click Connect now!
  8. 8. 2. Dynamic contact records
  9. 9. Automatically create rich contact records for your users• Contactually automatically finds information for your users’ contacts, including company, title, phone number, location, and links to social networks• You can pull all contact info into your app via the API; if anything changes in the future, we can automatically keep it updated
  10. 10. Example #1Conversation History Social Media
  11. 11. Example #2
  12. 12. 3. Track all conversations
  13. 13. Track your users’ emails & socialconversations with their contacts • We can show all communication with any of your users’ contacts • We check for new conversations every 5-10 minutes Including messages from: • Email • Facebook • LinkedIn • Twitter • MailChimp
  14. 14. Example #1Communication History Social Connections
  15. 15. Sue Cho Example #2 CONVERSATION HISTORY
  16. 16. 4. Generate automatic follow up reminders
  17. 17. Put reminders in your app or send via email• Contactually monitors the last time your users spoke to an important contact, and prompts them to follow up if it’s been too long• You can bake those reminders into your app, or we can send a co- branded daily email reminder
  18. 18. Example #1 Morning Edition - October 8, 2012
  19. 19. Example #2My Follow Up Reminders 2/1/2013 63 days since last contact 2/1/2013 63 days since last contact 2/1/2013 63 days since last contact 2/1/2013 63 days since last contact
  20. 20. Two ways to integrate with Contactually
  21. 21. Integration comes in two flavors1. Co-branded integration with a light-weight version of Contactually2. White-labeled integration with a full- version of Contactually
  22. 22. Co-branded version• Limited API is free• Includes Contactually co-branding• We view partnership as a new source of lead gen Powered by Contactually
  23. 23. White-labeled version• Full API access• Fully white-labeled• We charge a per-seat price for each active user that integrates with Contactually• Volume discounts available
  24. 24. More API info• All API documentation:• Contact me with any questions: Tony Cappaert 202-470-0144