Information Analytics: Know What Is In Your E-files To Save Millions and Manage Risk


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Organizations have become more savvy of the business risks associated with poor information management for their electronic files. These risks include: policy non-compliance; litigation and legal costs; and unnecessary storage costs.

Join Paragon Solutions and EMC to learn how using Information Analytics and Remediation (IAR) can help with the systematic search, analysis and categorization of unstructured information to enable organizations to understand information value, evaluate risk and

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Information Analytics: Know What Is In Your E-files To Save Millions and Manage Risk

  1. 1. Paragon Solutions, Inc. Proprietary- 1 -Do you know what is stored inyour organization’s e-files? Is the informationappropriate? Is it searchable? Does it comply withinternal policies? What types of recordsare managed? What informationneeds to be retainedand for how long?Welcome to Information Analyticsand Remediation Webinar
  2. 2. Paragon Solutions, Inc. Proprietary- 2 -Agenda• Business Drivers• About Paragon Solutions• The Solution• Use Cases and Demo• Business Outcomes• Questions
  3. 3. Paragon Solutions, Inc. Proprietary- 3 -Information ChaosOf respondents have more than50 discovery cases a year forregulatory or legal issues. 13%deal with more than 120 casesper year.Of organizations have becomemore conscious of the businessrisks of poor informationmanagement and recordskeeping.Of respondents are not confidentthat their electronic records havenot been modified, deleted orinappropriately accessed.In of organizations haveundeleted records beyond theirretention period have affecteda court case, twice as oftenweakening it rather thanstrengthening it.Have a hold policy for“electronic records”, only 35%include all active electronicdocuments.Do not have any legal holdprocedures, and a further 9%have a hold policy for paperrecords but not for electronicrecords.AIIM 2011 – ECM State of the Industry 201157%37%26%20%55%36%
  4. 4. Paragon Solutions, Inc. Proprietary- 4 -Records Management DriversWhat would you say were the two main reasons that triggered yourorganizations decision to plan a Records Management system? (N=176 planningor implementing)AIIM Industry Watch: E-Discovery and ERM, 20100% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70%Part of our planning for informationmanagement in generalRisk assessment against our complianceproceduresDesire to reduce/rationalize our paperrecords storageAdvice from an auditor or regulatorExperience of a court case or investigationBecause SharePoint provides some RMfeatures as standardOther
  5. 5. Paragon Solutions, Inc. Proprietary- 5 -Content Chaos is the Number One DriverAIIM Industry Watch: E-Discovery and ERM, 20100% 10% 20% 30% 40%Managing emails as recordsDealing with the content chaos in our file-shareImplementing a dedicated ERM systemAgreeing on a corp. classification scheme/fileplanE-DiscoverySetting agreed corporate retention policiesLong term archiveEnterprise searchBack-conversion of existing paper recordsImplementing records management in SharePointManaging high-volume application-created recordsIntegration of multiple repositoriesImplementing Manage-in-PlaceManaging social media contentMoving to a SaaS or Cloud modelOutsourcing email managementOutsourcing electronic records managementWhat would you say are the TWO most important ERM issues or current projects for youright now? (N=550)
  6. 6. Paragon Solutions, Inc. Proprietary- 6 -Investigative Matter Management via EMCSource One KazeonUnified solution that provides governance for electronically-storedinformation (ESI) throughout its lifecycle as a record and enablessearch, extraction, and production of relevant information forregulatory, litigation, or other investigative purpose.Feature•Proactive retention anddisposition•Version controls anddocument immutability•Evidence/content hold andretention•Evidence/ content tied toworkflows and businessprocessesBenefit•Reduced information volume•Accelerated time to decisions•Unified informationmanagement•Enables compliance, audit, andinvestigation security•Reduced process cost andcomplexity
  7. 7. Paragon Solutions, Inc. Proprietary- 7 -Making Information Governance Actionablewith EMC- SourceOne File Intelligence- SourceOne eDiscovery – Kazeon- SourceOne Discovery Manager- Documentum Retention Policy Services- Documentum Records Manager- SourceOne for File Systems- SourceOne Email Management- SourceOne for Microsoft SharePoint
  8. 8. Paragon Solutions, Inc. Proprietary- 8 -Paragon Solutions’ IntroductionCorporate Facts• National Coverage• Global Clients• NJ Headquarters• Dual-shore Development• CAGR 20+%• Privately owned, 29-year historyParagon is an enterprise information managementsolutions company that helps firms leverage informationassets to achieve better business results.
  9. 9. Paragon Solutions, Inc. Proprietary- 9 -A Preferred Partner of EMCINSURANCE &HEALTHCARE LIFE SCIENCES FINANCIALBest IIG Solutions 2010Digital Mailroom for ClaimsHC Legal Contracts Management
  10. 10. Paragon Solutions, Inc. Proprietary- 10 -Paragon commits to investing in core competencies to create an integrated and client-focused organization that anticipates the evolving needs of our clients’ businessprioritiesParagon’s Information Governance Competencies
  11. 11. Paragon Solutions, Inc. Proprietary- 11 -Questions on Your MindWhat unknown content resides on my storage systems(File shares, collaboration applications, laptops)?• Is the content appropriate?• Is the content searchable and secured?• Is there sensitive or confidential content?Can the organization comply with internal policies?What is the cost and risk of unmanaged content?Do we have an archive strategy for information?Can content without business value be safely deleted?What information needs to be retained and for how long?
  12. 12. Paragon Solutions, Inc. Proprietary- 12 -What is the Solution? IARsInformation Analytics and Remediation (IARs)• The systematic analysis and categorization of unstructured information• Based upon inputs from corporate polices, records management, legal and Paragonbest practice• Understand information value, evaluate risk, and ensure compliance.ComplianceLitigationCostsAuditingIT StorageIncrease compliance – identify unmanaged contentnot in alliance with your corporate records, legal orIT policies.Decrease legal costs – data maps and ESI discovery,destroy legacy information past its value. Reducelength of time involved with discovery of responsivematerial.Manage Storage --Understand how storage is beingutilized
  13. 13. Paragon Solutions, Inc. Proprietary- 13 -IARs Use CasesIT Storage utilizationEmail Management andInterrogationsDecommissioning ofLegacy systemsConsolidate RepositoriesIdentify high riskinformation across yourenterpriseLitigation AnalysisEarly Case AssessmentEnforce CorporateComplianceDisposition of legacyinformation/non recordsAccelerate RecordsManagement ProgramInformation Technology Legal Corporate ComplianceSeeks cost savingbenefitsSeeks to havequick/accurateresponses for inquiriesSeeks consistent policyenforcement foracceptable use
  14. 14. Paragon Solutions, Inc. Proprietary- 14 -IARs Methodology1. Assessment & AwarenessAssess current state business processes and information policiesIndex content and gain intelligence as it is created, Build indexes (metadata &full text)2. AnalyzeBusiness Rules Driven Analytics - Classify files based on meta-data, keywordcontent and pattern matching (Age, owner, location, file type, etc.)Business value, Legal, RM, security risk, intellectual property, PII, PCI3. ReportsFor example… Data Mapping; Custodianship; Ownership; Risk; Corporate Policy,Social Security Number, PII4. ActionPolicy based actions … Consolidate, Archive, Dispose, Manage, Tag, LitigationHold
  15. 15. Paragon Solutions, Inc. Proprietary- 15 -IARs Process FlowFile SharesEmail ServersLaptops andDesktopsDocumentumMS SharePointEnables educated decision-making and policy creation….supports theRecords Management & Information Governance program development3rd Party ArchivesInformationAreasAnalyticsBusiness RuleDevelopment:• Legal• Taxonomies• OperationalRules• RecordsManagement• CorporatePolicies• MethodologyRecordsManagementArchivingDe-dupCurrent InfoStoresContentManagementCentralized archivingConsolidate SystemsTag information/Collection/Hold ManagementDispositionClean up/RemediateAssessment
  16. 16. Paragon Solutions, Inc. Proprietary- 16 -Records Management Program AccelerationUse Cases1. Records Management Remediation– Identification, Classification & Tagging2. Official vs Non Records- Remediation of Copies3. Litigation Response andPreservation Support
  17. 17. Paragon Solutions, Inc. Proprietary- 17 -Use Case 1 – Records RemediationBusiness ChallengeWhile many organizations may feel theirRecords Management Program is robustwhen applied to paper records, those sameorganizations struggle with applyingpolicies to electronic records anddocuments over file shares, document andcollaboration management systems, orremote and office computers.The challenge is to quickly identify records,apply the right retention periods, and movethose records into the system of record andunder governance.
  18. 18. Paragon Solutions, Inc. Proprietary- 18 -Use Case 1 - OutcomesRecords Remediation Outcomes:• Programmatically implement and enforce your Records Program• Defined Business Process for Ongoing Information Analytics andRemediation• Graphical Charts of Non Compliance Risk AreasKey Benefits Current State Understanding Gain insight into unmanagedcontent Reduce overall risk Remediating action Programmatic Enforcement• Strategy Plan for InformationGovernance (People, Process, Tech)
  19. 19. Paragon Solutions, Inc. Proprietary- 19 -Poll QuestionDoes your organization effectively manage unstructured data and dispositionin according to stated policies?1 – High Confidence2 – Medium Confidence3 – Low Confidence4 – No Confidence
  20. 20. Paragon Solutions, Inc. Proprietary- 20 -Use Case 2 – Official vs Non RecordsBusiness ChallengeDocuments are created in organizationseveryday. Documents are often emailedto multiple recipients, reviewers, andusers of the information and storedlocally on personal computers or ontoshared drives where the official record isnever filed or declared.Duplicate files lead to “information bloat”,resulting in an increased risk for non-compliance with records policies,inefficient searching and increases inexpenditures in IT storage.
  21. 21. Paragon Solutions, Inc. Proprietary- 21 -Use Case 2 - OutcomesOfficial vs Non-Records Outcomes:• Programmatically implement and enforce Compliance Initiatives• Current State Analysis of Policy Compliance• Graphical Charts of Non Compliance Risk Areas• Defined Business Process for Ongoing Compliance AuditingKey Benefits Current State Understanding Remediate duplicates Reduce overall risk Programmatic Enforcement• Strategy Plan for Information Governance(People, Process, Tech)
  22. 22. Paragon Solutions, Inc. Proprietary- 22 -Poll QuestionWhere is your organization most at risk with unmanaged information?1 – File Shares2 – Remote Laptops3 – Document Management Systems4 – 3rd Party or Cloud Storage5 – All of the above
  23. 23. Paragon Solutions, Inc. Proprietary- 23 -Use Case 3 - Litigation Hold Response andSupportBusiness ChallengeA pharmaceutical company faced possible non-compliance with regulations for drug labeling. It wascritical for the Records Manager to effectively supportthis discovery requests. To that end, a repeatable anddefensible process needs to be deployed by theorganization to minimize the risk of:• Spoliation• Over-collection and costly review of documents• Inadvertent release of privileged materials• Adverse judgments for failure to produceLitigation response plans enable the organization tocommunicate:• Scope of a Litigation Hold and manage responses• Identify and manage custodians• Identify a data map of Electronically StoredInformation (ESI) and repositories
  24. 24. Paragon Solutions, Inc. Proprietary- 24 -Use Case 3 - OutcomesLitigation Hold Response and Support Outcomes:• Ensures that both the collection and acquisition of data aredone in a defensible manner• Discovery Response Plan• Reduces expenses and mitigates risk throughout the litigationsupport processes• Aids the legal team in determining relevant custodiansKey Benefits Repeatable, Defensible,Documented Process Early Case Assessment ESI Data Maps• Supports early case assessmentthrough heightened knowledge of datavolume and its location
  25. 25. Paragon Solutions, Inc. Proprietary- 25 -Poll QuestionDo you consider your organization’s Litigation Hold and Litigation ReadinessProcesses effective at protecting the organization?1 – High confidence2 – Medium confidence3 – Low Confidence4 – No confidence
  26. 26. Paragon Solutions, Inc. Proprietary- 26 -Building Consensus – Winning Strategieswith Multiple StakeholdersBudget Building – Many stakeholders for ROI for projectsLegalPrivacy/ComplianceITRecordsManagement• Lowered cost foreDiscovery, less riskof over-producing,faster Early CaseAssessment• Understandwhere your PIIlives, take stepsto reduce risk• Lowered cost forfile share storageby remediatingunneededdocuments• Apply retentionschedule toelectronicrecords, complywith publishedpolicies
  27. 27. Paragon Solutions, Inc. Proprietary- 27 -Questions?
  28. 28. Paragon Solutions, Inc. Proprietary- 28 -