ADICT Active Retail Solutions 2011 English Version


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ADICT develops unique projects that activate and enhance the point of sale using their deep knowledge about distribution, brands and consumer behaviours. The company specializes in designing interactive and mobile solutions to facilitate the shopping experience and trigger buying decisions.

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ADICT Active Retail Solutions 2011 English Version

  1. 1. Shopping InspirationActivate your point of sale
  2. 2. ADICT Active Retail experience, engagement, effect Shopper Shopper Digitalization, Insights, Marketing and Mobile Understanding Shopping Shopping and your Point of Experience Active Retail SaleADICT develops unique projects that activate and enhance the point of saleusing their deep knowledge about distribution, brands and consumerbehaviours. The company specializes in designing interactive and mobilesolutions to facilitate the shopping experience and trigger buying decisions.
  3. 3. We develop communication platforms Understanding the retailers needsUsing all the Brandinsights of the Positioning Consumershopper Shopper Centric Needs
  4. 4. We understand the Point of Sale Our mission: to activate the Point of Sale Exposure100 Are we seen? 80 Impression 60 Do we attract? Sales 40 Do we persuade? 20 0 Visits Shops Purchases
  5. 5. We understand shopper dynamics aware IMPRESS discover + y confusing engaging Browsing time Facilitate the Education and purchase Inspiration uninspiring routine + visibility Visibility of & cross-selling Brands - INCENTIVE -u a d epers Traffic conversion in stores (buying or just visiting) + smartness Shopping behavior per category
  6. 6. We connect our solutions for communicationat POS with each shopping style High engagement / + time consumption Inform/Inspire Facilitate sales Planed purchases / + portfolio (SKU) Involvement ConfusionImpulse purchase decisions Engagement Complexity Semi- Automatic Impulsive Sign posting Visibility of + Visibility brands Low engagement / - time consumption
  7. 7. We understand shopper marketing•1.0 Information (communication of existencebenefits and brand values of a product) AWARE•2.0 ‘Engagement’ (emotional) Emotions influence purchasing decisions PERSUADE•3.0 Inspiration to act (unconscious action drive) ACT
  8. 8. We know the relevant touch points Bulletin Billboards Radio Television internet Columns Projections Advertising Panels Bluetooth Mall Visual Art Touch screens Promotion Parking Consumer events Floor Ads In-store Promotion Stoppers Guerrilla AlarmsDriving marketingof SaleROI at Point Doors Ramps Shopping wagons Cashiers Local Mall Connecting and Causing impact
  9. 9. We incorporate new retail trendsThe Point of Sale moves into an emotional area Improved design of shopping areas, themed New impacts and sensations New POS materials New ways of communicating with the consumers Social shopping The brand is the connection between the consumer and the shopper Ubiquitous information through digitalisation Creating a memorable experience
  10. 10. With a unique approach to shopping experience Marketing Trade Marketing Brands Retailers Consumers Shopper Consumption occasion Shopping mission Communication Promotion Emotions Rationality The approach of shopping experience necessarily touches both worlds
  11. 11. Incorporating new media adapted to thedynamics of the point of sale and the shopper Interactive Solutions ADICT
  12. 12. Developping shopper and retail mobile apps We adapt to each retailer scenario, understanding the technology as a service for the shopping experience and the business objectives of each brand and retailerNos adaptamos al escenario de cada retailer, entendiendo la tecnología al serviciode la experiencia de compra y los objetivos comerciales de cada enseña MOBILE SHOPPING STRATEGY PROJECT INSIGHT & IDEA CONCEPT Simplifying the“shopping experience” Usability adapted to mobile screens Barcode Readers One click approach, express & speed-, Geolocation indoor / outdoor channel-consistent, attractive design Push Notification and usability , useful and relevant to the shopper. M-payment AR Augmented Reality TRANSLATING MOBILE FEATURES AND ENGAGEMENT INTRO TRANSACTIONS
  13. 13. We measure the results of our actionsWe incorporate effective communication metrics, traffic and sales, and we use innovativemarket research to discover relevant shopper insights ADICT Active Retail´s deployments incorporate the value of proper management of data traffic measurements from Knowledge Management different shopping areas • POS metrics identification (shop windows, special • Definition of variables to be measured sales area) an their • Audit-Relationship between different devices / data application in the POS • Design and optimization of dashboard activation. Point Of Sale Activation • Design model of communication effectiveness POS • Establishment of test scenarios • Analysis of POS communication campaigns • Additional studies ISR (eyecam, neuro, videoetno, ...
  14. 14. Digital Shopping Shopper Marketing Shopping Experience oWe provide best partnersapproach quality ofWe work together with the 360 in order to ensure theour delivery
  15. 15. Retail Design partners
  16. 16. Media Event PartnersExperienceExperiences can create emotionalconnectionswith consumers who do engagewith the brand World leader in Spectacular Presence Marketing Two-way communication, in which the use of new technologies and their proper understanding play a key roleConvergence Actions that allow a high degree of segmentation, while having a large impact in media and networks Interactivity
  17. 17. Outdoor Media partnersOutdoor The road to the POS Generate attention and reflection on the trip to the Point of Sale. The way to communicate is part of the message!
  18. 18. Interactive Retail Solutions partners
  19. 19. m-commerce / m-shopping partners Environment Retail Design Marketing Social Local
  20. 20. We have a clear Mission: Activate the Point of SaleAtract potential shoppers to the Pointof SaleInspire the shopper at the Point ofSale A clear mission increases your sales Do not miss potential revenues and the opportunity to increase customer’s loyalty
  21. 21. Best New Company Awards 2011 Experts in retail, digital & shopper marketing e ph +34 935 572 352ESADECREAPOLIS m +34 616 444 706Suite B13 Skype ADict-arAv.Torreblanca, 57 Twitter ADICT_AR08172 Sant Cugat del Vallès, Barcelona