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LYNC Newsletter N5!

  1. 1. AUTUMN 2012 LYNC NEWSLETTER LYNC LAUNCHES 2013 ACTION-PLAN ! N5 DIRECTLY FROM SOUTH-CAUCASUS ! In November 2012 LYNC held its special meeting in Bakuriani, Georgia. Read in our newsletter why this meeting was and who where our guests on this meeting! LYNC is celebrating its 1 year old !!! SPECIAL PAGE INSIDE: LYNC IS 1 YEAR OLD! younger  then  22,  single  or  in  a  way  WAWATALA,  which  combined  in  400 days of LYNC: fact  two  different  parts  of  the  relationship,  those  who  have  Caucasian youth shaping been in  Germany and  those  who  discussion  (WWW  and  TALA,  i.e.  the future. have  not).  New  participants and  “What  Went  Well”  and  “To  Take  A  old  members  of  LYNC  were  Look  At”).  The  participants  were  We are glad to share with you our sharing  their  thoughts  about  divided  into  three  local  groups  and  report on the meeting held by LYNC LYNC  activities  during  that  one  started  working on  the estimation  of  team and newcomers in Bakuriani year of the experience and future  their own work  and  the  job  done  on  November 2012 with guidance of JULIs plans.  Experienced  members  international level. The presentations  and Friedrich Naumann Foundation. told  the  story  of  LYNC,  how  it  of the  local LYNC teams on this issue  was  founded,  new  participants  were  needed  for  other  had  the  chance  to  share  their  participants to 4ind out    T h e  1 6 t h  o f  4irst  impression  about  the  what  were  the  actual  November  2012  community and how  they learnt  p ro b l e m s  i n  o t h e r  was  the  4irst  day  about  it,  which  seminars  they  countries  and  what  of  the  seminar  on  p a r t i c i p a t e d  i n .  H r a c h  w e r e  t h e  m a i n  “LYNC‐Caucasian  Ghambaryan  took  them  for  a  achievements. Youth  Shaping  the  Future”.  The  short,  guided  tour  through  the  LYNC history and later the  LYNC  Presentation from Georgiaintroduction  session  was  very interesting because of the new format  team  answered  the  questions  of  Georgian  team  mentioned  the of  the  energizer.  People  were  being  intrigued new participants. opportunity  to  represent  LYNC  in divided  into  groups  based  on  the  Gummersbach,  as  a  noticeable questions that one of the trainers had  After that  the  participants  had  a  session  called  in  a  very  funny  achievement.  Georgian  participants prepared  (elder or  younger  then  22,  shared their thoughts on  the need  to single  or in a  relationship,  those  who  w a y  W A W A T A L A ,  w h i c h  combined  in  fact  two  different  PR  LYNC  in  the  Caucasus,  spread have been in Germany and those  who  information  among  more  young  LIKE US:
  2. 2. LYNC  engaged  those  who  are  more  actively.  Though  this  ‐  Activities  of  LYNC  are  not new to the liberal ideology. That  practice  is  not  suitable  to  be  perceived  by  FNF.  Local  events might be done  via seminars and  realized  between  all  three  meet  no  interest  from  the  side other  activities.  LYNC  should  countries equally. o f  t h e  f o u n d a t i o n . wo r k  m o re  a c t ive ly  w i t h political  parties  and  provide  Presentation from Armeniathem with new working tools.  The  Armenian  team  of  LYNC Presentation from Azerbaijan mentioned  that  they  meet  continuously  in  Yerevan.  And Azerbaijani  team  mentioned  the  fact  that  they  are  friends their  experience  of  organizing  and  keep  in  touch  all  the  time regional  seminars  in  Baku,  makes  it  easier  to  organize Sumgait  and  other  regions  of  something.  The  team  just  gets A z e r b a i j a n .  T h e y  h a d  a  together and decides what to do campaign  called  “Free  Future”  and shares the responsibilities.t o  s u p p o r t  t h e  p o l i t i c a l  The  central  part    that  is prisoners.  They  have  also  had  Armenian  team  has  also a  good  combining  the  three  circles  is open  discussion in Baku and on  recruiting  mechanism.  It  has  important  for  FNF.  Somehow this  “Mobilizing  young  people”  i n d i v i d u a l  p a r t n e r s  a n d  the  bilateral  parts also  do.  The meeting  representatives  from  organizations,  NGOs,  think‐tans  local  parts  are  ok,  but  not  the E u r o p e a n  p a r l i a m e n t  that it works with.  Two months  centre  of  attention.  FNF  is participated.  Azerbaijani  team  ago  LYNC  Arm  organized  an  willing  to  support  locally,  but t r i e s  t o  s e l e c t  a c t i v e  event  with  Woman  Rights  more  important is the  Centre. If participants  from  local  events  Center  which  included  also  a  LYNC  gives  FNF  the  Centre,  it and  keep  in  continuous  touch  street action on gender issues.  can  easily  require  support  on with them. Their partners in the  t h e  l o c a l  l e v e l .  H r a c h regions were  Musavat party,  six  The  Armenian  members  of  Ghambaryan’s  remarks  was  the other  liberal  organizations  in  LYNC  have  opportunity  to  following: “If we do not have the Azerbaijan. represent  LYNC  internationally  circles,  we  will  not  have  the  o n  va r i o u s  yo u t h  e ve n t s  overlapping part of the graphic.”W e a k n e s s e s :  L a c k  o f  ( G e r m a ny,  U S A ,  M o l d ova , responsibility.  Some  members  Hungary  etc.).  But  Armenian  FNF  suggested  doing  two  local did  not  respect  the  main  team  has  a  problem  to  4ind  seminars  in  Azerbaijan  and working  schedule  of  LYNC  long‐term motivated people and  Armenia  in  February  before  a Azerbaijani  team  by  organizing  keep  them  being  motivated  all  joint  seminar  in  Georgia.  LYNC something  different  in  the  the time. can  build  the  program  of  the country.  LYNC  used  to  have  seminar. The idea of Mrs Pamuk skyp e  ca ll s  formerly  and  is  to choose  the  same  program currently the team feels the lack  for the  local  events.  FNF  would o f  t h o s e  c a l l s  w h i l e  Then  followed  the  input  from  Yasemin  Pamuk  concerning  look  forward  to  the  list  of c o m m u n i c a t i n g .  T h e  p o s s i b l e  t o p i c s  o f  t h r e e Azerbaijani and  Armenian team  cooperation  between  FNF  and  LYNC  with  the  idea  on  the  countries and the concept of the have  a  separate  challenge  to  program.  FNF  is  open  for think  about  concerning  the  further  action  plan.  Later  two participants from each country proposals.  Besides  that,  FNF political  relation  between  two  would  also  need  the  list  of countries and LYNC has to think  were invited to share the news and last events of their countries LYNCers  of  three  countries, how  to  approach  and  react  to  which  would  also  include  the this  question.  Possibly  for  to keep other participants up to date about the collective situation names  of  those,  who  are  ready avoiding  lack of  information  on  to  join  the  meetings  at  the the  local  events  and  personal  within the region. The discussion intrigued the participants with the appointed time sharp.opinions  about  them,  it  might be  good  to  appoint  certain  opportunity to ask question T h e  6  w o r k i n g  g r o u p s p e o p l e  w h o  c o u l d  b e  concerning this events directly to introduced  the  results  of  their responsible  for  posting  news  those who come from the country work,  moderated  by  the  JuLis from  three  countries  in  the  of origin. members.  With  their  help  the Facebook group.  Mrs  Pamuk  referred  to  two  groups  concretized  the  main  m a j o r  i s s u e s  t h a t  t h e  tasks  that  LYNC  faces  in  their Azerbaijani participants had the  special  sphere  and  gave  their idea  to  invite  Georgian  LYNC  participants mentioned: suggestions  on  what  could  be members  in  cooperation  with  ‐  Relation  with  FNF  altogether,  done next. The new participants FNF  to their local events,  which  being  more  independent  from  of  the  seminar  were  also would  keep  the  team  in  touch  FNF; engaged  into  the  working 
  3. 3. groups,  and  this  fact  gave  the chance to finally raise the member countries, but this time them  an  opportunity  to  decide main challenges that LYNC faced the LYNC team was confident to which group would they want to during one year. There were some discuss them tet-a-tet to prevent continue working with. The issues mentioned that seemed to further possible conflicts during experienced LYNC staff members be quite tough for the members to online cooperation. and those who were engaged in approach because of the political the works of LYNC formerly, had situation and relations betweenPhoto Story by Arman Karakhanyan ?
  4. 4. Ha!y Bi"hday, LYNC!Welcome to the LYNC Birthday Party Page! Your Drink ! ;) Your Cake! Yummy ! LYNC ;) Party People !Our DJ !
  5. 5. LYNC continues sharing its word and ideas via Facebook posters campaign ! What do we stand for? As socially active, quite well educated, professional youth with skills and deep knowledge of liberalism and liberal values, we mobilized our power for activating regional cooperation based on individual freedom, tolerance and equal rights. We strongly hope that our initiative will greatly contribute to the peace making process, dialogue of civilizations, will have a great impact on free market development, political and social freedom establishment. We will be very glad to share our ideas and experience with increasing amount of newly engaged, interested readers and potential members of LYNC.Share your idea with us and join our campaign ! We are looking forward to your liberal word !