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“Preparar a Liderança do Futuro” é o título da Conferência Human Habitat que terá lugar no dia 5 de Novembro no Auditório Mar da Palha do Oceanário de Lisboa e terá como orador convidado ...

“Preparar a Liderança do Futuro” é o título da Conferência Human Habitat que terá lugar no dia 5 de Novembro no Auditório Mar da Palha do Oceanário de Lisboa e terá como orador convidado Menno Van Dijk, cofundador e diretor geral da THNK, Escola de Liderança Criativa de Amesterdão, centrou a sua carreira profissional no desenvolvimento de estratégias empresariais, na inovação e no crescimento e, no âmbito da THNK, apoia o desenvolvimento dos líderes criativos do futuro, para que tenham um impacte social significativo no planeta.

O que é a THNK?

THNK, Escola de Liderança Criativa de Amesterdão, apoia o desenvolvimento dos líderes criativos do futuro, para que tenham um impacte social significativo no planeta. A THNK oferece um programa para liderança criativa, a um grupo de participantes internacional, criteriosamente selecionados e com elevado talento e criatividade nas áreas do empreendedorismo social e económico como na inovação empresarial.

O programa tem como enfoque a identificação dos problemas da atualidade e os novos modelos para abordar a respetiva solução, estando ao abrigo do mesmo integrado projetos reais.



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Menno van Dijk - THNK Menno van Dijk - THNK Presentation Transcript

  • Innovative solutionsto Large Societal Challenges Realized at scale
  • TOPICS FOR TODAY’S DISCUSSION 1. Relevance of creative leadership 2. Innovation in education
  • WHY? Increasing social and economic interdependencies Ubiquity of digitalization in business – lower entry barriers, faster speed Continued urbanization
  • SOCIAL, PUBLIC AND PRIVATE SECTOR AREBLENDING Human values Public Business requirements viability
  • WHY? Mega challenges abound Public sector limitations Social empowerment Complexity of challenges Consumer and business shift to “transformation economy”
  • MEGA CHALLENGES ABOUND Resources Food Water Climate Energy Sustainability Demography & Population & Asia: China & Community & Africa Megacities Mobility People flows India Tribes Emergent Nano- Bioscience/G Neuro Artificial Robotics Technology technology enetics science Intelligence Global Economics & Social Intellectual Complexity Virtual worlds Interactions finance networks Property Human Identity & Work & Future Security Future health Wellbeing Authenticity Business education
  • Source: Philips DesignTRANSFORMATION ECONOMY
  • WHY? “Blinded”” by lofty cause No market acid test Truly complex systems Not always the best talent
  • BUILDING CREATIVE LEADERS “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them” Albert Einstein “In a world of increasing complexity and uncertainty, creativity is the most important leadership quality” IBM Global CEO Study “Capitalizing on Complexity” (2011) “Give a man a fish, and you’ll feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you’ve fed him for a lifetime.” Confucius 11
  • A DEFINITION OF CREATIVE LEADERSHIPNew • products, services, businesses, initiatives,concepts. and movements • “new-to-world”, innovative, creative, out-of the box, not proven.Societal • meaningful economically and improvingrelevance lives of people and/or the planet we live on.Accelerating • Gaining momentum, spreading “by itself”,Impact receiving followership, crowd contribution.In complex • Interlinked, dynamic, uncertainworld environment to operate inIndividual • Limited resources but large access public,Leadership governments, financiers and corporates.
  • QUESTIONS FOR YOU Do you agree with the concept of an increasingly complex world ? How relevant is the blending of private, social and public sector? Is social entreprise really that difficult? Do you accept the definition of creative leadership?
  • 1. Relevance of creative leadership2. Innovation in education
  • PERSONAL BACKGROUND Serendipity Knowledge vs. way of thinking Learning on the job Global network
  • DESIGN PRINCIPLES - FOCUS Focus on future leaders Cultural diversity International orientation On invitation: VC mindset
  • NATIONALITY MIX NATIONALITY MIX Netherlands USA Brazil Germany China Spain Canada UK Ireland France Mexico Ecuador Uganda Nigeria Tanzania Saudi Arabia Israel India New Zealand
  • POSSIBLE IMPLICATIONS FOR YOU A leadership cohort constitutes a narrow age band of like minded people Cultural diversity is very rewarding but also very difficult Social entrepreneurs, commercial entrepeneurs and corporate innovation managers lack understanding of each other
  • DESIGN PRINCIPLES - CONCEPT Blended with real life pursuits Co-created/faculty as peers and on stage No lectures (as much as possible) Personal coaching Real life projects Societal impact (and make money!) Body & Mind Energizing location
  • BLENDED WITH OWN REAL LIFE PURSUIT 2012 2013 MAR APR MAY JUN JUL AUG SEP OCT - MAR x # of weeks On campus 1 Off campus 4 2 7 2 7 1 18-… 1 1 1 1 22
  • FACULTY AS PEERS AND ON STAGE STEFANO ELLY RAJIV BALL, ROBERT WOLFE, KARIM BEREND-JAN MARZANO VAN GILS LEADERSHIP LEADERSHIP BENAMMAR, HILBERTS DEAN LEADERSHIP EXPERT COACH CURATOR CHALLENGE COACH COORDINATOR “Inspiring, pushing the envelope and supportive” “Coaching and being the ‘glue’ to hold teams in good spirit” “Challenging and stimulating us ‘in our own right’ “ “Bringing fun to the process of challenges” “True master of the subject including the facts & figures” “Brings warmth and radiance” “Truly inspiring and connecting well” 23
  • REAL LIFE PROJECTS “EMPTY OFFICE “MOBILE DATA “SUSTAINABLE AIRPORT SPACE” NETWORKS” CITY” Partners: Partners: Partners: City of Amsterdam Vodafone KLM Royal Dutch Airlines BAM Amsterdam Airport ARCADIS Schiphol City of Amsterdam
  • SOCIETAL IMPACT Take a train to a cleaner India 4th largest railway network in the world transporting nearly 10 billion passengers annually. The trains cut through some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world Daily nearly 27 million packets of plastic, paper and aluminum foils are thrown never to be cleaned up or recycled. Find a breakthrough system that will allow better waste management.
  • POSSIBLE IMPLICATIONS FOR YOU Leadership development Takes significant time Is holistic Requires experiencing The role of the `master practioner` is key A school is a restaurant, a studio, a stage, a safe room, a lab, a night club... but not an auditorium.
  • DESIGN PRINCIPLES – DREAMING FORWARD Global knowledge network Experiences across the world “Teach the teacher” Integrated research Funding acceleration
  • QUESTIONS FOR YOU In your pursuit to better educate those you are responsible for, which concepts do appeal to you? What is the relevance of education on “creative leadership” across age groups and educational levels? Can the concepts of tutoring by master practioners and of self- development online be married?