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CGS To be the most preferred Solution Provider by exceeding expectations and give opportunities to the next generation in Mobility, Enterprise applications, Web Application, HTML5, Gaming and Big Data.

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Constient global solution

  1. 1. Constient Global Solutions Pvt Ltd. Corporate Profile
  2. 2. 2 CGS Facts Successfully executing Projects worldwide on Dot Net, Mobility, HTML5, Unity 3D Games, Open Source Established in 2012 with headquarters in Chennai, India Has an energetic team of experts and professionals CMMi Appraising Operates in 3 countries - UAE , USA & India and in the process of expansion Team Operation Certification Establishment Growth
  3. 3. Vision Mission 3 Customer Focus Trust Integrity Process Oriented Innovation Passion Results Vision CGS To be the most preferred Solution Provider by exceeding expectations and give opportunities to the next generation in Dot Net, Mobility, HTML5, Unity 3D Games, Open Source Mission CGS mission is to enhance the customer’s business by providing the highest quality IT products and services Values
  4. 4. Service Offerings 4  Outsourced Product Development  Offshore development centre (ODC)  Custom Application Development  Application Maintenance  Testing/QA Services  SAP Services  Web Applications  Digital Marketing  Mobility  Game Development  Data Analytics  Enterprise applications consulting : Application Development Implementation Support and Maintenance  Testing/QA solutions  FTE Recruitment Consulting  Hire our resources offshore  Cost effective staffing  US staffing services  APAC/ME staffing services Technology Consulting Outsourcing Technology Staffing
  5. 5. 5 Technology Expertise Technical Skill
  6. 6. Constient Games
  7. 7. About CGS Games  CGS Gaming team is expertise in creating game for various platforms including PC, MAC, LINUX, Web browsers, facebook, Android phones and tablets, iPhone, iPad  Our programmers are experienced in giving life to various game characters designed by our artists, making the game lively 7 Game Platforms Online Games Mobile & Handheld Social Games
  8. 8. • Casual Games • Arcade Games • Action Games • Adventure Games • 3D Physics Games • 2D Physics Games (Box2d) • Multiplayer Games 8 Constient Game Development • Massive Multiplayer Browser Games • Multiplayer PC Games • Multiplayer Mobile Games • Racing Games • Facebook Social Games • Augmented Reality Games Our team is skilled in developing the following type of games Apart from this we also provide services for games as follows  Art for Game  Modelling and animation for game  Design for game (GDD)  Programming services for games
  9. 9.  Leap Motion  Networking Games using Unity  Augmented Reality Games  Simulations  Games For Major Mobile Platforms and Social Networks  E-Learning Games 9 Our Expertise Our Expertise in developing the following type of Technologies
  10. 10. Mobility
  11. 11. Mobility - Skillsets Operating system : iOS, Android Tool : Xcode, Eclipse, PhoneGap Programming language : objective-c, Java-Android, HTML5, JavaScript, GWT Communication : XML, JSon Database : SQLServer2005 / MySQL / SQLite / Oracle / MS-Access 11
  12. 12. WHAT IS HTML5? HTML5 is a newest version of HTML (Hypertext Markup Language). It is an ongoing process that took place by combined efforts of World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and the Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group (WHATWG). The initial phase for the development of HTML5 started in 2004 by WHATWG that has been developed by edited by David Hyatt of Apple and Ian Hickson of Google, Inc. There are several features in the latest version that have been implemented in various Web browsers. An open source workable platform has been intended to be produced by HTML5, which can be used by multiple vendors throughout the internet. As a result, everyone can have access to the development of new applications. Some of the major browsers namely Internet Explorer, Safari, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox presently supports some of the features of HTML5. 13
  13. 13. Features Of HTML5 WHY HTML5?  The HTML5 is equipped with many new features that give you power to design attractive web pages you might have never designed before with HTML alone.  Here are some of the major features in HTML5:  Video playback and drag-and-drop, which are dependent on third-party browser plug-ins like Microsoft Silverlight and Adobe Flash.  Wide range of new attributes and elements that reveal effective usage on modern websites.  Through a standardized interface, it provides new multimedia functionality of <audio> and <video>.  Reduced usage of plugins like Flash.  Detailed rules for lexing and parsing.  Advanced language support. 14
  14. 14. 15 Our Presence Atlanta Chennai Abu Dhabi Near Future: Singapore Riyadh London
  15. 15. 16 USA 2610 Wedding ton Rdg Ne | Marietta | GA 30068 11574 Broadview Way | UT 84092 UAE Al Maqta Oil Field Services I Post box:36864 I Abu Dhabi I UAE INDIA (HQ) Holy Cross Church Premises | 76, 1st Floor | South Boag road | T.Nagar | Chennai | TN | IND 600 017 Our Presence Thank you Email - Website -