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  1. 1. Future Media LabExcellence Center for Future Media and Computational Imaging Prof. Didier Stricker Dr. Constantin Thiopoulos
  2. 2. An International Network for the Cooperation in Applied Research in Computer Graphics, Multimodal-Multimedia Technologies, and Visual Interactive Digital Media Technologies Goal: 1) To coordinate research and development 2) To identify research and market opportunities and synergies 3) To coordinate European project strategies 4) To support educational exchanges at university level Six members  DFKI GmbH – Deutsches Forschungszentrum für Künstliche Intelligenz GmbH, Department Augmented Vision  Hasso-Plattner-Institut GmbH, Berlin  VicomTech – Visual Interaction Communication Technologies, San Sebastian, Spain  CCG – Computer Graphics Center, Guimarães, Portugal  GraphiTech, Trento, Italy  MIVTech, Panama-Stadt, Panama
  3. 3. DFKI – German Center of Artificial Intelligence 423 Researchers Kaiserslautern - Saarbrücken, Germany Research areas  Augmented Vision  Intelligent User Interfaces  Agents and Simulated Reality  Knowledge Management  Language Technology  Robotics Innovation Center  Safe and Secure Cognitive Systems  Innovative Retail Laboratory  Institute for Information Systems  Innovative Factory Systems
  4. 4. The Augmented Vision Department investigates thecombination of capturing and rendering technologies Internet of ThingsPhysical World Virtual World Internet of Services © - 2011
  5. 5. Hasso-Plattner-Institut Postdam, Germany 12 Professors, 50 Assistant Prof. Research areas  Computer Graphics Systems  Human Computer Interaction  Enterprise Platform and Integration Concepts  Internet Technologies and Systems  Operating Systems and Middleware  Business Process Technology  Software Architecture  Information Systems  System Engineering and Modeling  School of Design Thinking
  6. 6. Vicomtech San Sebastian,Spain 100 Researchers Research areas  Digital TV & Multimedia Services  eHealth & Biomedical Aplications  eTourism & Cultural Heritage  3D Animation & Interactive Virtual Environments  ITS & Engineering  Human Speech & Language Technologies
  7. 7. Graphitech Trento, Italy 20 researchers Research areas  3D Geo-visualisation, Geo-visual Analytics and LBS  Computer Graphics  Cultural Heritage  Digital Educational Games  HCI and Advanced Multimodal Interfaces  Industrial Applications  Shape semantics and descriptors
  8. 8. MIVTech Panama City, Panama 25 Staff member Application areas  Corporate TV  Multimedia Graphic Design  Information Security  Audience Measurement
  9. 9. Founding of a new institution The institutes VicomTech, GraphicsTech, MivTech, and CCG have been founded by Prof. em. Encarnação (advisory board) and are successful technological organizations is the „umbrella“ of those institutions co-founds new institutions running under the same PPP („Public- Private-Partnership“) model as the founding members (see DFKI)  New institutions are independent national entities  They are part of  Get consulting about the PPP models  Coaching in the „booting phase“  Involvement in (European) Projects  Technology exchange  Knowledge sharing
  10. 10. Opportunity for applied R&D New Media  Convergence of media  Videos and images based communication  Social Computing  Mobile Applications GraphicsMedia.Net offers a unique chance  Concentrate knowledge and expertise within the network  Long experience in technology transfer  Fast growth!
  11. 11. Future Media Lab Scientific Excellence  Reach high scientific visibility  Excellence and worldwide presence for the organization  Collaborate with top university and research institute world-wide Technology Transfer  Link novel ideas from science with marketable ideas  Generate a new scientific and technological asset base  License technical assets to companies, in particular SMEs  Involve local SME – create cluster  Create high-tech highly innovative spin-offs “Personal Development and “Brain Transfer”  Systematically furthering the skills and qualifications of staff members  Develop the necessary scientific, technical, professional and personal skills  “brain transfer” – the dissemination of technological know-how through individual persons going into private companies.
  12. 12. Topic: New Media – New Computational Power New media  Mobile interactive applications  Virtual world, Augmented reality, webTV  Video processing and analytics  Visual analytics (large data set analysis, mining) Medical Imaging  New imaging / tracking technologies & computational sensors  Measuring, Tracking, Monitoring, Assisting Social Media  New Visual Media Technologies  Finding, Modeling, Understanding, Protecting
  13. 13. Topic: Innovation Management IPR management Licencing of technologies to companies Spin – off creation and support
  14. 14. Business Model Support from the Government: basic funding Commercialization & licensing: Spin-off foundation Licensing of technical assets Bootstrapping period: Bootstrapping over 3 to 5 years
  15. 15. Best practices – productivity measures Scientific benchmark publications in scientific journals accepted conference papers completed PhDs, Master theses Economic benchmark growth (stability) patents or patent applications for the industrial shareholders numbers of spin-off companies and products numbers of generated jobs local industrial settlements International visibility benchmark quantity and quality of coverage in the media
  16. 16. Impact Establish a hub for state-of-the-art technology development Attract talented and highly qualified researchers and developers Creation of new jobs in high-tech areas Close cooperation with the local industry Internationalization and export of the knowhow
  17. 17. How to start: a study Goal: find the „niche“ Scientific and academic landscape Economic landscape Strategic goals in high-tech / innovation National and International positioning Business concept and organisational structure Workshops with stakeholders Investment plan and forecast