New in the world! Learn,Share and Earn with the tools from Google+


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New in the world! Learn,Share and Earn with the tools from Google+

  1. 1. Learn,Share,Teach and Earn with the tools from Google +Whether you realize or not certain trends have thepotential to change the face of business foreverHave you heard about Global Hangout? Hangout(GH) is an independent company thatprovides user training products such as Google -a newplatform with the all training on how to optimizeGoogle+(creating relationship,making newfriends,working face to face in real time)Google boughtYouTube, Motorola and holds a good part of the Androidnetwork Google, You Tube, Android have billions of customersand the new affiliate marketing Google Plus platform iscalled Global Hangout… briging network and affiliatemarketing to the masses Google launched the FIRSTBroadcast Network (Hangout)Global Hangout is the ultimate Guide and TrainingResource for EVERYTHING Google! You will learnfrom the get-go how to Maximize, SEO, Monetize, anduse Google+ to the fullest of its potential.Everyone will use Google Hangout, sooner or later!People from around the world are lining up to get onwith Global Hangout!Two Words.... Social Currency.Social Currency... its bigger than Network Marketing,its bigger than Direct Marketing, its bigger thanAffiliate Marketing, its bigger than Blogging, its
  2. 2. BIGGER than Social Media...It is the BIRTH of a new industry. You are sitting rightin front of it.Google + MLM + Binary = Loads of cash!Google will become the new TOP Social Network! Do no wait! Watch this 10 minute video -youtube/Zi2kXgw9vM4Globalhangout Launch was launched in mid-February 2013This will be the biggest online business in the world!!Mission Statement:To help people succeed by enrichingand expanding their business, personal and familyrelationships by applying cutting edge technologythrough life changing training programs. And in sodoing, make the world a more caring, tolerant andprosperous community.Global Hangout’s Product is built completely oppositeof the closed guarded philosophy found in mosttechnology Companies. The Product foundation is builtto recognize and bring focus to the needs of ourcustomers. Global Hangout customers will continue toreceive new content and productive trainings that thatwill support any business or causecommunication objectives long after the customer’sinitial activation.Business Statement - “Build more Value than You Capture”
  3. 3. The management team is composed of experiencedbusiness leaders and technology developers that haveestablished business protocols that will support theCompany’s growth objectives and the productsemerging technology while providing worldclass service.Everyone will want to be involved because its Google+Android and You Tube based!! Credibility MLM hasNEVER had before!!!Not only that you can use Global Hangout for ANYother business! Richard Branson , Barack Obama andNew York Times,use Google+ …. What does that tellyou?Start building your Global Hangout team today….Just click: the referal code 96840 if it isn’t in the box alreadyYou can choose a referral link of your own and getaccess to the back office now. You will get your own 5digit access code which you can use to start buildingyour team todayYou do not have to pay today but you can register andstart getting your referral link out there!!Global hangout only costs $99 anyway… no monthlyfees and from next year then $ 29/yearly Paymentdetails will be released in a few days..
  4. 4. Don’t worry about referrals… people who register afteryou will automatically fall under you…. Even if I registerthem….Everyone who wants to work online and make moneyonline will use Global Hangout. If you don’t registerand get your link out there someone else will. Just 3referrals and your $99 is paid back… The Globalhangout Compensation plan is brilliant…How do I get paid?This is the compensation are thousands to be made with this... and its paidweekly.This is just one part of it... Quote from site."TTB commissions are calculated daily and are the onlypart of Global Hangout Affiliate Commission Plan thathas payment caps..A GH Affiliate can earn up to $3,000 per week in TTBcommissions.A Executive Team Builder can earn up to $6,000 perweek in TTB commissions.A Master Team Builder Affiliate can earn up to$18,000 per week in TTB commissions.A Global Team Builder Affiliate can earn up to $36,000per week in TTB commissions"
  5. 5. See below video with, the Compensation Plan, explained: you want to get involved now is the time…. We haveseen a lot in MLM over the years but when you haveGoogle and You Tube behind you you would be madnow to get involved and involved fast! If ever there wasa time and a company I think this is it!!From what I have seen of Global Hangout it will bemassive! Registering now means you are securing yourplace at the VERY top of the organisation and peoplewho register tomorrow through the company will fallunder you…. What should I be doing now?Email your referral link to everyone you know and getthem to register..Everyone who registers after you willfall under you!!Do not remember that!Especially anyone with a Gmail account or who alreadyhas a home business.If you dont take advantage of this NOW,youre goingto really hate yourself later!This will be all over theinternet in the coming days and if you dont email it tothem someone else will!And even if youre not interested in businessonline,networking marketing,comunication, onlypromotes Globalhangout to all your friends and youllearn a significant supplemental income. DO NOT MISSIT!
  6. 6. Share this opportunity with at least 1 person for 30 days,and watch your business explode around the world!Everyone who registers after you will fall under you!!