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How to use free services and more on the internet
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How to use free services and more on the internet


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Rock Solid Company giving a way FREE MONEY! Grab yours today, sign-up FREE! …

Rock Solid Company giving a way FREE MONEY! Grab yours today, sign-up FREE!
Nothing to buy,Nothing to sell, and No jobs to do!

Published in: Business, Technology, Design
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  • 1. How To Use Free Services And More, on The Internet The World Wide Web is the future and it is our VISION to create a PERFECT INTERNET for all. Nowadays, you have to click and scroll and waste a lot of time to find what you are really looking for. The big search engines, communities and email services collect your data to serve you with tons of unwanted advertising and to sell your data. Your mailbox is full of spam and spyware/malware is always around the corner. In our VISION, we create a HOME for a GLOBAL FAMILY of users, where your DATA is SAFE and where you find all the USEFUL SERVICES that you need at your fingertips. Imagine a company that is not only LISTENING to but DRIVEN BY its MEMBERS. A company that is SHARING SUCCESS and CREATING JOBS all around the world... Welcome to the PERFECT INTERNET! At PERFECT INTERNET you will find all the features that you love and is up to you wich of them you want to use: Free email service with no-spam techonology; save up to 99% in RESTAURANTS,CAFES and BARS around the world; Prizemania- is FREE to win at every 10 minutes a digital camera,,smartphone,jevelry,etc ;find the deals at up to 99% discounts; Lottomadness-play international lotteries for Free and win up to $10 milions at 12 times per week;exciting games and more.. but you can win and free money (see below), 1. Malaxy Finally...A FREE email service with an intelligent no-spam technology that learns your preferences, along with high-end virus and malware security. We respect your privacy and no ads are displayed to distract you. Welcome to our SPAM FREE Mailaxy EXCLUSIVELY created for our valued members. Video Page Register
  • 2. WOW, this has to be the Deal of the century! Now you can save up to 99% in RESTAURANTS, CAFES and BARS around the world. Our amazing patent- pending algorithm has made it possible for YOU to get out more often, have more fun and save a ton of money at the same time while enjoying life! Video Page 3.Madvertising Madvertising is our own advertising network. Our unique Triple Target Technology (TTT) automatically delivers those ads that our members want to see. Advertisers: We deliver high-quality targeted traffic at the lowest rates making YOUR PROFITS go CRAZY! Website owners: Make some extra cash! 4.PRIZEMANIA At PRIZE MANIA we draw a new winner every 10 minutes - and you could be next! Win a Digital Camera, Smartphone, Jewelry, Surprise Gift or one of our Jackpots for Shopping or Cash Money. PRIZE MANIA is FREE FOREVER! Register now and you could be the next winner in a few minutes. 5.EEBOOX.COM EXCLUSIVELY for our members: Receive one FREE eBook every week plus find thousands of valuable eBooks at deep discounted prices. Our extensive eLibrary contains tons of helpful eBooks on: Parenting, Health & Wellness, Money, Marketing, Partnerships, Cooking and so much more.
  • 3. 6.Idealsmarter "I Deal Smarter!" (IDS) is the only place on the Net where you find the HOTTEST deals at up to 99.9% DISCOUNTS, including ELECTRONICS, COMPUTERS, CELL PHONES, JEWELRY, HOME APPLIANCES, EBOOKS, GIFTS & CRAFTS and so much more. Our secret patent-pending software makes online shopping FUN and EXCITING! page 7.Cheeap Cheaper than cheap: CHEEAAP! Find, quality JEWELRY, WATCHES, CELL PHONES and much more at up to 99% DISCOUNT! Our SECRET patent-pending technology forces the prices to drop 1% every 5 seconds right in front of your eyes. When the price is right for you, push the "DEAL" button and it's yours. Guaranteed... 8.Lottomadness Play international Lotteries for FREE and WIN up to US$10,000,000 (Ten Million US Dollars) 12 times per week. "We play - You win" the biggest lotteries in the world. We pay out 100% of the prizes to our members. We even show you the tickets and numbers. REGISTER FOR FREE now and you could be our next lucky lottery winner! 9.DIGI4LESS
  • 4. Digi4Less is your place to shop electronics. You will find AMAZING DEALS at up to 99% DISCOUNT! Cell phones, Tablets, Digital Cameras, Camcorders and so much more. Our SECRET patent-pending technology forces the prices to DROP 1% every 5 seconds right in front of your eyes. 10.EXPERTS ONLINE Imagine you need an expert's advice, NOW, no matter what time it is. Imagine you would have an army of experts, waiting for you 24/7 to PERSONALLY chat with you and to help you IMMEDIATELY on your topic. Experts Online is an EXCLUSIVE community of EXPERTS such as Doctors, Lawyers, Consultants and more. 11.DISQUCITY DisquCity is an amazing platform UNIQUELY designed for users around the world to discuss their favorite topics; i.e.: News, sports, politics, movies, just to name a few. Share your thoughts with the world! Thanks to ITS brilliant design and functions, DisquCity is the world's most attractive place for discussion. 12.MEGADEALSWEEKEND At Mega Deals weekend event you'll find our HOTTEST DEALS from “I Deal Smarter!” even cheaper, including ELECTRONICS, COMPUTERS, CELL PHONES, JEWELRY, BOOKS, GIFTS & CRAFTS and so much more. CRAAAZZZY prices that can drop as deep as 100% discount. Don’t miss the next Mega Deals Weekend! 13.NEWS NEWS At "NEWS NEWS" you are the editor-in-charge. By selecting your favorite news sources, topics and categories, you will create your own personal newspaper that is automatically updated. Thanks to our amazing patent-pending navigation technology, "NEWS NEWS" is the fastest news page on the Internet!
  • 5. 14.FRIENDZRUS Friendz-R-Us is the first global social community game where you can make real friends for life. But it is not just a game; Friendz-R-Us is a demonstration of peace and harmony and a statement against war, violence and racism. Come and play for free, have fun, make new friends and win valuable prizes. 15.I BOOK SMARTER Now you can save up to 99% at RESORTS, HOTELS AND MOTELS around the world. Our amazing patent-pending algorithm has made it possible for YOU to travel more often, to see more beautiful places and, at the same time, to save a ton of money while enjoying life! 16.Wanna Be Famous "I Wanna Be Famous!" is the world's first interactive global talent contest on the Internet. Contestants compete in 1,000's of 1-on-1 battles where the audience votes for the winners. If you are a singer, songwriter, musician or have any other special talent, "I Wanna Be Famous is your place to be 17.PUNCH THE PRICE Punch the Price and the price goes down between 1-5% randomly each time you punch it. You can save up to 99% on all products listed, i.e.: electronics, jewelry, smart phones, apparel, arts and so much more. Punch the Price, but you have to be fast or you will be k nocked out. Have fun and save money!
  • 6. 18.THE PERFECT APP PERFECT APP is part of the “Perfect Internet”(P I) project The Perfect App wil bring all the functions of the P I on mobile phones, and plus much, much features to find the best local deals and services The Perfect App is in pre-launch now and will be released October 1, 2013 So , Promote it! Whenever a person, no matter where or when, is using this FREE app he/she will earn money. Whenever a person, invited by you, is using the PERFECT APP you will earn money too. You will cash in on 5 Generations deep with every usage of this useful feature. Watch Video: Join for free here: At the end of the registration process all new members will be sent and email with a confirmation link to click on. They will be taken to a PA page with their ref ID on it. Also, they will be given the option to continue on to the PI login page where they can then complete the rest of the PI profile updates. In the following videos you will discover other important benefits : Powerful Search Engines Usefull links Precious Gift Valuable Rewards Exciting games Instant messages
  • 7. Latest news So, you found a PERFECT INTERNET FOR ALL, A HOME FOR A GLOBAL FAMILY of users on the internet! WHAT YOU TO DO NOW? 1.Register FREE- Do not miss the greatest chance of your life,There’s nothing to sell, nothing to buy,nothing to pay, no job to do!: http:// 2.Let your friends know about PI and sent them your PI page,to register forFree 3.Enjoy free services and / or discounts up to 99% (see above) Ex. a-Don't miss your chance to hit a lottery jackpot for free! Log in at now and enter the next 6 draws of our international lottteries at Lotto Madness. b- Don't forget to check Prize Mania as often as possible. Right now you could be the winner of US$5137 hard cash! Simply log in at and click on the Prize Mania banner. It needs less than a minute and could make you a fortune! c.-Get your weekly free ebook is still waiting for download! Remember, even if you are not interested, you should download this valuable ebook at as a gift for a friend. 4.Earn DealPoints( 5 points for each Free registered Member)and for other activities on the website, and Shop for Free! 5.Participate at information webinars on a regular basis, several times each week Check the PI/WAZZUBFamily for all the details- In addition, if you want to earn free money, then: 6.You can qualify for profit sharing(Profit Sharing Member-PSM)-you will receive a share of all future profits from Perfect Internet Inc,endless and unlimited as long as you fulfill your part of you deal by becoming and staying an active member(conditions: Login to account at least 10 days in different months; viewing on at least 20 hours per month)
  • 8. Commission for PSM receives after you are active minimum 3 consecutive months PI earn money by displaying ads and doing eCommerce 50% of monthly profit will be shared by all active members 7.Participate in PSM RALLY TO THE TOP, where you can win up to 10.000 Preferred Shares of P I Inc., with a nominal value of $10.000(July 1/2013-November 17/2014) See details on your PI Page 8. Promote daily PERFECT APP and builds your team The more Free members you have 5 generations deep, the more money will earn! Launching October 1st PS. Short message for promote LOTTOMADNESS AND PRIZEMANIA 1.Lottomadness- Earn with Free Lotteries! Register Free : (here, you write your reflink after register ) Win up to $10,000,000. (Ten Million USD)! 12 draws every week. We play 6 of the World’s Biggest Lotteries for a chance for You to win! Use your “weplayyouwin” reflink in your My Profile to invite new members so they too can have a chance to Free play in the LOTTOMADNESS! Don’t forget to register for all 6 of our LOTTO MADNESS Draws! 2.PRIZEMANIA-Earn Free Prizes! Register Free http://www.prizemanianet/?refid=70d21 (write your reflink ,after register) Now You can Win 6 Prizes! The member with the most clicks at PRIZE MANIA and the member with the most visits to any PI page will each win 100DP. The winners will be chosen daily at 10:00 pm Pacific.
  • 9. You could be the winner of the $5132 Prizemania Jackpot! You must claim your prize within 1 hour from the time your ID is drawn. You could win Cash, a Camera, a Phone,a Surprise Gift, and now Jewelry or a Shopping Jackpot now at 23750DP! Use your PRIZEMANIA reflink to add new members to join you in PI and gain DealPOINTs! For Our Success! Constantin ( email no-spam /PERFECT INTERNET!)
  • 10. You could be the winner of the $5132 Prizemania Jackpot! You must claim your prize within 1 hour from the time your ID is drawn. You could win Cash, a Camera, a Phone,a Surprise Gift, and now Jewelry or a Shopping Jackpot now at 23750DP! Use your PRIZEMANIA reflink to add new members to join you in PI and gain DealPOINTs! For Our Success! Constantin ( email no-spam /PERFECT INTERNET!)