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Discover mona vie

  1. 1. Discover MonaVie-Drink,Feel,Share And Earn Health And MoneyLIFE IS SHORT, HAVE AN AFFAIR FOUND ONETHAT WORKS AND CARES-ITS REAL!To succeed in business,must identify which current trendsand how you positioned for success For the next 20 years,the economic trend is health and wellness About health, Dalai Lama said"People sacrifice their health, to make money.Then theyspend the money to recover health.They are so worriedabout the future, that they can not enjoy the present...The result is that they live in neither the present nor thefuture.Live as if they would never die and die as if Theyhad never lived " About money, Warren Buffet once said: "Never dependon just one single source of income." Some see opportunities in crisis. They become successfulentreprenuers.Some see crisis in opportunities. They remain theaverage Joes.Your future is determined by your actions today. Takethe right action today... I found a deal on the current trend, MonaVie,, whichis a good way to earn simultaneously Health andMoney Anyone can make money with thisopportunity. I choose to promote MonaVie. I believe in"DOING ONTO OTHERS AS I WANT THEM ONTOME", therefore, I choose to promote only what Ibelieve can help other people succeed. Lets buildwealth together Its time to become successful
  2. 2. MonaVie owerview it time that you want, or more time? Health, orbetter health? An income, or a bigger income?Freedom, or greater freedom? Whatever your goalsare, MonaVie can help you achieve them.MonaVie blends antioxidant nutritional power with anunparalleled opportunity that can allow you tocapitalize on the surging health and wellness industry.As a MonaVie independent distributor, you are anentrepreneur who, from day one, has a distinguishedresearch and development team, a fantastic productthat everyone can benefit from, a fully staffed salesand marketing team, and a friendly customer supportstaff dedicated to your success.Begin achieving renewed health and financial well-being today by enjoying and sharing MonaVie withothers. MonaVie launched in 2005, and is one of the fastestgrowing companies in the world (you can even find uson the 2009 Inc 500 List of Fastest GrowingCompanies) with blueprints for continued expansionin the United States and worldwide markets. AndMonaVie have big plans. They’re helping people inevery kind of situation to reach their own victory.MonaVie’s goal isn’t just to sell product, she wants to
  3. 3. relieve hopelessness and be the strong hand up forpeople to support themselves.MonaVie PRODUCTS are exclusive (patentedstabilization), quality (100% guaranteed) andapproved in over 24 countries Has to its benefit a strategic product niche - the AcaiBerry - which has enjoyed incredible popularity inrecent years.MonaVies name means "Tree of Life," which isinspired by the native name for the Acai Palm tree.Established in 2005, the company is based healthybeverages and nutritional products.The Foundation of MonaVieThe basis of the MonaVie products is the Acai Berry -super-fruit (food planet # 1) The Acai berry is thebest antioxidant in the world!Health and time of life depend on the level ofantioxidants in the body! All MonaVie productsincorporate this berry into their blends. Foundprimarily in the South American Amazonian basin, theAcai Berry is a tropical fruit that grows on the AcaiPalm tree.The berry has a litany of potential health benefits,some legitimate and some disputed. The notedbenefits the berry claims are; increased energy,higher stamina, enhanced skin quality, betterdigestion, improved sexual ability, lowering ofcholesterol, improved respiratory and cardiac ability
  4. 4. and a variety of other benefits. The basis of theseclaims are the vitamins, antioxidants, acids, fiber, iron,calcium, protein and other nutrients provided in thefruit.MonaVie Product LineThe basis for all the MonaVie products is the use ofthe Acai Berry. It mixes this foundational fruit withother fruits for flavor and variety.- Premier Acai Blend; The Companys most enduringand popular product line. A wide variety of flavors areavailable: acai, apple, grip, cranberry, aronia, prune,passion fruit, blueberry, kiwi, camu camu, wolfberry,lychee fruit, pomegranate, banana, pear, bilberry andcupuacu.- The MonaVie pulse is a product line designed toimprove heart health. The powers of the beverage tolower cholesterol should also increase cardiovascularlongevity and endurance.- MonaVie E: The companys energy formula. With theincrease in natural products and reduction of sugars,the formula adds concentrated fruit juice, antioxidantsand fruit juice to give the energy levels a long termboost not just a brief spurt of energy and then a low.- MonaVie kosher blends; The kosher blends ofMonaVie are marketed to people who buy and
  5. 5. consume only Kosher certified products.-MonaVie RVL, Premier Weight Solution NutritionShake Mix ,recommended by Dr. Oz More Nutrition. Less CaloriesWhether you want to lose 5 or 35 kilograms, maintaina healthy weight, or improve your overall nutritionalwell being, the MonaVie RVL Nutrition Shake Mix isfor you. This advanced system gets to the root ofweight management: healthy nutrition.Packed with a diversity of macro-, micro-, andphytonutrients, MonaVie RVL helps you manage yourweight in a healthy way. This delicious shake mix haseverything you need to help you reach your idealweight. Say goodbye to unwanted weight and hello toyour best self today.What are Macro-, Micro-, and Phytonutrients? Macronutrients: proteins, carbohydrates, and fats Micronutrients: vitamins and minerals Phytonutrients: antioxidants such as vitamins A,Cand E; also carotenoids, anthocyanins, andproanthocyaninsShake Up Your Eating HabitsWhen it comes to managing your weight, everycalorie counts; however, all calories are not createdequal. That’s why MonaVie RVL™ Nutrition ShakeMix utilizes smart calories. These nutrient densecalories provide a high return on your caloric intake so
  6. 6. you stock up on nutrients, not calories.Made with AçaVie , the purest, most potent form ofaçai available, each serving provides the antioxidantpower of more than 10 servings of fruits andvegetables. In addition, it provides prebiotic fibre fordigestive health and whey protein to help maintainlean muscle mass. So stop fueling your body withempty calories and enjoy a delicious Monavie RVLshake today. Nutrition never tasted so good.Key Benefits Contributes to growth of lean muscle mass Fights hunger so you consume fewer calories Features 26 essential vitamins and minerals suchas Vitamins A, C, and E to help you achieve yourrecommended daily allowance Promotes weight management success Helps to minimize food cravingsNo matter what your inspiration—skinny jeans, betterhealth, your friends and family—MonaVie RVL helpsyou look and feel your best as you manage yourweight in a healthy way. Containing antioxidants, Vitamins & Minerals,MonaVies Acai Berry health juices provide benefitsfor joint, heart, and immune health. More details about products see
  7. 7. MonaVie Testimonials-,,20411675,00.html- From Health magazine Cheryl Burke, the two-time Dancing with the Stars winner and entrepreneur (she owns a San Francisco dance studio and recently launched a fitness clothing line, chats with Health about how she maintains her amazing dancer’s body, what always gets her energized, and her favorite body part (no, it’s not her legs). My greatest health accomplishment is: Not eating fast food! The health sin I regret most is: Not wearing sunscreen. The one thing that gets me energized the fastest is: Loud music. My body rocks because … I dance my butt off. The key to a flat stomach is: My workout video Disco Abs. If I could have any other celeb’s body part, it would be …
  8. 8. Nancy O’Dell’s legs.Because?They are so long!One thing people don’t know about dancing is:It’s the best workout you can get.Three healthy things in my fridge right now are:1. egg whites2. turkey3. MonaVie [açai–fruit juice blend].....See and video below- MonaVie on The Doctors: MonaVie BusinessA distinct advantage for MonaVie is the specificproduct niche - the Acai Berry - which is currentlyincredibly popular. Wellness market intelligentsiasknow that the benefits of the Acai Berry arelegendary, and with MonaVie as a leader in this niche,taking part in their marketing program is a great idea.Built as a family effort and grown as a tight-knit teamof professionals, the MonaVies leadership isunquestionably strategic and forward thinking.MonaVie Network Marketing Opportunity
  9. 9. MonaVies marketing strategy provides eight income-earning possibilities, including direct sales, teamcommissions, and a variety of bonus levels.(see onwebsite With MonaVie and their binary system you earn more and more easilythan with other MLM companies (please study andsee for yourself)MonaVie can be the way to make more money andimprove your income. and health.What’s more, MonaVie leverages today’s mosteffective form of distribution—relationship marketing.With this person-to-person approach, youll be able toshare the benefits of the MonaVie independentbusiness opportunity with others and be rewarded fordoing so, based on your sales and the product salesof those in the organisation you helped create. By sharing the names and addresses of your friendsand family with MonaVie,you will start to build a lifechanging income that pays week afterweek(payments are made weekly, the company offersa special card)You have the chance to decide what success meansto you, and MonaVie has the tools and solutions tohelp. You’ll be proud to offer exceptional productswith antioxidant power and exciting weightmanagement solutions.Everyone at MonaVie is dedicated to your success asa distributor. Because your goals are important;they’re what add up to a better life.
  10. 10. So, the opportunity to change your life and others isright here! Come and change your destiny and thoseto come in your team ,with the one and only-MonaVie!Join me as a Distributor or a Preferred Customer(buy products at warehouse price ): http://www.monavie .comType in the registration form ID = 4284214 and LastName- Antohe Email:conantohe@gmail.comAfter registration, please send me email for furtherguidanceI wish you an enjoyable,fruitful and financialyrewarding experience with MonaVie!