Linking up supply chain


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This is a talk I gave at the Van Horne Institute about promoting transparency in the supply chain and offer tools to help empower the consumer

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Linking up supply chain

  1. 1. Value of transparency in the Supply Chain? Rob E. Sinclair Dec 16, 2013 @ConsciousBrands
  2. 2. Who are we Purpose:! ‣ Activating Sustainability! Mission:! ‣ To help support the transition of 1,000 brands from the old economy to the new economy by 2020.! Guiding Principles:! ‣ "How you do anything is how you do everything." and ! ‣ "If you want to go fast go alone - if you want to go further go together” @ConsciousBrands
  3. 3. Collaborative Learning: ! Spiral Table™Initiative, Big ‘F’ facilitation. ! Strategic Action: ! Sustainability Sherpa, New economy strategies and strategic planning, B- Corp Certification! Our Services @ConsciousBrands
  4. 4. This is about the evolution of capitalism @ConsciousBrands
  5. 5. It’s no longer just about good products @ConsciousBrands
  6. 6. It’s about building a new sector of the economy @ConsciousBrands The community of B Corps is building a global movement that will create a more inclusive and sustainable economy. 875 B Corporations   60 Industries 29 Countries 1 Unifying Goal
  7. 7. B-Corp @ConsciousBrands
  8. 8. B Corporations - Public Policy - Impact Investing Our Old Thoughts @ConsciousBrands
  9. 9. B Corporations - Public Policy - Impact Investing
  10. 10. B Corporations - Public Policy - Impact Investing ‣ Energy is infinite and cheap! ‣ There will always be enough room to dispose of all our waste,! ‣ Humans are the primary species on earth; others are less important, and many are irrelevant! ‣ Basic resources such as water and topsoil are unlimited. If limits or problems are encountered, markets and new technologies will re-allocate financial resource so we can continue with our current ways of living and working.! ‣ Productivity and standardization are keys to economic progress,! ‣ Economic growth and rising GDP are the best way to ‘lift all boats’ and reduce social impact Our Old Thoughts @ConsciousBrands
  11. 11. @ConsciousBrands
  12. 12. Our inspiration @ConsciousBrands
  13. 13. Where @ConsciousBrands
  14. 14. @ConsciousBrands
  15. 15. Why?
  16. 16. who get paid for what? @ConsciousBrands
  17. 17. Why? @ConsciousBrands
  18. 18. Expose Video
  19. 19. Detox the Catwalk - Leaders @ConsciousBrands
  20. 20. Detox the Catwalk - Greenwashers @ConsciousBrands
  21. 21. Detox the Catwalk - Laggards Brands owned: Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Van Heusen, IZOD, ARROW, Speedo, Olga, Warner's, GH Bass & Co Brands owned: Diesel, Maison Martin Margiela, Viktor & Rolf, Marni Brands owned: Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy, Piperlime, Athleta, INTERMIX @ConsciousBrands
  22. 22. Ask-BuyCott @ConsciousBrands
  23. 23. Ask- Good Guide @ConsciousBrands
  24. 24. B Corporations - Public Policy - Impact Investing ‣ Surf the flux. Live within our energy income by relying on forms of energy that come from renewable sources such as solar, wind, tidal, and bio-based inputs! ‣ Zero to landfill. Everything from cars and iPods to office buildings and machines, is 100% recyclable, remanufacturable or compostable.! ‣ We are borrowing the future from our children; we have to pay it back. Our first responsibility is to leave a healthy global biosphere for our children - their children’s children...! ‣ In a global village, there is only one boat, and a hole sinks us all. New paradigm @ConsciousBrands
  25. 25. PATAGONIA Video
  26. 26. The Future - What Industry can do @ConsciousBrands
  27. 27. Flow of funds in a local economy Project
  28. 28.! !!!! hood!!!! ! How you do anything...
  29. 29. Rob E. Sinclair ph: 403.697.9314 e: t: @ConsciousBrands Leaving thoughts !31 To conspire means to breath together We Live in a world of participation, not consumption
  30. 30. It is always useful to find out what participants felt they learnt from a session. Here! is one method which could be used at the end of each session.! Ask the participants to think about or write down one thing that:! ■ they learnt from the session (Head)! ■ they felt from the session (Heart)! ■ they will do as a result of the session (Hand)! Encourage them to share their responses with the other participants and yourself, and to take any written notes home as a reminder to themselves. How you do anything...
  31. 31. The Future - What consumers can do Which are the key countries that produce garments?! ! What does the label in your T-shirt tell you about where the product was made?! ! What does it mean in relation to the whole supply chain?! ! What are the different processes involved in producing a T-shirt, from growing cotton, to getting the T-shirt to a store?! ! What is a supply chain?! ! What is supply chain traceability?! ! How are companies trying to get supply chain traceability? What are the challenges? @ConsciousBrands
  32. 32. B Corporations - Public Policy - Impact Investing
  33. 33. B Corporations - Public Policy - Impact Investing Governance Accountability Transparency ! Workers Job Growth Compensation & Benefits Work Environment Employee Ownership ! Community Suppliers Local Diversity Charity/Volunteerism Environment Energy Use Facilities Supply Chain Manufacturing ! + Social Enterprise Business Models Beneficial Products/Services Targeting Underserved Communities Beneficial Supply Chain !! What is measured? Appendix
  34. 34. The Good Companies @ConsciousBrands
  35. 35. The Good Companies @ConsciousBrands