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Betavine Social Exchange: Sango09
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Betavine Social Exchange: Sango09


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Slide set prepared by Betavine and used to present a workshop session at BarCamp Africa UK (7 November 2009) about the debut of their Betavine Social Exchange open source collaboration programme for …

Slide set prepared by Betavine and used to present a workshop session at BarCamp Africa UK (7 November 2009) about the debut of their Betavine Social Exchange open source collaboration programme for mobile-phone solutions for developing countries, starting with a pilot with Vodacom in South Africa

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • Began as site based, but trialling mobile
  • Transcript

    • 1. Betavine Social Exchange – Pilot in SA Using technology to facilitate social change Presented by Stephen Wolak Head of Betavine, Vodafone Group R&D Oct 2009 An open community for mobile application developers
    • 2. Background and Insight
    • 3. By 2011, 75% of the world’s population will own a mobile phone Source: Portio 2007 73% of the near-term market for mobile growth is represented by 10 of the leading emerging-market countries
    • 4. Mobiles today are about much more than just communication
    • 5. They are increasingly being used to facilitate social change
    • 6. Mobile Solution Websites
    • 7. The best solutions are born from local engagement
    • 8. But often those on the ground don’t have expertise or funds at their disposal
    • 9. The way we contribute to social change is being redefined
    • 10. We have an opportunity to bring these trends together Local groups know the problems but lack the solutions Mobile are for more than just making calls Social change is defined by action Mobiles can be used to facilitate social change
    • 11. The Idea
    • 12. Create platform & community to encourage use of mobile technology for Social Change
    • 13. Betavine Social Exchange - Vision Solutions sourced locally & globally Issues defined by local community Solutions deployed locally by local entrepreneurs Local Mobile Eco-system Mobile Knowledge Business Experience Customers
    • 14. Match making for social change … Challenge Owners: Local communities, Local NGO’s, NPO’s, Solution Providers: Local Universities, Local & Global Developers in the Betavine community Local OpCo’s Support Partners Challenges are brought to BSX by NGO’s, NPO’s or community groups Benefit: Rapid solutions to grass-roots problems Local and global developers propose & enable solutions Benefit: Develop skills, mobile apps eco-system and reputation. Future roots to market for products Local op co and partners explore routes to sustainable Deployment Benefit: Qualified Deal-Flow, new source of local products, new business opportunities
    • 15. BSX - Interaction Discuss Challenge Challenge Create Solution Solution NGO Government Departments Local Communities Individuals Global Developers Local Developers Entrepreneurs
    • 16. Vodacom Emerging Market Collaboration & Innovation (VEMCI)
      • VEMCI a business unit with an eco-system of partnerships
      • Supported by executive management of Vodacom
      • Externally focused for indentifying innovative creative business concept and ideas
      • An open innovations system
      • Identifying and partnering with entrepreneurs and upcoming companies with innovative, ground breaking business concepts which are aligned with the overall Vodacom Group strategy
    • 17. VEMCI Open Innovation & Collaboration Fast-track Prototyping “Plug & Play” Environment
      • Betavine - in collaboration with Vodafone for engaging the Crowd Source Model
      • BSX - in collaboration with Vodafone for engaging the NGOs, Society and Enabling Companies – developing solutions
      • Vodacom Experience Centre - at the Techno Park in Vodacom Campus where VEMCI partners can deploy new solutions and technology to test and possibly commercialise.
    • 18. The open mobile application community Thank You! Facebook Twitter Blog Website Mobile web Software forge