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外銷確定版本   通霄精鹽廠鹽水製程簡介1030331
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外銷確定版本 通霄精鹽廠鹽水製程簡介1030331


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  • 1. Production at Taiwan Salt’s Tung-Hsiao Electrodialysis Refiney Salt Factory Tung-Hsiao Electrodialysis Refiney
  • 2. Seawater intake Sea level Seawater intake 12 meters 14 meters 1560 meters Suction valve Seawater intake tank The tank extends to 14 meters below sea level , and a seawater intake pipeline 1 meter in diameter and 1,560 meters in length draws pure , offshore seawater from a depth of 12 meters below seal using suction and the siphon principle 。 This regulation , distribution , and storage tank can handle 54,000 tons of seawater every day 。
  • 3. 3
  • 4. Ion exchange membrane
  • 5. Principle of Electrodialysis Electrodialysis can increase the concentration of seawater by 6-7 times , while removing hazardous substances such as heavy metals , pesticides , surfactants , pesticides , and dioxin 。
  • 6. Evaporation and crystallization equipment - third evaporation tank
  • 7. 7 Packaged drinking water series Marine generated water Marine alkaline ionic water
  • 8. 9 Electrolyte Water Machine
  • 9. 10 Filling Room
  • 10. 11 Quality inspection using inspection light
  • 11. 12 Marine generated water • Production at Taiwan Salt's Tung- Hsiao Electrodialysis refinery 。 • Contains no foreign matter ; water quality exceeds drinking water supply water quality standards issued by the Environmental Protection Administration 。 • When NMR results for the produced water display a frequency of less than 80Hz, , it has the characteristics of microcluster water , is easily absorbed by the human body , can help eliminate metabolic wastes from the body , and protects the body's internal environment 。 • Three bottle sizes : 570ml , 1420ml , and 5000ml 。
  • 12. 13 What is microcluster water? • Water has a molecular formula is H2O , and water molecules typically stick together in clusters 。 When there are 13-15 molecules in each cluster , the water is referred to as large cluster water 。 When there are only 6- 8 molecules in a cluster , it is called microcluster water 。 Because it facilitates the synthesis and decomposition of various substances , microcluster water is beneficial to health , and it can therefore be Termed active water 。
  • 13. 14 Principle of testing for microclusters • European , American , and Japanese scientists have verified that there is a close relationship between longevity and drinking water 。 • The Japanese scientists Kazuhiro Matsushita has used NMR testing to show that the water in communities around the world where people live particularly long lives has microcluster water containing clusters of 6-8 molecules 。 Ordinary tap water is typically large cluster water with clusters consisting of 13-15 molecules. Microcluster water has a low NMR frequency of around 80 Hz 。 Large cluster water such as tap water has a higher frequency of approximately 120 Hz 。 In summary , water is more readily absorbed by the human body when the NMR frequency of its molecular clusters is 80 Hz or below 。
  • 14. 15 Running water 129.8Hz ( 17 O NMR ) Ordinary tap water
  • 15. Marine generated water
  • 16. Marine alkaline ionic water • Composition : water , trace minerals • pH: 8.0 ~ 9.5 • Volume: 850ml • Total hardness: 3~18mg/L • Contains calcium , magnesium , potassium , and sodium ions 。 • Microcluster water • Received first place in Health magazine‘s readers’ choice survey of beverage/drinking water brands , 2009~2012 • September 2008—Passed ISO 22000 food safety management system certification Best-selling products
  • 17. 18 鹼性離子水 49.22Hz 鹼性離子水 49.22Hz Alkaline Ion Water 49.22Hz ( Current intensity 4 )
  • 18. Sports alkaline ionic water • Composition : water , trace minerals • pH: 8.0 ~ 9.5 • Volume: 520ml • Total hardness: 3~18mg/L • Contains calcium , magnesium , potass ium , and sodium ions • Microcluster water
  • 19. Uses and benefits of alkaline ionic water • Drinking straight - Drinking a glass after getting out of bed in the morning will increase the vitality of your cells and promote good health 。 Drinking two glasses after perspiring or before bathing will relieve fatigue 。 • Mixing drinks and relieving hangover - Drinking two glasses of electrolyte water before and after drinking alcoholic beverages will prevent hangover 。 Mixing electrolyte water with whiskey will improve the taste and make it harder to get drunk 。 • Brewing tea - Use in brewing tea can prevent the leaching of tannins, give the tea a very nice color , and prevent an astringent taste 。 Easily brew tea with good color and taste ; tea can be steeped 2-3 times 。 • As a dietary supplement - If you eat a lot of acidic food such as meat and eggs , you should also eat plenty of fruits and vegetables , and also drink alkaline ionic water , which will ensure a balanced pH 。
  • 20. Uses and benefits of alkaline ionic water • Preparing infant formula - Use of electrolyte water is an extremely safe way of mixing infant formula , and can ensure that calcium ions critically important to infant growth are readily absorbed 。 • Brewing coffee - Gives coffee a rich , smooth aroma 。 • Preparing Chinese herbal medicine - Excellent osmotic strength ensures that the medicinal ingredients have their full effect 。 • Cooking rice - Makes lustrous rice with a pleasant aroma , stickiness , and texture ; ensures that rice will keep longer 。 • Washing meat and fish - Soaking for 30 minutes will remove blood and strong odors from internal organs 。 • Washing fruits and vegetables - Soaking fruits and vegetables in alkaline water for 30 minutes will remove any pesticide residues from the surface of the fruit or vegetable , but will not destroy any vitamins 。 Can be used with complete peace of mind ; after washing, fruits and vegetables will keep for a long time and not become discolored 。
  • 21. Uses and benefits of alkaline ionic water • Cooking legumes - Will ensure attractive cooked legumes with good texture and taste 。 • Conserves gas - Because alkaline ionic water has excellent thermal conductivity and fast molecular vibrations , it comes to a boil quickly 。 Shortens cooking time , reduces gas expenses , and enhances cooked foods' quality and nutrient content 。 • Soaking foods - When used to soak shiitake mushrooms , dried shrimp , adzuki beans , or mung beans … etc 。 before cooking , it can shorten cooking time and ensure nutrients are not lost 。 • Watering potted plants - Promotes good plant growth 。 • Cut flowers - Use of alkaline water can extend the life of cut flowers , and maintain their freshness ; acidic ionic water can be used for flowers preferring acidic conditions , such as roses 。
  • 22. 23 2013 Official water of the Taiwan-US Trade and Investment Framework Agreement (TIFA)
  • 23. 2009 2008 2008-2009 Alkaline ionic water from Taiwan Salt provided exclusively during talks between SEF Chairman P.K. Chiang and ARATS Chairman Chen Yunlin.
  • 24. 25 Thefirstdrinkingwaterawarded theNationalQualityMark 國品字第 A00527 號 2010~2014
  • 25. Patent Certificate 26
  • 26. Marine alkaline ionic water is awarded a gold medal in the 2011 Seoul Invention Awards 27 Taiwan Salt‘s team achieves great success at the 2011 Seoul Invention Show ; Wu Ching-chi , minister of education, personally bestows gold medals to the award-winners 。
  • 27. 28 Islamic halal food (product) certification: ◆ Marine alkaline ionic water ◆ Sports alkaline ionic water ◆ Marine generated water ◆ Marine live water ◆ AlkaOcean-Alkaline Ion Water pH8.0-9.5 ◆ MAIKOM PH Balancer Ocean Alkaline Ion Water
  • 28. Healthy brand readers' choice survey • Received first place in Health magazine's readers' choice survey of beverage/drinking water brands for six consecutive years. 29
  • 29. The giant salt bag and alkaline ionic water model A giant salt bag is displayed in front of the Taiwan Salt Museum, and an enormous "alkaline ionic water bottle" model has been set up as a landmark near a stone tablet inscribed with the words "Homeland of Salt," giving visitors a good place to take commemorative photographs.