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Idiots guide to twitter v2.0
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Idiots guide to twitter v2.0


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  • 1. Idiots Guide to Twitter Connor Philpott
  • 2. What is Twitter?• Twitter is a website that lets you share things like photos, website links, videos and thoughts over the internet with millions of other people.
  • 3. 140 Characters?• On Twitter you are limited to 140 characters, this means that you can only type 140 letters, or any other symbol including a space, in one tweet.• This includes the characters used up by the link that will be put into it if you share a photo, video or web link.
  • 4. Shortening URLs?What is a URL?• A URL is the text that makes up the link that you use to access a website.Why would I want to shorten it?• You would want to shorten a URL because it is included in the 140 characters that you are limited to in Twitter.How do I shorten it?• To shorten a URL you would go to a website like and type or paste in the link that you want to shorten, it will then give you a new, much shorter URL that will take up less characters in twitter.
  • 5. Tweets / Retweets?• A tweet is a message that you will send, along with millions of other people around the world, that is limited to 140 characters.• A retweet is a tweet that someone has liked, so they decided to share it with their followers by clicking the retweet button.
  • 6. Followers / Following?• A follower is someone that has subscribed to your tweets, this might be because they think what you are doing is good or they are just interested in what you have to say.• Someone that you are following is someone that you have subscribed to, you will get each tweet that they send in your home feed.
  • 7. Trending and Hash tagging?• Trending is when lots of people around the world are hash tagging their tweets and it is one of the most used hash tags at that point in time.• Hash tagging is where you put a hash(#) in front of a word, this will be picked up by twitter and added to the list of other tweets with the same hash tag.
  • 8. Personalising your Homepage• You can personalise your homepage by changing your background to one of the ones that twitter provides or a custom one that you upload yourself.