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You need to get beyond your logo to realise your full potential

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  • We are all conscious of our logos and brands, but maybe sometimes not for the right reasons
  • SO what is a brand
    In the early days of brands it was to instill confidence
    So no matter where you went if you saw a bottle of Heinz Ketchup you knew that it was going to be good
    Quality now is the base line
  • A logo is like a first name, it's an identifier
  • People are Gut based
    They base things on their gut instincts
  • About your product/service/organisation
  • How do you create that Gut Feeling in people
  • Campaigning leads to a constantly changing story
    People arent sure what to think of you
    You don’t really have a brand
    You have no loyalty
  • O2 are committing
    They are committing to enhance my life, and with an iphone they do that
    Give me a good service and their phones work
    They have set a standard, do they always hit the mark….NO, but they are committed to get there
  • Nike want you to be victorious
  • Building your brand on core principles that never change
  • A Raving Fan isnt just a customer (donor) who is satisifed and content with how they have been treated. 
    No they are so excited about the way you treat them that they want to tell stories about you, become a part of your sales force
  • Tell Stories
    Don’t try to be all things to all people
    Stand for Something
  • They were just selling Juice
    Technically taking on the big guys (soft drinks)
    They focussed on healthy and green
    Their market place was at a music festival
    They raised the bar
    They put messages on their bottles like “If you are a bit bored why not call the Banana Phone”
    They deeply believe in things, They know who they are
    The new trick is not to have a trick, its to be honest

    They communicate their values

  • Beyond thelogo

    2. 2. What is a Brand ?
    3. 3. lets talk about what a brand is NOT
    4. 4. its NOT just a Product a Logo an Identity
    5. 5. A Great Product Isn’t a Great Brand
    6. 6. A Great Brand Isn’t a Great Product
    7. 7. “…It’s a gut feeling a person has about a product, service or organisation.” Marty Neumeier, author ,The Brand Gap
    8. 8. Why a Gut feeling?
    9. 9. Brands are defined by people People are EMOTIONAL & INTUITIVE
    10. 10. Its NOT what YOU say it is ITS WHAT SAY IT IS THEY
    11. 11. the world’s foremost nutrition, health and wellness company
    12. 12. Campaigning Committing
    13. 13. Changing your core brand message to fit what you think people need or want to hear CAMPAIGNING IS
    14. 14. Marketing for the short term CAMPAIGNING IS
    15. 15. COMMITTING IS Building your brand on core principles that never change
    16. 16. 1. Coherent Brand Ideas & Expereiences over time 2. Marketing for long term growth 3. Creates Brand Loyalty
    17. 17. You will make/raise more money if People understand who you are and what you stand for
    18. 18. Know what you are Define it Understand what others say you are
    19. 19. Joe Saxton, nfp Synergy
    20. 20. Tap into emotions
    21. 21. Create Tribes
    22. 22. CREATE RAVING FANS Ken Blanchard & Sheldon Bowles Raving Fans.
    23. 23. Be consistent
    24. 24. COLA?
    25. 25. make people believe there is no subsitute Be Charismatic
    26. 26. Detergants
    27. 27. Chocolate
    28. 28. Be Relevant & Be Focussed
    29. 29. Art of Positioning
    30. 30. Build Trust
    31. 31. Do things worth talking about
    32. 32. Raise the bar in your marketplace
    33. 33. Personality Costs Nothing
    34. 34. “ Working with what you’d call a “preferred partner” is a great way to drastically increase your brand’s exposure for no cost” Brand Torrent Blog Preferred Partners
    35. 35. Its not what you say that matters ITS WHAT YOU DO
    36. 36. A service company that happens to sell________ shoes and handbags and clothing and eyewear and watches and accessories and eventually anything and everything
    37. 37. 2000 1.6 million dollars 2008 1 BILLION DOLLARS
    38. 38. “This is my second order. For the second time you have gone above and beyond the call of duty. I can hardly wait until I need more shoes, I will be back.”
    39. 39. Your success is determined by the public perception
    40. 40. Understand who you are THEN be better
    41. 41. For ways to be talked about be different engage
    42. 42. “…take the time and money and effort you'd put into an expensive logo and put them into creating a product and experience and story that people remember instead.” Seth Godin