Measuring What Matters: Data Measurement for Community Managers


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Connor and Alyssa from HootSuite's Community Department share how to use data and measure your community building efforts with a few simple tricks and tools.

Why Measure?
What we Measure
The Thing
The People
The Content
Community Content is King
Starting Cheap: Topsy, Tweetreach
Google Analytics
HootSuite Quick Link Analytics
Swag and Social Sales ROI
You're Invited!

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  • For a lot of us, working in a company environment means growing accustom to the Metrics and KPIs of our Marketing departments. This means, looking at the numbers, the downloads, the views and the conversions. We get stuck in measurement data that isn’t properly illustrating the value our work. In other words, the strength, growth and character of our communities.As a Community Manager and writer, I have learnt think of the core three in order to help myself better measure the effectiveness of my work.The ThingDetermining what it is, that special juice, that makes your brand and community unique. When I first joined the team at HootSuite, I spent months trying to figure this out. As a writer, I can create great content, but without knowing the value and ‘the thing’ – it won’t resonate with my community. The PeopleAfter figuring out the secret sauce to my purpose, literally, the next step was understanding my community and what they want/ need. To create conversations and content that resonated with them. That was shared by the, engaged, favorited. The ContentOnly after you understand the thing and the people can you begin to create the content that will best nurture your communities. Considering I write for a community of over 8 million users, in over 100 countries. Our dashboard is localized into 15 different languages. It’s crucial to know if you are creating the right content for each demographic, and this is where metrics come in.
  • Let’s talk more about ‘The Thing’Tangibly, it’s this. It’s the owl masks, the plushies, the stickers, the tattoos and every single piece of swag that our users hold on to has a piece of the greater feeling.Intangibly, it’s our communities culture. It’s the HootUps being held bottom up, sometimes without us even knowing. It’s the brand ambassadors that graduate from university and go on to bring HootSuite into the workplace (Florida Panthers!)It’s the fact that two of our brand ambassadors actually fell in love at a HootupIt’s the stories. How do we measure stories?
  • Snippet of Q3 measurements
  • Measuring What Matters: Data Measurement for Community Managers

    1. 1. Measuring What Matters With @AlyssaMK + @ConnorMeaks
    2. 2. Why Measure?
    3. 3. What We Measure The Thing (Illustrations by Jeffery Slim) The People The Content
    4. 4. The Thing
    5. 5. The People
    6. 6. The Content
    7. 7. Community
    8. 8. Tweets Page Views Community Spotlight Marketing Aligned Vertical Focus
    9. 9. Starting Cheap
    10. 10. Quick Link Analytics
    11. 11. Sales Cycle
    12. 12. You’re Invited to #CMHootUp January 27th at HootSuite HQ
    13. 13. Questions? Alyssa Kritsch Connor Meakin @AlyssaMK @ConnorMeaks