Paranormal activity


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Paranormal activity

  1. 1. Paranormal activity 3
  2. 2. Info about the film• Paranormal activity is a supernatural film that was made in the united state. It had a low budget of $15,000 and at box office it made $193,335,800. it was at blumhouse production studios and the film was distributed by paramount pictures.
  3. 3. Camerawork• This shot acts like an establishing shot and shows where the scene is taking place. So as you can see it looks like an average day with a family in there back garden. This sets the scene for nothing to happen and that you wouldn’t expect anything scary to happen. This create a calm atmosphere within the audience and not setting anything mysterious to happen. So this creates a starting point for The tension to build and therefore this can start to scare the audience.
  4. 4. Camerawork• This film is based around the use of steady cam shots and static cameras. This shot is a static camera on the wall and the point of this is that it shows the audience whats going on in the scene but it also shows what the surrounding area looks like. The shot needs to show the surrounding area as you can see people dragged off along the floor in some scenes. Showing the whole area can also make the character seems smaller making it scary for the audience, also the camera is looking down at the character therefore making them look small and powerless.
  5. 5. Editing• This print screen shows one of the editing transitions between each sections of the camerawork during the scenes. This a way of changing to different parts of the film and is good way to change within the genre. This also build tension in the audience and can also created excitement to watch the film when the trailer is played.These transitions can also adds totension as a scene can come to asudden stop and then play anotherpart of the scene. Fast pacedediting is used as this keeps thetensions building.
  6. 6. Editing• The fast paced editing of loads of different shot and transitions in a very short amount of time can cause tension. Print screen in the bottom two pictures are examples of the shots that are on the screen for less than a second. This can create insecurity within the audience and be a big tension builder. Shot are played which are parts of the film and then a transition to these fast paced editing clips which makes the trailer come across scarier. However this can make the film scarier when watching it but this can also create an encouragement to watch the film.
  7. 7. Mise en scene• The mise en scene in this film can be very important as the surrounding in horror films especially paranormal activity is essential. The candles and the fire can give an mysterious effect to the film and build tensions. The candles also an give the perception to the audience that something is going to happen. Also the props of the gun that is lighter is one of them props that can be mislead to what it actually is. A prop like this Just build tension. Everything on the horror film is there to create tension and then to scare the audience,
  8. 8. Mise en scene• The setting in this scene is thought through well as it has the camera in the corner of the room so you get wide shot. The set design is thought about well as it has the babies cot on one side of the room and the door near it therefore when the woman puts the baby in the cot she then gets dragged out of the room. So that’s why the set design is vital so the acting at the special effects can be carried out so they look real.
  9. 9. Sound• The sound in this part of the film is all to do with tension building. The is just the dialogue of the girls talking/ the they turn the lights off and start6 to sing bloody Mary. The dialogue in this case creates the tension in the audience. When they stop singing there is non diegetic sound of the music which start to create even more tension. Then one of the girls scream and the non diegetic sound stops. Then the scene is over. The character dialogue and the non diegetic sound is used together to create the tension. When the girls stop talking the music starts so this all works together and contributes to the tensions being created.
  10. 10. Sound• When the tittle screen appears a sound effect of a long bell which build tension during the trailer. Other tittle screens in the trailer have the same sound effect on them and then after a couple of second dialogue from the film is played over the top while it changes to the next scene. This sound effect and then the dialogue over the top is all to do with creating tension. The trailer is slowly building tension and making it seem scary but all creating a hype about it so the film looks good and therefore gets an audience.