Disasters 2.0: Real Time Collaboration: Documentation and Mapping
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Disasters 2.0: Real Time Collaboration: Documentation and Mapping

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Objective 1: Cover the available technologies that are free that help EM create real-time documents, spreadsheets, presentations and forms that are available online (Google Suite) for many to use......

Objective 1: Cover the available technologies that are free that help EM create real-time documents, spreadsheets, presentations and forms that are available online (Google Suite) for many to use collaboratively and simultaneously and offline in a traditional singleton sense (OpenWord)

Objective 2: Demonstrate the free available mapping tools that are user friendly and very powerful for response efforts -- these are web based collaborative mapping tools that can be used in advance or in an ad hoc fashion - including the GeoLocation devices that can be leveraged. (WikiMapia, Open Street Maps, etc.)

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  • I agree Ronja - this was my first 'presentation' as a speaker and I could have done a better job - they did need more 'intro' material - I find so many speakers go off the deep end talking about Twitter (more than anything else) and yet, don't even define what a Tweet is - or show all of the ways to input information into a tweet: tags, mentions, links. However, by the time officials implement social media - twitter, fb, youtube - something else will probably be around and SM will be old news. 'The Speed of Government' - 1 mph
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  • This has now been translated: Mandarin, Italian and Spanish. These are all available through Slideshare.
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  • Christchurch, New Zealand was hit by an earthquake 23 hours ago. Watch right now how web 2.0 technologies are being used by all right Now. #Christchurch #Earthquake #February2011
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  • I don't like used sistems because i speak portuguese
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  • Connie, you are only half right there - people may be aware of social networking, but IN AUTHORITY USE?!?!??? You (well, me too - all of us) have to sell the idea of using these unofficial, not-defined-in-any-law, inherently unreliable / uncontrollable systems FOR GOVERNMENT USE. The mere thought gives many of the civil servants, whom I know, if not outright nightmares at least indigestion.

    Suggestion: You need to present, with one slide near the beginning, success stories - real authorities who did use these weirdo unofficial systems and actually experienced win-wins as a result. My husband, who is one of those safety/security civil servants (and uses social networking all the time and is an open source freak), concurs with my assessment, BTW. ;-)
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  • b. Information Aggregation from anywherec. In the field = mobilityd. Free - also see OpenOfficee. Accessibility to the documentation 1. anywhere there’s an Internet and Browser2. can be disseminated quickly and to masses or few- tweet/post with linkf. Flexible - easily modifiedg. Group membership dynamich. Share: with members, those with link, to the world
  • Documents1. Pull up Doc - show a. Privacy/Collaborative Features = availability of linkb. Save As many formats2. Upload/Create New Example - turn into link (have Hal and Adam collaborate in doc).  Show chat.3. Tweet the link to the doc using the Conference hashtag providing all the opportunity to interact in example
  • Note: Discover other useful Tools on Google site - look for video tutorials
  • a) Information: Situational Awareness, Community Informationb) Information aggregated from anywherec) CrowdSourcing: Volunteers, For Hired) Flexible, Dynamice) Update realtime - Reflect the State as Event unfoldsf)  Free and Easy to Use


  • 1. Midwest Disasters 2.0
    Real Time Collaboration:
    Documentation and Mapping
    By Dr. Connie White, Institute for Emergency Preparedness, JSU
  • 2. What’s it all about?
    Right Information
    Right People
    Right Time
    Make the Best Decisions Possible
    Georgia (Gwinnett and Douglas Counties) Floods 2009
  • 3. Characteristics of Disasters
    Time critical
    High Uncertainty
    Unexpected events
    Decisions aremade.
    Mena, AR (Polk County) EF3, 2009
  • 4. Challenges in Information
    Ambiguity & Uncertainty
    Lack of Situational awareness
    Need for Reliable Information
    Mena, AR (Polk County) EF3, 2009
  • 5. Managing the Expected and Unexpected
    Information Aggregation
    Disseminate quickly and to masses or few
    Tweet/post with link
    Flexible - easily modified
    Group membership dynamic
    Destin, FL (Okaloosa County) BP Oil Spill 2010
  • 6.  Google Suite  
    Real Time Documents
    To Support
    Time Critical
    Decision Making
    Georgia (Gwinnett and Douglas Counties) Floods 2009
  • 7. 7
    Google Chrome Browser
  • 8. 8
    Google Suite of Tools
  • 9. 9
    Must have Gmail Account
  • 10. 10
    Gmail to Suite
  • 11. 11
    Google Documents
  • 12. 12
  • 13. 13
  • 14. 14
  • 15. 15
    Share with Other
    Social Media
  • 16. Hands On Demo - Documentation
    Install Google Chrome
    Create Gmail Account
    Go To Documents
    Look at Twitter Feed for Link to Open Document
  • 17. Case Study: Snow in The Deep South
    Why Forms and Spreadsheets?
    Windham, New Hampshire Feb. 2011 Blizzard
  • 18. Official Closures for County
    How to collect data from officials?
    How to disseminate to employees and public?
    Keeping it accurate.
  • 19. Create New Form
  • 20. Type in Question, Select Question Type
    *Question 1 will be Column 1 on Corresponding Spreadsheet
  • 21. Type in Next Question til Done
  • 22. Official Themes and Locos can be used
  • 23. Created in Minutes and Disseminated Quickly for Fast Accurate Response!
  • 24. 24
  • 25. 25
    Embedded in Email makes submissions quick and easy!
    People can go to Form on Site through link.
  • 26. 26
    Link to Form
  • 27. 27
  • 28. Self Learning EnvironmentVideo Tutorials
  • 29. Why Mapping?
    Situational Awareness
    Community Information
    Information aggregated from anywhere
    New Orleans, LA. Hurricane Katrina, 2005
  • 34. 30
    Google Earth
    Google Maps
    ESRI OnDemand
  • 35. 31
  • 36. Crisis Mapping Case: Haiti
  • 37. The Initial Map After the Earthquake
    (source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mikel_maron/4274264767/)
  • 38. 34
    OpenStreetMap is a Creative Commons project, sort of geographic Wiki.
    This map is updated in real time.
    Rescue teams and NGOs on the ground are using Garmin GPS .
    It only took a few hours to members of the free mapping community to respond.
  • 39. Yellow crosses indicate the streets blocked by obstacles.Yellow crosses on red background are the collapsed buildings.White tents on a red background are the camps of survivors.
  • 40. 36
  • 41. 37
    Information on People is listed here along with pinpoints (hidden from view)
  • 42. 38
  • 43. 39
  • 44. 40
  • 45. 41
  • 46. Real Time Collaborative ToolsBetter Decision Making
  • 47. Word of Caution - this is ever changing so expect to learn something new all the time!
  • 48. THE END
    For More Information Useful Tools for Emergency Managers, visit my homepage: http://sites.google.com/site/conniemwhite/
    Book Coming Soon!